His revenge

His revenge

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A girl who loves her father.. when her father asked her to marry his assistant she accepts him with out thinking a second.. but later she finds that her father asked her to marry the one whom she loved.. she becomes happy to marry her love and thinks she can lead a happy life with her Prince Charming husband... after marriage she gets shock by his changed behavior and his mysterious character... who is he?? why did he married her?? A cold, handsome, arrogant and ruthless billionaire marries a girl to take revenge.. why he is taking revenge?? what made him to take revenge.. what is his past?? what happened in his past life?? why did he hide his identity to marry her?? Damn... isn't love the most greatest weapon yet most dangerous, it says that love can change anyone but can it change this ruthless cold billanore, can it blind his revenge?? Important notice: this is my first book.. I am not good at English. There will grammar mistakes...

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78 chapters
Introduction...Hayden LI (harry smith): male leadElina Martin: female leadMR Michael martin : female lead fatherJack Wilson : male lead friendJessica: female lead friendRemaining characters I will introduce in chapter...NO POV  In y city, as it's winter.. a cold chill breeze was blowing... on a top building, a man who was in his fifties was working and going through file.. he is none other than Mr Michael Martin... he phone rings. He looks at caller ID.. and bright smile appears on his lips.. Michael : " hello sweetheart... at last you remember that you have dad....."Elina : " common dad.. why are you speaking like that.. only for three days I didn't speak to you... for that you are saying like this... "Michael: " yes.. not only that.. daily you are speaking in phone.. you are not living with me... "elina: " dad.. it was you.
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Long drive
HAYDEN (p. o. v)      That bastar Michael told me to bring chocolate and ice cream and flowers white rose bouqet... what the fuck...!!! I came out of his cabin.. I called my men whether he got any information about his daughter or not.. he said he didn't get anything.. from past one year I am trying to get her information... he has kept in secret... I don't know even her name too... he only mention his daughter as her nick name kiddo... that's it...    After taking flower bouqet.. I turned to go to my car but I bump to one little girl.. when I saw her she didn't applied any make up.. I can say she is beauty by nature... I was memorizing her beauty... but she scolded... this is first time someone raised their voice in front of me... I got angry... first I pissed off that I didn't get any information about Michale daughter.. now this kid... she said she will forgive me... who needs her forgiveness... I said I don't nee
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Again met
 Elina (p. o. v)      I woke up when sun rays hit my face... actually after long drive when I came back to my home.. I slept immediately as you all know after a long time I am sleeping on my bed.. when I woke up I felt little bit relax and fresh mind.. I went to my bathroom and did my morning routine and went downstairs to have breakfast... it's already morning 9 past...  me: "good morning dad.. " dad: "good morning sweetheart..." he kissed my forehead and I hugged him.. then I sat on the chair... dad: "here take soya milk and sandwich and egg omelet..." me: " wow...!! chicken sandwich... thank you dad...  (I took one bite) hmm... dad you are really great... Better you become chef.. don't do that business..." he just laughed at my sentence... dad: "so what's plan today... " me: "n
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Plan b
Elina (p. o. v)   Eva went to bring her drawing book.. I was looking around then my eyes caught hot chilli man.. yes I have kept this nick name to that handsome... whom I saw yesterday... so I thought to speak with him.. I went and said hi to him.. he was looking like he will eat someone alive now.. still I tried to make clam but at last he shouted.. so I came back to my place.. Eva saw me speaking to that hot chilli man from entrance.... so she asked me "who was he??"me: "same that hot chilli man whom I met yesterday..."Eva:-" oh he is the one whom you said yesterday..." I nodded my head.. Eva: "wow..!! really he is handsome and HOT too... you are lucky then.. " she said stressing hot word more....'ahh this girl started to tease me again..'me:-" why did you came late... "Eva: " I bump to someone.. and liquid colours which I was holding in my h
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Hayden Pov:   I did my breakfast in the restaurent where I have usually... then I started going to Micheal office... I am so confident that I can execute my plan B... I halted my car in signal..   I heared a slap sound and I turned towards the direction.. It was from the opposite road..I saw two to three people rounded... And I could see a boy head standing in center..Some were beating him... The kid was shouting as one pulled his ear and started twirling it..   Whatever mistake the kid would have done..Its not a right way too treat him or punish him like that... And he also..(tears in eyes)..  I fisted my hand.."Dont worry kid... I am coming and I will give those people a big punishment"      I am trying to cross the road as vehicles were moving in high speed.. Each time I heared the kid shout I cursed the traffic or I cursed myself for not abl
