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How hard can it be to fall in love in an arranged marriage based on trying to get rid of personal issues? Read as Mia Davis and Ace Norman try to live their best lives, against all odds. But, will they be able to fall in love? Even if they do, will they be able to stay together with the bad wishers they are surrounded by? Will they be able to live the life they wish to live? Will the little twists in their life enable them to be with each other for eternity?**Not fully edited** Also, trigger warnings to those who have issues with women being treated rudely. This book contains such scenes. Thanks for stopping by!😊

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    The news
    MIAMIA"Why did you drink again?! Don't you have anything to do with yourself?!" I yelled at my annoying boyfriend, Drake. Twirling around like the drunkard he presently was, he began singing “All of me” by John Legend. This was so frustrating for me. I curled my fingers into a fist, tried to resist the urge to hit the asshole out of him. He was literally embarrassing me in front of the jobless people who surrounded us. If I had known he'd end up being this drunk, I wouldn't have dared to follow him here.Jerking his arm, I tried as hard as possible to pull his hard body. Obviously, it was more like a task for me. He was tall, and here I was, small and slim. "Huh? W-what are you doing?" The grogginess that mirrored in him made him sound like some kind of numbskull. "Just come with me!" I spat out amidst clenched teeth, trying to hide my disgust. This guy didn't know I could break his head right now. One thing I hated was embarrassment. And that was the exact thing he was doing to
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    "What did you say?" I questioned in disbelief, pretty sure that that had slipped from his mouth. He stared at me calmly, breathed out. "You've got to get married." I scoffed, stood from my seat, definitely not wanting to believe his words. "Do you think this is a joke or something?""I know it's not a joke." The way he had said that, expressed he was indifferent to whatever was going on. Was this man fine? "Then what's going on?" I snorted, tucked my hands into the pocket of my chinos pants, gazed at him. "You must be crazy to think I'll accept your dumb proposal.""Ace!" The moment I said that to dad, mom cried, hurried to me. Well, she hated seeing me insult my irresponsible dad. "Don't speak to your dad like that. What is wrong with you?""What is wrong with me?" I scoffed, my wrath worsening. "Everything is wrong with you all."She moved closer, slowly cupped my jaw in her hands, her face beaming with so much worry. "Ace dear, can you please go upstairs?" She offered. "No, mom.
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    I Agree
    My mom stared at me blankly. She dropped her mouth on her jaw and moved her lips to and fro without uttering a word. She was obviously shocked by my abrupt change of decision.   I had no choice but to agree. If I stated my reasons, she'd definitely pass out, or even pass on. I wouldn't be able to bear the pain of seeing the only person I loved, die off, just like that.   "Is the reason so terrible that you've decided to get married to a total stranger instead of stating it to me?" She asked wearily.   I frowned as I forestalled from our stare, and gazed at the window. "You've been asking for this, and now, I've agreed to it. What else do you want?"   "I don't want you to get married anymore. All I need is the reason why you changed. Tell me now. What's wrong, or what went wrong?" She asked as she m
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    I stared at my phone, not knowing whether or not to answer his call. I was still annoyed at him. But, I couldn't be annoyed for too long cause he was definitely the only one I liked, and the only one that liked me too.   After so much hesitation, I finally picked it.   "Sup babe?" He greeted me as soon as I picked up..   "Hi." I replied coldly, wanting him to know I was still annoyed.   "Darling..." He called. "Are you still annoyed? Huh?"   "Speak up. I'm busy." I retorted as I rolled my eyes in irritation.    "Ok. Ok. Can I meet you today?" He asked.   I sighed and swallowed a bit. "I'm sorry, I'm quite busy. I've got things to do ok?" 
