The Luna's Revenge: Volume 1

The Luna's Revenge: Volume 1

By:  Ulric Efukor  Completed
Language: English
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VOLUME 1- THE TRYBRID CHILD In a world of magic and a time of war, peace and harmony rests on the shoulders of a young Trybrid. Elena was born a clever, determined and courageous child gifted with extremely powerful magic as the first ever Trybrid in existence. A child chosen by the Moon goddess destined for greatness. She was born to be the next lycan queen but everything turned ugly for her and her people when the dark titan appeared. Cassius, as he is known by, is the dark lord who killed Elena’s father, imprisoned her mother, stole the lycan crown and enslaved her people. He has killed countless magical creatures with his mastery over dark magic which makes him eternally invincible. Everywhere he goes, he spreads terror and fear and no one but Elena is strong enough to stop him. What happens when the Magical world and the Human world gets entangled in a brutal magical war threatening to rip both off their balance? It is up to Elena, the Trybrid Luna to defeat the dark titan before he tears both worlds apart. She must avenge her father’s death and save her world and all others from the dreadful grip of the evil Cassius. Would Elena succeed? When she must decide to either save her mate or have her revenge, which would she choose? Would she be willing to pay the price for vengeance? Would she pick love over her great destiny or would their love conquer all? Find out in this book filled with love, magic and suspense.

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70 Chapters
    INTRODUCTION Alessia Claw ~ I ran through the woods below the night sky with my heart beating so fast, its way from the danger chasing it. At a point, I was too weak to run any further so I leaned on a tree trunk to enable me catch my breath for a while. I needed to. It wasn’t up to twenty seconds of gasping for my breath when a hailstorm of flaming arrows accompanied by several howls came crashing down the ground. I took refuge from the arrows behind the tree and watched as the flaming arrows rained down the sky and pierced their way into the ground. The lycans were the source of the arrows and I was the prime target. They were gaining on me and I could feel it. I and my unborn child have to flee to a safe haven in these woods so they won’t get to us. So he won’t get to us. Taking a leap of faith after the hailstorm had ended, I continued my race in the darkness all around the woods. I couldn’t le
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Chapter 1 Frederick Claw ~ “Claudius, you and your men would storm in through the Northern gates of the castle.”
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Chapter 2 Frederick Claw ~ “Sofia, Morgana, get her inside.” I said stroking Alessia’s white hair. “Save her! Save my sister!” I added splitting two more arrows aimed at Alessia in half. “My Lord, we shall do all that we can.” “I promise you.” said Morgana taking Alessia from my blood stained hands and into hers mumbling some words as she made her way back into the coven. The coven gates went solid shut behind her. I looked all around and found all the troops to be in position. The archers were in formation and the swordsmen were all ready to protect our coven and the queen. Funny enough, the lycan queen was being protected by my vampire warriors. Odd, isn’t it? The lycans charged to the coven but with a single howl which I presumed to be some sort of signal, they all stopped in their tracks, still in their lycan appearances. “Let’s get straight to the point, your majesty! You know what we came here for so bring her and the unb
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Chapter 3 Sofia Xanders ~ “My lord, we shall do all that we can. I promise you.” I heard morgana say taking the queen Alessia, my best friend from the arms of the vampire king.
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Chapter 4 Frederick Claw ~ I watched as the dude who seemed to be the leader of the entire army of lycans placed his hand into a small parchment and brought out a diminutive bottle that appeared to contain a red-colored liquid. He brought the bottle in contact with his lips and in a single gulp, emptied the contents inside his mouth. He let out a loud and somehow dreadful roar afterwards. “Now the real battle begins!!!” said the leader fully transformed into a mutant lycan. “Get out of my way.” Mutant Lycans are very rare and most of all, very powerful. They possessed the powers of the average lycan but just in a thousand fold. I, as a vampyre haven’t seen up to five mutant lycans in my tens of thousands of days and every encounter with one was never pleasant except with the deceased lycan King, Leonard Wolfs. There was a common reason why the experiences stood never pleasant, the same reason why nature made them rare to come by - EVIL
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Chapter 5 Frederick Claw ~ I screamed in excruciating pain as the enchanted arrows met my skin. The enchantment done on the arrows prevented me from healing all around that area. They w
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Chapter 6 Morgana DeLari ~ Sofia left the young princess in my arms as she left to inform her husband of the death of his only sister and her delivery beforehand. I looked at the child
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Chapter 7 Sofia Xanders ~ After I came out of the portal, I found myself lost. One thing was sure and that was the fact that I am in a land that I’ve never been to before. Everything wa
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   Chapter 8Sofia Xanders ~“A burden?” Grace alleged giving out a little titter. “The fact that you are really new around here doesn’t mean that you’ll be a burden to anyone who dims it fit to assist you to ge
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Chapter 9 Frederick Claw ~ “Your Majesty!” “What brings you to the eastern coven at a time like this? By your looks and hers I can tell that whatever it is, it’s worse than we heard.” s
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