Chapter 10

“Huh? How’s that possible? Who else would be as powerful or influential as Brother Nigel on Mayberry Commercial Street? Harper, are you talking about yourself?”

Danny sneered at this time.

Harper replied immediately, “I’m not saying that it was me but I just have my doubts about this matter. Moreover, some of us had actually called some of our friends earlier. Perhaps everyone should ask around and see if any of our friends have actually helped us resolve this matter? We should make sure that we’re thanking the right person.”

“That makes sense too!”

Alice had a solemn expression on her face.

“Alright then. Everyone, please check with the people that you called earlier so we’ll know for certain if Brother Nigel was really the one who helped us.”

Alice was also referring to Nigel in a very intimate manner.

After that, everyone started calling their friends and families.

Gerald felt a little awkward at this time.

Should he tell them the truth about the matter?

However, before Gerald could decide on what he should do, everyone else had already come to their own conclusion.

This was because none of their friends had the ability to help them to resolve the matter.

“Hmm, I’m certain that Brother Nigel was the one who helped us solve this matter. I really don’t think there’s anyone else as influential as he is. So, let’s stop doubting him already!”

Danny glared at Harper with a cold expression on his face.

“Alright then, why don’t we head out already? Brother Nigel must be waiting for us at the entrance! Let’s not keep him waiting for too long!” Alice said as she glared at Harper and Gerald.

She felt some contempt in her heart.

She felt that Harper was simply saying that because he was jealous of Nigel’s capability.

At this time, everyone walked towards the entrance of the karaoke bar.

Nigel had already parked his luxury car upfront and he had a few friends with him.

“Naomi, are you coming with us?” Alice asked as she took Naomi’s hand.

“Sorry, Alice but I really don’t feel like going anywhere else today. I’ll go there when I have another chance to do so in the future!”

Naomi had always been a very straightforward person and she felt that Nigel was a little too hypocritical. Therefore, she didn’t quite like him.

Since Alice could not persuade Naomi to come along with them, she decided to leave Naomi behind and she left with her other roommates instead.

All of them parted in front of the karaoke bar.

Gerald looked at Naomi and Harper as they were leaving the karaoke bar.

He could see the disappointed expression on their faces. It was obvious that they also wanted to visit Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

However, it seemed as though Harper and Naomi were holding back because of him.

Gerald could not help but feel very guilty about the entire situation.

Therefore, Gerald made a promise to himself that he would definitely bring the both of them to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment so that they could see and experience the manor for themselves one day.

After about half an hour, Nigel and his friends parked their luxury cars in front of the entrance of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

Alice and her friends got out of the cars one after another.

“Stop! You are not allowed to enter!”

Unexpectedly, before they could even step into the manor, a few well-trained security guards dressed in black stop them immediately.

“Eh? Brothers, don’t you remember me? I’m Nigel and my father is Adam Fisher. I brought some of my friends over her to have fun today…”

Nigel put his hands in his pockets and he smiled as he looked at the bodyguards, as though he was expecting something to happen.

“Hahaha. Nigel, you really think too highly of yourself. Something so major has happened to your family but you’re still out here having fun on your own, aren’t you? I’m afraid that tonight isn’t the only night that you won’t be allowed into the manor. I’m afraid that you will never be able to step into Wayfair Mountain Entertainment in the future.”

The bodyguards sneered at Nigel with a contemptuous expression as they looked at Nigel.

They even felt some sympathy towards him.

At this time, Alice and her friends could only exchange glances with one another, while Danny tried to challenge the bodyguards at this time.

He said in a cold manner, “Do you know who he is? He’s Nigel Fisher! Grand Marshall Restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street belongs to his family!”

“Hahaha, yes you’re right, but that is all in the past. After today, your family will no longer be the owner of Grand Marshall Restaurant. Moreover, all of your family’s other businesses will also go bankrupt as of today! I believe that your father is currently busy dealing with the police, the business bureau, and all the people from the bank now. I can’t believe that you’re still in the mood to have fun now…”

The security guards shrugged before they smiled.

