Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana

Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana

By:  Norah Koch  Completed
Language: English
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Two hours before the wedding, Ahn Hana was abandoned by her fiance. Drunk and upset, she picked up a young bad boy from the street. Waking up with no memories of the night, she found herself next to a handsome boy in the next morning. What happened when she found out that she is being fooled by a playboy? When a mystery came to light, she realized that she had to fight her fallen mind to win the battle against a serial killer who had been obsessed with her. Was her entire life manipulated by a serial killer?Will this arrogant and proud lawyer able to resolve the murder case of the century while facing the whole nation's hate? Will she become the real killer's target or she will target the murderer?

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171 Chapters
The honor of taking off my wedding dress
Roaring music mixed with laughter is heard in the air. Men and women are seen lost together in the rhythm on the dance floor.In the corner, a boy and girl are glued together. The girl is sitting on the boy's lap with his hand on her back and another hand vigorously massaging her bosom inside her shirt. The girl pulls her face back and gasps heavily. She looks at the boy with a beautiful face with her half-o
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I want to hear your moans, my bride
*Snip* Snip* Snip*Do Sejin doesn't waste his time and cuts off her troublesome dress with the scissors that he found in the drawer. After chopping off all the clothing from her body, he takes a thorough look. The woman is lying naked on the bed under the dim light coming from the bed lamp. When he takes off his shirt, she lets out a sigh
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Compensate me with your body
Tring! Tring! Tring!The sound of the alarm wakes her up. She groans and moves to her side. It hurts everywhere, especially her lower body part. She has a headache. I sit up, clutching my head. A bad hangover. She covers her eyes and climbs down the bed. She wants to sleep more.
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Are you threatening me?
"Where did you go last night?" Kim Dong-Woo asks him."Someone gave me shelter for the night." Do Sejin smokes a cigarette. "Do we have lectures today?"
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Not allowed to fall in love with me
At night, Ahn Hana is reading the case on her laptop. She is studying the case that might make or break her future. She will gain a lot of enemies after this. But, if she manages to win, she will become a legend in her field. The case is complicated. The odds are against her. It is no wonder that Jung Kwang-Soo has asked her to represent this chaebol heir. Why do rich people have weird tastes?
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You are a good teacher
After the horrible dinner, Do Sejin waits on the bed. He goes through her phone like a curious cat. She has a lot of contacts. Boss Jung is also listed in the contact list. There are some work-related pictures and videos. She has no social media account. She is not on messenger either. She texts in an old fashioned way, but she prefers calling.She’s so different
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A woman who is quite possessive
"Isn't the criminal already caught?" Do Sejin knows about this murder case. The murderer liked to kill every 100th day after the birthdays or some other special occasions that were important to him. His victims could be anyone between the age of four and forty. The victims were either murdered at their house or left in some isolated place. The way of murder was simple. There wasn't exactly a noticeable pattern in location or method. The total estimated number of victims is nearly thirty-six, but the authorities think that there are more.
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Don't you want your meals?
The Do family, cooks, and the servants stare at Do Sejin who is hogging down the food as if he has never eaten before. Do Seol Ah pushes her plate to his side when he finishes his food. Do Sejin picks up her plate and starts eating. After the last night meal at Ahn Hana's house, he has finally understood the value of cooks at his home."Will you teach me how to cook th
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To live a day at a time
They manage to sneak out of the hospital. Do Sejin realizes that he can't take her in his car. But, that doesn't become a problem. He makes her wear his hoodie and hides her face well. They take a taxi to her house. Luckily, there is no one waiting for her in front of her apartment."Finally, I am back." Ahn Hana lays down her bed. "They kept me a prisoner at the hospi
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Everyone needs hobbies
Next day, Do Sejin wakes up to the sound of clinking. His lips curl up in a smile when he recalls the last night. He walks out of the bedroom and finds Ahn Hana preparing for the breakfast. It's 9 of the morning. She didn't wake him up.Then, he remembers that it is the weekend. He watches her move around the kitchen. Her movements are smooth and fluent. She tastes the
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