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    Heartless parents
    I stared at her, not being able to say anything. Maybe she was joking or something. How could she state something that dumb?   I chuckled nervously, and at the same time furiously. "You're such a joker, ma'am." I said.   She furrowed her eyebrows like she was confirmed, "Joker? I don't get you," she signaled to me.    "Yep. A joker." I stood up from the couch, and creased my arms across my chest.   My mum let out a shaky and obvious fake laughter, and started to walk to me. 'Mia dear. She's not joking." She said.    She stood in my front, her fake smile disappearing instantly. "Do not speak!" She threatened in a whisper, amidst clenched teeth.   I tried to resist the urge to speak back to her and
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    Trust to trash
    I sauntered on the quiet street, helpless and tired. My day was a really terrible one. It was probably one of the worst days in my entire life.  I spotted a side bench by the corner of the street, and traipsed to it. I needed to relax. My mind needed to get rid of my sad and horrific thoughts, but it just couldn't.   I sat on the bench gently, and began to recall what happened earlier.  I had decided to ignore the errand my mom asked me to go for. My parents wasted my time enough, so I needed to get to work first. When I got to work, my boss was already waiting for me at the doorstep. And as soon as he spotted me coming, he walked to me and started to curse at me, as usual. To be sincere, I didn't feel a bit of sadness because I was so used to that already. I tried to plead, but it didn't work out. He embarrassed me so badly that I regretted the fact that I went to work. I
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    I stared at them as they kissed intensely. I could hardly state anything. I wasn't sure if I was really seeing what I was seeing. They didn't even notice I was standing there for about three minutes already. I was really broken. The Drake I knew could never do such. I trusted him so much.    "Ok babe. Get your bra off or I'll strip it immensely." He stated as he pulled away from their tremendous kiss, and started unbuttoning his shirt. What an idiot he was He was so deep in his romance that he couldn't even notice me.    "Drake." I managed to call softly.    I couldn't even think for a moment. I wasn't sure I was still alive. I didn't feel human. My sense was numb. It seemed like my brain disappeared and my skull was filled with cobwebs and dusts. Words could not explain my emotions. For a moment, I wished I was dead so I wouldn'
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    LINDA I glanced through the pictures of some damsels on my phone as I sipped from my cup of coffee. I was so screwed up with finding a bride for my nephew, Ace. It was really frustrating already. Mia was my last hope, although I didn't like her that much. She was somewhat rude and unfriendly even though her parents were so nice. I liked her at first but she didn't act all cool.   I stood up from my bed and dropped my phone on the side table in frustration, heading to my bathroom to take a shower. I tried resisting the urge to tell my sis I was tired of looking for a bride for her son. It was only getting me worked up.    She was so intense in it and it irritated me. I wondered how anyone could still think of an arranged marriage. But well, I couldn't blame her. Her son was a terribly cold man.   I knew
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    I Agree
    "Rude?" I asked as I creased my arms across my chest. "I'm speaking the truth you know?""Who the heck are you?!" She hollered, still in between clenched teeth."You don't need to know who I am." I was so indifferent to her. "Don't yell at me, ok?""Why shouldn't I?" She asked sharply. "How is killing myself even your problem?"I glared harder, literally furious at the fact that she ought to be thanking me for saving her life. Did she think she was some kind of cartoon character who could be saved at any time? We were speaking of “death” here!"You know what? I think I made a mistake by saving you from drowning." "Yeah, you did," she bit out. "Alright." I scrunched my nose, getting more irritated by the attitude she was giving me. Not thinking further, I reached for her waist, and shove her into my arms. "I'll throw you back in there," I announced. . "W—what? Leave me! You idiot! What the heck is wrong with you? How can you drop me in the water?" She cried, hitting her hands against
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    Meeting Mr mean
    I rolled on my bed uncomfortably. I didn't know what the fuck was obstructing my sleep but it was literally frustrating."Arrgh!" I grumbled as I sat up. "What the heck is wrong with this bed?"I yawned and tugged my pillow against my chest, turning to my side clock."Oh my gosh!" I cried as I jumped from my bed. "10:00am?!"My parents were definitely going to kill me. I was sure my mum had done the chores and was planning to hit and trouble my ass.I jumped from my bed and gadded to my bathroom, grabbing my toothbrush and pressing a paste against it.I stared at myself in the old three feet mirror in my bathroom. I indeed looked terrible, as Linda had stated the day before. My eyes were swollen even though I didn't cry that much. I only cried when I was on that asshole arm. My hair was in such a mess that if a child saw me, he'd definitely think I was a zombie or something.I
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