BUZZ: A Titan Kings MC Novel TWO

BUZZ: A Titan Kings MC Novel TWO

By:  R L Dickinson  Completed
Language: English
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Buzz It had been 4 long years since Julia accused me of cheating and left me. It had been 4 years since I had been able to breathe properly. A lot had happened in the time since she left. I was now a member of a Motorcycle club. Now I’ve found her again, she is back in my life. And she has something to tell me. Julia It had been 4 years since Ryan cheated on me. Or so I was led to believe. It had been 4 years since I broke my own heart by leaving. My brother was hurt, involved in a shooting at the Motorcycle club he belongs to. The last person I expected to see was Ryan. After all this time, can I make him forgive me, and more importantly… can I convince him to give us a second chance?

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38 Chapters
Chapter One- Ryan
BuzzChapter 1Ryan 6 years agoIt was my first year in Caltech university studying computer science. I already knew most of the shit that was being taught but I needed it on paper. I could have taught this class myself when I was 12. I had skipped two years in high school and started college at 16, so I was younger than most of the student body. Putting it mildly? I am a mother-fucking genius.I loved computers and that technical side of things. I didn’t have a computer growing up, but the teacher who taught us computing in school let me use the old one in their classroom during free periods and lunch time. I started watching videos online and reading books about how to do things, the IT teacher, Mr. Blake, was pretty cool too. He would help me when I asked him about anything.I first found that I had a talent for hacking when I was 13. The bank had taken the l
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Chapter 2- Ryan
Chapter 2RyanI moved to a college dorm two weeks later, my mom was able to get the time off work so she could help me move in. I hated it when she cried as she was leaving. I started my first class soon after. They were surprisingly hard. I didn’t struggle with them, but it was the first time I had to actually think about something I was being taught. Shit just came naturally to me. I was housed with another first year, Oliver, he was 18, but didn’t seem to care that I was only 16. He gave me a beer on our first night. Because I had spent the last few years with people older than me, I was more mature than most guys my age.Before I knew it, it was Christmas. I was able to fly home for the holidays. I worked in a coffee shop near to my dorms, I was pretty lucky that I didn’t have a lot saved up. I needed a job quicker than a lot of the other students, so when I went in the local coffee shop near my dorm, look
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Chapter 3- Julia
Chapter 3Julia“You did what?!?” I yelled, jumping up off of the sofa. “Why the heck would you do that?” Still yelling, now I was pacing up and down our living area. I couldn’t believe Emmy! She had gone back to the coffee shop and spoke to him. “I can’t show my face there again now! What the hell is wrong with you?” I cried. “Jules, relax! We just talked, I wanted to know if he was worth the inner turmoil you seem to be going through.” She spoke softly, trying to calm me down. “That’s not your place! God! I’m with Riley, you remember him? My boyfriend! I am not looking to meet anyone else; it doesn’t matter that I am attracted to him. I won’t do that to Riley.” Emmy was silent. After a few minutes, she nodded and then walked away. “Riley’s a jackass. You deserve better- and in my opinion, Ryan is better.” She said as she
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Chapter 4- Ryan
Chapter 4RyanIt had been around 4 weeks since I saw Julia. It was strange but I missed her. I had barely spoken to her. Yet I fucking missed her. I was desperate for her to come back into the coffee shop. I looked up every time the door dinged, announcing a new customer. I could slap the shit out of myself sometimes.I had been back for around a week when I saw her again. I didn’t see her in the coffee shop- no. I saw her around campus. I hadn’t seen her round campus before. I decided to be creepy as fuck and follow her. I didn’t know what her major was, I didn’t know her professors. I didn’t know anything about her. I crept behind her as silently as I could, I mean, not right behind her. I would definitely get caught that way. I hung back a bit, always making sure there were a few people between us. That way, if she turned around, I could pretend I hadn’t seen her. She walked into an econom
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Chapter 5- Julia
Chapter 5JuliaI was lying on my bed in my room, studying, when my cell buzzed, alerting me to a message. Ah, Riley had called. I didn’t even hear my phone. I dialed the voicemail box and listened to the voicemail Riley had left. “Hi baby, I’m sorry I won’t be able to come over tonight, I forgot about a test in English Lit I have tomorrow so I’m just going to stay home to study. I’ll call you tomorrow.” I sat back confused. I pressed redial and listened to the voicemail another time trying to find the hidden message. My friend is in the same class and she hadn’t mentioned having a test, I had been with her this afternoon. Still, I decided to call her just in case. I scrolled through my phone until I found her number. “Hey Jen, listen, bit of a random question, but do you have a test in English Lit tomorrow? Riley cancelled our plans because he had to study.” “No, we had
