Chapter 5

Gerald walked out of the room immediately.

At this time, Naomi and the head of Gerald’s dormitory, Harper, chased after Gerald immediately.

“What are you doing? I didn’t say that I don’t like your gift,” Naomi said anxiously.

Harper also spoke up at this time. “Gerald, don’t leave. Stay and have dinner before you go. If you leave now, we’ll be very bored here.”

Gerald smiled before he replied, “You guys can continue having fun here. There’s really something I have to do now but I hope you guys will believe I’m not the kind of person who would buy something fake!”

Gerald did not know if his friends would believe him.

As he thought about it, Gerald could only blame his sister for giving him the card with a minimum spending amount of fifty thousand dollars.

Even though Harper and Naomi kept persuading Gerald, he still decided to leave in the end.

“Did that pauper really leave?” Danny asked with a smile as soon as Naomi and Harper returned to the room.

Harper replied, “Danny, can’t you change the target of your bullying? Why are you always bullying Gerald? Isn’t he miserable enough?”

Harper could not tolerate it anymore.

“Hahaha. He was the one who asked for it himself! Why did he buy an imitation Hermes bag to gift Naomi? Moreover, he even chose to give her a fake limited edition collector’s item. He’s really the worst!”

Alice could only smile wryly as she shook her head.

Gerald walked on the street without any emotions on his face after leaving the restaurant.

When Gerald was really poor, all he wished for was to be rich. However, now that he was loaded with cash, he did not feel anything special at all.

Moreover, he bought his friend a bag that cost more than fifty five thousand dollars but he was still despised and ridiculed.

Just as Gerald was thinking of where he should head to, he suddenly received a phone call.

It was a phone call from his sister, Jessica.

Gerald immediately answered the call. “Sister!”

“Gerald! What are you doing now?

“I’m not busy at all…”

“If you are free, could you do me a favor?”

Gerald was curious at this point.

“Do you know Mayberry Commercial Street? I invested in that street and developed it when I returned to the country to see you four years ago. I need to sign a renewal contract with some of the investors but I can’t return to the country now.”

“Back then, I included your name in the development of the project. Therefore, Mayberry Commercial Street belongs to both of us. It’ll be the same even if you sign the contract! Go and renew the contract on my behalf.”

“Hello? Gerald, did you hear what I just said?”

Of course, Gerald heard everything that she said.

However, he was really confused at this time.

Mayberry Commercial Street?

That was one of the highlights of Mayberry City.

There were many different shops and business establishments on the commercial street.

There was also a place called Wayfair Mountain Entertainment on top of the hill along the commercial street. This was a place that the wealthy and powerful people in Mayberry City would always visit.

So, according to his sister, they owned the entire Mayberry Commercial Street?

“Sister, are you telling me the truth? We own the commercial street?”

“Damn it! I’ve been talking to you for such a long time already and you actually think I’m just kidding? Why would I joke about this? I couldn’t get involved in so many industries on my own, and that’s why I used your identity card. You own half of the commercial street now.”

“I’ve already spoken to Zack, the owner of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. Once you arrive there later, just tell him your name and let him know you’re the second boss!”


“Okay, okay, that’s all. I’ve something else to attend to so I’ll hang up first!”

Beep beep beep.

Gerald held the phone in his hand and he was completely at a loss for words.

He had never been to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment before and he didn’t know what to expect at all.

Gerald took a deep breath before he hailed a cab and headed straight to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

Wayfair Mountain Entertainment integrated dining, entertainment, and accommodation in one building.

It was a huge manor located on the hillside on Mayberry Commercial Street.

Gerald raised his head before walking into the manor…

“Sir, please wait!”

Gerald was unexpectedly stopped by a few beautiful ladies as soon as he entered the manor.

“Sir, did you reserve a place here today?” one of the girls quickly asked as she looked at Gerald.

These girls were responsible for all the reception work at the front hall and they were already used to receiving many VIP guests.

However, Gerald was dressed very casually compared to all the other wealthy and powerful people who usually visited.

Even though the beautiful girls had contempt in their eyes, they were still very polite towards Gerald.

“I didn’t reserve a seat but I’m here to look for someone,” Gerald replied as he smiled.

At this time, he glanced at the beautiful girls in front of him and he finally understood why Wayfair Mountain Entertainment was considered a fairytale in Mayberry City.

These five or six receptionists looked like students who had just graduated from college.

They were all extremely beautiful and they had perfect figures like models.

“You’re here to look for someone? Who are you looking for?”

The beautiful girls could not help but frowned when they heard Gerald’s words.

At this time, there was a hint of coldness in their voices.

“I’m here to look for Zack.”

