A villainess becomes the hero

A villainess becomes the hero

By:  Sanduleo  Ongoing
Language: English
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There is a saying"The child who is not embraced by the village ,will burn that village down to feel it's warmth." As the saying, Alisha did the same and become an evil villainess who will do anything to get what she wants. She was called the evil villainess and had countless enemies. Noone loved her except her friend Collen. But one day she gets poisoned and dies. Her sole was put into judgement by the God himself. Even though she have done many evil things ,but still she was made into become one and so they give her a chance to become a better person. They trick her and send her to an abandoned and ruined palace." Since you want to be a queen , we will fullfill that. But you will become a better queen or else your friend will go to the hell."With that they send her to the abandoned palace which is called the sovier kingdom.And so the story begans with her struggles to makeup her kingdom to a better place.

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125 chapters
1 Judgmental day
Alisha took a sip from her tea as usual and was cutting the meat piece by holding her fork and knife gracefully. She was eating her breakfast in a empty hall as usual. She was the only person who was in that bungalow other than her workers. She was the owner of that estate and had been living in that estate after killing her so called family.After eating her breakfast she went towards her studyroom and was making her plans to destroy the empire herself. " Today will be the last day of your life. After this day you will know my power and who I am !!" She gave a cold laugh as she said. She smirked as she thought about the befall of the empire with her own hands.She walked towards the window and smirked " I will soon be like this , high upon the sky and shine brightly like you. " She said while looking upon the sky and staring at the sun which was shining brightly as usual.She turned around after admiring the sun and was about to walk b
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2. Judgement day (2)
She travelled through the heaven for sometime and her body was moving automatically as if someone is deliberately controlling her body . She was moving towards a palace like place which had three seats and were three people being seated onto it. The middle one had a crown within his head and his left and right had a woman who look graceful and a had man who look handsome . The middle person looked old and had wrinkles in his face while having a white beard in face.They were discussing something she was not able to hear fully, but some were able to hear. They were busy taking that they didn't notice her coming." Are you sure , she is the right one!!" The gracefull lady asked" If she still do the same then. Then what??" The handsome man said anxiously." Relax aspar. The high God will not choose her if she couldn't. He could see the future and he said she will complete this mission.."'Future !! High God?? What are they taking about? And wh
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3. Reminding you
" System, I need a more detailed report about this place , its origin and how this placed got abandoned . I need to know why this kingdom didn't got recognized by anyone."" Lastly i also need to know about me." " Host request being processed.....system activate!!"" For now you have been revived as the princess of Sovier kingdom. But since the original owners father died the owner was crowned as the queen. Means you are possessing the late queen alisha Damiens body. You have been revived as her in this world." ' Which means, this body is of the late queen and not only that she have same name as me. But why is she like this...' She thought." This sovier kingdom was not a tiny kingdom , but a powerful one who have more land space. The sovier kingdom is located at here in the middle of all kingdom."The system showed her an old map in which a large spaced kingdom was seen there as sovier kingdom and all lands had sovier flags fitted on.
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4.Reminding you(2)
" All of you , listen carefully. "" If you ever disrespect me or don't obey me than , you will have a cruel punishment which I could think of and you will also be beheaded for your sinful act."" As for this arrogant brat , who don't even have any morals and not show any values to there master will be thrown to the dungeon to rot for ever. She will be also punished with 50 laps of metal rod beating ." She gave an evil glare towards lila who acted arrogant infront of her before. But now she was experiencing the feeling of death. She couldn't do anything rather than beg her for mercy or die." Take this arrogant creature out of my sight now and put her into the dungeon." Alisha shouted out loud commanding the maids." Yes your majesty!!" Two maids came closer to Lila grabbing her by the arm and forcefully took her away. They didn't hesitate since they actually hated Lila as well." You can't do this to me your majesty!! I was wrong . Please d
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5. Power of the locket.