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ELINA (P. O. V)  Aa usual today also I went out of my home to meet my friends... while going I saw a girl.. who one leg was not proper.. I mean may be her knee was hurt or damage... she was trying to cross the road as possible as she can... with the help of stick in other hand... vechile were moving fast.. I went to help her but I bump to that hot chilli man.. why always this happens.. but I didn't care about him at that time.. I pulled her towards safe side and she was about to faint.. she said "my bro... save him.. those people are bad.. " I turned towards the direction which she showed.. that kid was also running.. thank god someone saved him... I went to bring water and some snacks for that girl.. but this chilli man held me and asked "why you always bump to me.. " I didn't look at him.. I saw the girl she was about to go unconscious... I pulled my hand forcely from him.. I went to that girl gave water and snack.. she was little bit fine now.. then I we
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HAYDEN (p o v)    Those people who were beating kids... they came to me and said to give back kid.. I fought with them.. soon my body guards came and took them... this kid asked " who are they..?? " I said " may be police.. "    then I took kids to hospital for treatment... I told them to wait.. this is the hospital which my friend Allen is chairman. and even he is also a doctor.. so everyone knows me here as I am friend of him.. when I entered hospital.. everyone looked at me to greet.. I signalled them not to speak with my eyes.. I just contacted doctor... after speaking to him... I took them to my orphanage home.. which I opened.. I told my workers to take care them and to take them to hospital of Allen next month.. kid(elina): "all were speaking to you very closely to you.. and some were calling you as boss and sir.. why?? "I was shocked... I thought did she got any doubt i
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HAYDEN (p. o. v)   When I went to Michael office.. already he was there.. he was looking tensed.. I think already my plan started.. me: "sir why are you looking tensed..?? are you alright?? "Michael: "no Harry... last time when we gave presentation for zid company.. they said fine and signed the contract... now they are saying there is problem in project and they want to take back contract... you know how big it is for company.. if they take back now.. company will be in huge loss..."me: "don't worry sir.. I will arrange the meeting now with employees... we will tell them to prepare good presentation for next meeting with zid company..."michael: " fine.. do it..."then I arranged meeting with employees... Michael came to the conference hall where meeting was arranged.. michael: "last time who prepared presentation??"<
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Elina (p o v)      In the lift, there were so many people.. it became like crowd.. they were pushing me back.. I lost balance and hold his hand.. then he even pulled me by putting his hand on my waist.. when he touched me.. it was different feeling for me.. I was having butterflies in my stomach and I was shy too... people pushed me more.. I landed on his chest.. I griped his shirt... I lift my head.. he was looking at me.. even I lost in his eyes... I was feeling safe in his hands and in his warmth... I can feel his hot breath... then 'ding' lift sound brought us to the real world from our world... as some people moved out.. it became little free.. he took his hand.. I moved back.. I don't know what to say... I missed his warmth... I wanted to be like that... Elina control... 'You promised your dad that you won't do wrong... but his touch gives me different feeling and every time when we meet or spoke.. I feel I wanted to go close to him.. I me
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HAYDEN (p. o. v)  my friend Jack called me and said to accompany him in pub.. I went to pub.. after parking my car.. I saw Michael car was also parked.. may be he also came.. if he came with daughter or came to pick her.. then I can see her... I just run to entrance to check.. I don't want to miss the chance.. I was going to entrance.. one girl came running by shouting as dad.. I looked at her direction.. ufff...!! there Michael was standing with smile in his face.. oh that means she is his daughter...!! wait....!!!! why am I feeling like I have seen her somewhere??    yes...!! now I remembered... in noon Jessica introduced her as friend... wait..!! she said name also... huh...!!! what's her name..!! ah... yes... I got it.. Elina...!!!    I was standing there only.. Michael and his daughter didn't saw me.. I was standing little bit far.. I couldn't listen what they are speaking... soon Michale daughte
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