Nigel could not help but swallowed as he yelled, “Impossible! You are lying!”

After that, he hurriedly took out his cell phone before he tried calling his father.

After dialing several times in a row, his father finally answered the phone.

Nigel immediately asked if his family was facing any sorts of trouble.

At this time, the expression on Nigel’s face changed and he turned pale immediately.

“No! No! That’s impossible. It’s completely impossible. How could this be happening?”

After that, Nigel dropped his phone to the ground.

It seemed as though all of his family’s businesses had been barred because his father had broken the law.

All their bank accounts had already been frozen!

In other words, Nigel had nothing now!

Alice and the others obviously did not expect such a reversal.

They were all very embarrassed at this time because they didn’t know how they should react.

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

Nigel sat on the ground in a daze.

Was he a pauper now?

At this time, Alice was extremely disappointed when she realized the situation that Nigel was in.

She thought that she had finally found someone who was worthy and qualified to be her boyfriend. However, it seemed as though everything was crumbling down for Nigel.

“Danny, can you ask your father to help me family? Could you please help me and my family?”

Nigel was at a loss and he really did not know what else he could possibly do.

“Damn! How can my family possibly be able to help you?”

Danny waved his hand before he said, “Nigel, I think that you should return home now and see your dad. It’s no wonder why my dad had always said that the law will catch up to your father sooner or later! I finally understand why.”

“Alice, what should we do now?”

All the girls didn’t know what to do because they had initially planned to come and experience Wayfair Mountain Entertainment for themselves. Unexpectedly, Nigel’s family actually had to go bankrupt at this time!

“I think we’d not be of any help even if we stayed here. We should just go home.”

After that, Alice quickly hailed a taxi before she left immediately.

The group of people started dispersing one after the other.

At this time, Zack was actually observing the entire situation unfolding in front of the manor.

He made a phone call and said, “Hello, Miss Jessica. Gerald only asked me to take back the restaurant that the Fisher family owns on Mayberry Commercial Street. Do you really think it’s okay for you to make their family go bankrupt without any hesitation?”

“Hahaha. My brother is just too soft-hearted. That is not the way the Crawford family does things. He shouldn’t be so soft-hearted towards his enemies. Otherwise, I’d be really worried when Gerald takes charge of the Crawford family in the future! My brother should understand how wealthy and powerful he is now!”

Zack nodded in response.

Of course, Jessica from the Crawford family had already done everything that needed to be done.

In fact, Jessica was the only person who knew the best way to teach Gerald about how he should live as a wealthy and powerful person. In fact, no matter how much money Gerald spent, he would never reach the end.

This was because it was completely impossible to finish the Crawford family money.

The Crawford family owned more than one-third of the properties and industries in the world!

This was beyond what an ordinary person could ever imagine.


At this time, Gerald and Naomi had already returned to their dormitories.

Since Harper and the rest of the boys were a little upset, they decided to head to the internet café to let off some steam.

They wanted to invite Gerald to join them but he had never played the game before because he used to be really poor.

In addition, Gerald was also feeling a little tired and he simply wanted to rest.

However, as soon as he climbed into bed, his cell phone started ringing.

As soon as he caught a glimpse of the number on the caller ID, Gerald felt very confused.

It was Xavia!

After thinking about it for a moment, Gerald decided to answer her call.

“Gerald, why didn’t you answer my call as soon as your phone is ringing? What are you doing?”

Xavia’s faint voice sounded over the other end of the line.

As soon as he heard her voice, Gerald suddenly thought of his past with Xavia.

They used to call each other and talk to each other over the phone just like this.

“Well, what can I do for you?” Gerald asked in a cold voice.

“I’m waiting for you by the lake beside the campus. Gerald, if you refuse to come and meet me, I’ll jump into the lake and drown myself!”
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