You Belong To Me

You Belong To Me

By:  Rose blaze  Completed
Language: English
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"Move!" "Ouch!" She glared at me. "Must you act this way towards me even if you and Katherine are in a relationship?" I scoffed. "Don't delude yourself." "I saw you both..." I smirked and grabbed her hands. "Who was kissing Hinn Carlos today?" Her eyes dilated, I was sure she wasn't expecting me to see that. "You belong to me and no one else!" Robin Heisten is a handsome man that grabs a lot of attention wherever he goes but was known as a cold person with no feelings, his past has been a mess, but just crossing path with a girl he met only once has been the only warm memories he has left in his heart. But what happens when he finally saw her but discovered she has feelings for someone else? Would he let the only lady that warms his heart go? Read to find out!

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Kathy Kauffman Hampton
Why haven't there been no updates??!!!!!
2022-01-03 08:54:06
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Don’t read this one, no ending
2024-06-08 14:34:03
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sara rogers
it says it's completed but it just ends like the writer gave up... wtf? I wasted so many coins just to not even be able to finish the book? anyone who has wasted coins on this should get refunds. this is crap!!
2022-01-18 17:13:52
35 Chapters
Chapter 1: The winner takes it all
"No Benny, you lost that right!" I heard my mother backed at the person on the other side of the line and I knew it had started again, a conversation that always repeats itself.
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Chapter 3: Lonely heart
I spaced around the entrance of the concert hall as my eyelashes fluttered, my phone on my hand and my lips moved quickly as I spoke to the person on the other side of the line, my heart was racing, no it was beating faster than normal.“Oh Kate hurry up, else we would miss this show,” I told her quickly and my legs itching to go into the concert hall without her. This was the show I never missed for anything because my favourite person was in there, correction…the only man I admire was in there.“I know… I will be there in five minutes.” I could tell Kate was running since I could hear her quick breathing from the other side of the line.“Okay.” I
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Chapter 4: Wait for the prince charming
“Ivana, I am transferring.”   “What?” I turned my eyes sharply at her and I couldn’t believe she had said those words. “Why?”   “I am going to attend Larry High,” Kate told me softly and I blink, Larry High, my dream school, Kate was going over to the City?   “It is far away from this place, why are you going?” There was fear in my eyes, I would be so bored at this place if Kate leaves, it would be boring as hell.   “It is a music school in Ivana, and my music teacher recommended that school for me. My parents had made the necessary arrangements for me to go over to that place.” I could see the look in Kate’s eyes. She was excited to go, but she was sad she would be separating from me.  
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Chapter 5: Start a dream to become a star
After Kate left, everything became so lonely, it has been only a week since she left but it felt like a year, the normal boring route began. I leave for school in the morning and go through the long boring lectures from my teacher. During the lunch break, I would stare up at the sky as if I could count the clouds since there was no one to talk to. After school I go straight to my parents' cookie shop, help a bit and then return home for the night. I could no longer eat like I used to, I lost all my appetite just like I lost the reason to smile and nothing interests me anymore, everything just seems to lose its colours to me. “Ivana.” I heard my name and turned to look at my father who had just called out my name, he was with a note on his hands and I could tell it was something about making a new recipe for his cookies.
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Chapter 6: We crossed path
I stepped out of the airport gate, my luggage in my hand, I took off my sunglasses and inhale the fresh breeze that runs through my face as if they were welcoming me, I was wearing a grey shirt and a black jean, another it was different from what I wore when I first came to this airport, I looked taller than that little kid that was taken away, the appearance of this place has changed and of a truth, it looks more awesome, I could tell that 14 years wasn’t a just a year that runs by. “Finally I am back.” A smile escaped my lips as I took out my mother’s picture and looked at the face of the woman I have always looked at before going to bed as a kid. “I will see you soon mom.” I put the picture back into my wallet and got into the cab that had come by to take me. 
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Chapter 7: Change for fate
“You? What the heck!” I looked at my mother waiting to hear the reason why this lady was here and worst of all with a suitcase that looks bigger than mine and I wanted to block all the ideas playing in my head and telling me that she was coming here to stay.   “Have you both met before?” My mother looked at both of us in surprise and then I watched the girl who had just stepped inside with her open her lips to speak.   “We met at the crossroad,” She told my mother and then turned to me with an accusing finger I wish I could cut out right here. “He stole my taxi.”   I scoffed at her words. “Your taxi?” I rolled my eyes. “Do you own any?” I sighed and I knew from the start that I would hate a lady like her.   “Not tha
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Chapter 8: He is a mean jerk
The room Mrs Jane had given to me was so lovely, it was covered in pink just like my fairy house when I was a kid, this was like a princess bedroom and a very beautiful one, I have my bathroom and the bed is so comfortable if this was what the City was like then I wish my parents would have to move here rather than stay over at that small town. I heard a knock on my door when I was about to start unpacking my bags and I walked over to the door and exhaled sharply to calm my excitement before opening the door.  “Can I come in?” Mr Jane asked with a smile and she was too elegant to look at and beauty should be her second name. “Yes please,” It was her house and I wish she could come in anytime without asking, she was just too kind and lovely.
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Chapter 9: Is he a pervert?
I went to school the next day, completed the transfer process and was admitted to the glamorous Larry High. The first person I met was Kate who was already waiting for me outside the administrative office and we gave each other a big hug, finally reuniting with each other. “Whoa!” I exclaimed as we stepped out to the open field and I looked around it with an enlarged pupil. “Everything about this school amazes me, Kate.” My mouth was wide open as I looked at the tall building in astonishment. This school looked like another world entirely. “This school is very huge Kate, I don’t think I can see the end of it even before I graduate,” I told her and spin just to look around, I was like Alice in wonderland right now, the only difference was I wasn’t putting on a white dress, I was wearing
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Chapter 10: He is friends with my prince charming
All my expectations were cut off when Kate pointed at Hinn Carlos, my jaw dropped and I had to blink countless times to know if I was seeing the Hinn I do see on stage at the Villa or if I was seeing someone else… “That’s your prince charming over there,” Kate told me as she pointed over to the man who stood close to a glass door and peered through it like a crazy pervert and someone who could be guilty when caught. He was wearing a blue boot, blue jeans and a grey top and his hair looked like someone who had never styled it once and worst of all his lips were open like one who was ogling over another person. I frowned. “Hey Kate, I just love his music and how he sings,” I turned my eyes to Him again and my face fell, “Although he i
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