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Chapter 6- Julia
Chapter 6JuliaIt didn’t register to me until the next day that I was single again. I woke up, immediately noticing the pain in my right fist. It took me a good 30 seconds to remember what happened the night before. Riley cheating on me. Seeing him in the middle of performing oral sex on someone who wasn’t me. We hadn’t had sex yet, but we had done stuff. I hated that I still had that vision in my mind. I felt guilty about the other girl though, she didn’t know about me, why would she? It wasn’t like Riley would say “oh I have a girlfriend, but she won’t fuck me. Do you want to do it?” I shook the images out of my mind. I was newly single, Riley could go and fuck everyone on the planet for all I cared. I was done with him. I could no longer trust him.Emmy had been a god send. She found some clean underwear and pajamas in my drawer and lay them on the bed for me. I got changed and
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Chapter 7- Ryan
Chapter 7RyanWe had been hanging out for a few weeks. I was trying my best to be a good friend, but fuck if I didn’t want her. Julia and Emmy had been hanging round the coffee shop as often as they could without missing classes or falling behind. I started going round to their place a lot more often too. I was getting closer to her; I could feel her eyes on me sometimes whenever she thought I wasn’t watching, I always found an excuse to tough her, leaving my fingers lingering on her body, it always made her shiver. I love that I was having the same effect on her that she had on me. I hadn’t ever wanted a girl like I wanted her. Every day we spent together, we got closer. I wanted her so much. Even Emmy could see what we were doing. She called it ‘our sex face’. Not very original but fuck it. I am a big fucking soppy fucker, but what the hell? I’m falling for her. Big time.We were watching a
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Chapter 8- Julia
Chapter 8Julia“I love you Julia, I’m in love with you.” Yeah, I heard it correctly. Ryan loves me. I felt my heart bursting with need for him, I needed him to know how I felt about him, how much I had been needing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, slowly pulling his head down to meet mine. I was only an inch away from his lips. My stomach filled with butterflies, overwhelming me with lust and desire. I needed this. “Kiss me” I breathed. His lips crashed down on to mine, as cliché as it was, I felt everything fall into place. They say that when you meet the one made for you, you felt it in the first kiss. I really could feel it. Everything washed away, every thought, every feeling, just vanished. There was nothing else but this kiss. It was perfect. We carried on kissing, slowly, tasting each other. His kisses were perfect. I could feel the butterflies were now doing backflips and somersaults
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Chapter 9- Ryan
Chapter 9RyanWe had been together for just under ten months. We were going to be celebrating our one year anniversary in a few months. Things were amazing. We would go out to parties, drink, they would dance, and I would stand close to them, making sure no other fucker went anywhere near them. I would help them get back home and then I would stay over with my girl. It was coming up to Christmas. I asked my girl to come back with me to meet my mom, then we were flying over to her parent’s home to meet her parents and brother. I wasn’t nervous about meeting them. She was really nervous about meeting my mom though. We had packed everything up and were planning on an early night before the early flights the next morning. I was staying at my own place tonight- Julia and Emmy weren’t going to see each other for a few weeks so they were staying in and having a girlie night- whatever the fuck that was. Make up and shit. I w
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Chapter 10- Ryan
Chapter 10RyanI woke up a few hours later, my alarm buzzing, waking me up. My head was banging through lack of sleep. I tried calling Julia right away, but her phone went straight to voicemail. I showered and was ready before I tried calling again. Still voicemail “Hey Julia, I don’t know who told you about last night, but I swear it wasn’t what you think. She knocked into me, spilling her drink all over my shirt, and as I turned to leave, she grabbed and kissed me. I pushed her off me straight away. I’m sorry baby, but I swear it’s the truth. I love you. I’m not giving up on us. I’m gonna go back to my moms, I’ll try and catch a later flight and wait to see if you turn up at the airport. I love you baby, I know you love me, we’ll get past this, I promise” I hung up.I opened the bedroom door, finding Oliver passed out on the sofa. I know it was irrational, but I blam
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