Next day." Annie . Are you done now?" Alisha asked with her closed eyes. " Not yet your majesty..." Annie said being busy with her work." Can I open my eyes now?" " Please wait for a five minutes. Your majesty!!"" I see..." Alisha said being extremely calm. She wanted everything perfect . So she waited for Annie to complete her work.After five minutes.." All done your majesty. You can open your eyes now." After saying that, she took some steps back and stood there.After she heard annie's reply , Alisha slowly opened her eyes . She was surprised to see herself in mirror . " Is this really me!!" She said while holding her both cheeks." Yes your majesty." Annie giggled,when she heard her reply.Her black hair was beautifully curled and shined like a star. Her face had a light makeup which made her not stand out more and her blue eyes were making way for her face to look more gorgeous than ever. O
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6. Power of the locket(2)
After sometime she was allowed to enter into the shop. Anni didn't had any permission to enter so she was standing  outside worried about Alisha's safety.As she got the permission, she walked inside the shop. But to her surprise , no one was there excluding her and sir Macbeth. He was sitting in a chair showing off his own charms. His legs were crossed with each other and his one hand was supporting his head,while the other was caressing through the chair end.He was watching her every move as she entered and grinned. He had a handsome face which wood hook all women who sees him , even at a glance also.She saw through him , so she didn't react and gave a calm posture like a queen. Indeed she would since she is the queen of sovier kingdom.After she took the seat at the very first chair she saw , then only did she gave him a royalty vibe." May I ask you , if the person I am seeing now is really sir macbeth himself." She asked him being doubt
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7. I don't have any patience.
Annie and Alisha was on the way to the palace. Annie was staring at her for a long time with her curious eyes. She couldn't bury her curiosity and thus she asked her ...." Your majesty . Can I ask you something?" After Annie asked her , she became all nervous and let her head down.Alisha rolled her eyes towards annie who was sitting nervously , after seeing her reaction a small smile spread through her lips and said.." Yes . You can and you don't have to be nervous around me. You can fully clarify your doubt , if I let you so ." She replied. After she said that , Annie's face became more delighted and she asked her by showing her overall excitement ."Your majesty ,how did you make those soldiers kneel infront of you?" Her face was full of brightness as she wanted to learn the truth behind their sudden change of behavior . Since they were showing off their arrogant side before.At first she thought that they will not be able to leav
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8. I don't have any patience (2)
" You .. What are you doing here sir macbeth?.." she asked..' what is he doing here? And what does he want from me at this late time?' she thought so." Well , didn't I say that I will give you my answer." He said . He crossed his legs and was supporting his head with his right hand. He was seated as earlier she first saw him.' Answer my ass. If you are going to give me your answer then , why are you coming at this hour?' she murmured. She gripped hand into a fist as she was controlling herself from being burst out." But didn't you say that ,you will give me your answer tomorrow." She said while narrowing her eyebrows and crossing her hands together." Well I changed my mind!!" He smirked.' what the hell... Even if you changed your mind, don't you have a slightest manners to come tomorrow with a proper notice.' she gritted her teeth furiously." Sir Macbeth. I appreciate that you have forgiven us and have changed your mind for us.
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9. Form an ally temporarily.
Next day...Alisha was enjoying her tea while taking a sip elengently. It was early in the morning and she was enjoying her tea time in the open place like terrace. She could hear the chirping of birds which gave her a good vibe. After her reincarnation it was her first time seeing the sun rise without any worries. She was able to enjoy her tea time without worrying about the poisoning act. Since it really would be costly to buy in a kingdom like this anyway.As she was taking a sip from her tea , Annie came running towards her . She was breathing heavily since she ran from the downstairs to the top floor." What happened annie?" She asked." Sir .... Sir macbeth is here!!" As she said that she was breathing heavily.When Alisha heard his name been mentioned she spit out the tea at the moment." What??" " He came this early..." She said." Pardon ... Your majesty.."" Nothing Annie. Just tell him that I will come down and let them sit at the visiting room for now." She said while hol
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10. Allied between your own people.
After Macbeth and Felix left the palace then only did she felt relaxed. She was really targeted by felix glaring which made her feel uncomfortable the entire time of their conversation." System shows up...." suddenly the system showed up without any notice." What is it now?" She asked the system in a low voice so that only system can hear her." Host got an assignment..." " What assignment ?" She asked in a confused state.The system shows her a enlarged blue screen to which a task was written. She quickly click on to that task and it shows" gather support from your own palace. " Even though it was an indirect request but the task was to gather her maids support. After reading the task she said." I see..." Then she quickly turned to face anni who was waiting for her command." Annie quickly call all the maids in the palace and tell them to come at the main hall." " Yes your Majesty." Annie replied while lett
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