Gerald knew that the girls were all looking down on him but he told them the truth anyway.

After hearing Gerald’s word, the few girls exchanged glances with one another.

Looking for Mr. Lyle?

Did this poor man know who Mr. Lyle was?

Was Mr. Lyle really someone that he could see whenever he wanted to?

At this time, they finally concluded that Gerald was just a pauper who was here to experience what it felt like to be rich.

After all, Wayfair Mountain Entertainment was a famous place that many could never afford to enter.

There would also be others just like Gerald who would come by to say they were looking for someone just because they wanted to have a look around the manor.

However, they didn’t want to put him down.

These beautiful girls were all college graduates. At this time, even though they despised Gerald for his actions, they tried to remain humble and polite.

“Sir, you’ll need to make an appointment in advance if you want to meet Mr. Lyle. Please leave if you have not made an appointment to meet him.”

At this time, Gerald immediately knew that these girls were assuming he was there simply because he wanted to have a look around the manor.

After that, he thought about calling Jessica so she could contact Zack on his behalf.

“Miss Jane, what are you doing? I’ve just realized that just anyone can step into Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.”

The person who just spoke was a young man with oiled hair and he was dressed very decently as he was accompanied by a glamorously dressed lady with heavy makeup.

The young man looked at Gerald with a contemptuous expression on his face as he smiled at the receptionist.

“Sebastian, didn’t you say that this is the most luxurious place in Mayberry City? Why is someone like him here?” the woman asked in a coquettish manner.

Some people are just born this way and they do not have the ability to express their feelings without any sarcasm.

The lead receptionist, Jane, quickly apologized to the young man and said, “Sorry, Mr. Lewis. We’ll deal with this as soon as possible.”

Sebastian sneered before he said, “That’s good. I will be hosting a group of my friends from abroad here later and I think this manor is really the symbol of Mayberry City. Therefore, I hope you won’t degrade this place without reason. Miss Jane, I hope you understand that my father is very close to your boss, Mr. Lyle, and they often dine together.”

Sebastian looked even more reputable as soon as he mentioned Mr. Lyle.

When the woman in his arms heard that Sebastian was acquainted with Zack, she smiled immediately because Mr. Lyle was a prominent figure in Mayberry City and she had no idea that Sebastian was so well-connected.

At this time, all the beautiful girls at the reception counter were also staring at Sebastian because they were all hoping to attract his attention.

Jane nodded hurriedly before she replied, “Yes, I understand, Mr. Lewis.”

After that, Jane looked at Gerald with a stern expression on her face.

“Sir, please leave immediately. Do not cause any trouble for our establishment. Otherwise, I’ll have no choice but to call for security!”

“Okay then. I’ll just step out and make a call first.”

Gerald took a deep breath before he walked out of the manor. He took his cell phone out of his pocket as he walked out of the manor.

“Damn! What a poser! He’s definitely a faker,” Sebastian said in a cold manner.

“Please do not be offended, Mr. Lewis. This kind of situation occasionally occurs at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.”

Jane quickly appeased Sebastian with a smile on her face.

Sebastian nodded before he said, “Oh look. My friends are here already. Why don’t you come and have a few drinks with us later?”

“I’ll definitely drop by if I have the time, Mr. Lewis,” Jane smiled reservedly.

Sebastian looked at Jane with a perverted expression on his face before he nodded. Then, he took his wallet out from his pocket before he walked towards the front desk to pay for his room.

After that, the group of beautiful girls looked at Jane with an envious expression on their face as they said, “Jane, do you know Mr. Lewis too?”

Jane nodded arrogantly as she said, “Of course, we all started working here after graduating from college. What’s the point of working as a receptionist here if we don’t actually try to get to know more rich people like Mr. Lewis?”

“Did you see the coquettish woman in his arms just now? She is a second-rated actress…Mr. Lewis’ family is focused on the real estate business and their family has a net worth of more than two billion dollars!”

“Wow! It’s no wonder that his father is acquainted with our boss, Mr. Lyle. It turns out that Mr. Lewis’ family has such a high net worth too!”

The receptionists could not stop staring at Sebastian’s back as they were all obsessed with him.

“Hahaha. Do you know that the man just now was actually here to look for Mr. Lyle? Mr. Lyle is now busy discussing business with the chairman of the Mayberry Chamber of Commerce. That guy is seriously ridiculous…” Jane replied as she laughed.

After that, Jane was preparing to head over to chat with Sebastian again.

However, as soon as she raised her head, she realized that the poor man that she chased out had come back in again.

“Why are you back here again?”

Jane was startled.

The other girls also stared at Gerald with contemptuous expressions on their faces.
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