Taken (#2 The Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

Taken (#2 The Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Warning: Not a standalone book. Book 2 of The Southern Werewolves Pack “Do not grieve at my grave for I am not there.” Cohen Kingsley, the former Alpha of the Southern Werewolves Pack, returns to his pack in an effort to find the body of his mate, Mira, who died nine months ago. Accompanied by his pack, family, and friends, Cohen sets out to find the missing body of his mate. Soon, he realizes all those things he learned about his mate, he's barely scratching the surface. Mira's life was more than just being tortured and experimented by her step brother, Damien. Without knowing the consequences of involving himself and everyone into her past life, Cohen put everyone at risk. Their investigation about Mira's missing body soon comes fruitful and at the same time, trouble follows. He realizes that there is still another big threat lingering around. A bigger threat than the battle against Damien Kincaid. But, it's already too late to back out as they're all already involved deeply into the mess. With the help of his allies, old and new, they unearth the oldest secret of all. The existence of the world's oldest species that nobody knows has ever existed.

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78 chapters
Chapter 1
He stared at the white witch as he couldn’t believe a word that came out of her mouth. Amanda was no longer leaving. She closed the door of his apartment once more and crossed her arms. From the beginning, she had been thinking how she should break the news to the man who lost his mate and a few months later, the body was taken from the grave. It wouldn’t be a pretty scene judging Cohen’s fragile control of his own mind.Read more
Chapter 2
Cohen left the pack mansion without meeting anyone else. Liam was in a meeting when he arrived. But, Cohen was still not ready to face the Interim Alpha. He went to his lake house and was shocked when he saw the lake house was completed. Before the battle, Cohen was still working on the deck floor and several other rooms inside. Now, it all looked completed and...empty.Read more
Chapter 3
Trinity, also known as the Mother of Dark Magic, was the very first human to get the gift of a sorceress. She had a twin named Titania. Ironically, Titania became the Mother of True Magic. While Trinity practiced Dark Magic, Titania practiced true magic which was also known as the magic of white witches. One sister fell into the darkness and another walked in the light. Both of them were enemies till this very day. Trinity was said to earn her magic true mating with one of the princes of Hell. Thus, granting her forbidden magics and immortality. Titania passed at the age of three hundred. Her legacy was carried by those who were born as white
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Chapter 4
Liam returned to the pack mansion without Cohen. Although it was disrespectful for Liam being cold to Cohen, the Interim Alpha’s anger was unquestionable. For months, he tried to find his Alpha. If it wasn’t because of Cohen’s pa
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Chapter 5
A day passed since his return to the pack mansion. He spent the day discussing and thinking about where the robbers might have taken Mira’s body. Cohen was tired. He sat in the bedroom of his lake house, holding a photo of Mira. “Where are you, baby?” he asked.His heart ached again. No matter how much he tried to forget the day her life was taken, he would still remember it. He tried to drink alcohol to keep the memory away but when he was sober, the memory came back. He tried to do a lot of work to keep his mind busy. But at the moment his mind stopped being busy, he thought of her. Cohen got up from the bed and put her picture inside his jacket pocket before he walked out. When he was out there, he made a connection with the beggars and the homeless people in the town where he would
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Chapter 6
The house engulfed in flame, taking Patricia along. Cohen rushed into the house and almost got himself killed when the ceiling began to collapse. He searched around, looking for Patricia. The impact of the explosion was close to her position which might have killed her. But Cohen doubted she would go down that easy. Since the beginning, he knew something was different with Patricia. She had the scent of a human probably for carrying another child inside of her but she also had another scent. He coughed as the thick smoke began to take a toll on his lungs. Then, he spotted Patricia surrounded by a large red shield. She was holding onto her left hand that was bleeding. She was panting heavily. Cohen followed the drop of her blood on the floor. There was a strange mark on the floor where she was standing. The mark was created with her blood.Ignoring the fac
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Chapter 7
By the time they reached the pack mansion, Liam had just finished briefing the Special Unit which would be tasked in capturing Cohen dead or alive before more collateral damage happened. Liam knew the truth about Cohen’s nine months out there. If it wasn’t because of Amanda erasing the memories of the victims, the authority would have started to hunt him down.Because of that, Liam put a designated unit of Enforcers to capture Cohen before he did something that might make him regret his life once again. “How did he lose control?” Liam asked.“It might be something he found in the basement of my house,” Patricia answered instead.Liam raised an eyebrow by the sudden intervention of an outsider inside his pack. Then, he chose to ig
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Chapter 8
Liam watched as Cohen roared in the basement. He tried to break the enchanted chains to no ends. He growled and clawed the floor. The entire room was specially built by Liam as he knew one day Cohen would come back. An Alpha who had just lost his mate would take a very long time to calm their mind. From Amanda’s daily report, Liam knew Cohen was still not in control of his own mind. That drove Liam to build the room while Amanda enchanted it. The walls were engraved with thousands of spells to strengthen it.“It’s not going to calm him,” Liam said, looking through the glass wall.Amanda nodded in agreement. “Then, there is one thing left to do.”“I would go against it but it seems we have no other choice.”The white witch s
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Chapter 9
Amanda couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at the woman standing before her. It was definitely Mira but her eyes were telling Amanda that she wasn’t the Mira that she knew. The aura coming from this Mira was different. Amanda couldn’t feel any demon wolf’s energy from her indicating the woman wasn’t a demon wolf. “Huh, this is the white witch that Mother spoke of?” Mira said with utter disgust. “Mother?” Amanda questioned. Then, her eyes widened with realization. The marking on the woman’s body enough to confirm Amanda about the Mother they spoke of. There was no doubt that these two were working for Trinity. But it still didn’t make sense to A
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Chapter 10
“Wait, hold on a second,” Patricia said. “You wanted me to lift the Death Kiss curse from Cohen?”Amanda nodded. Cohen had been moved to his bedroom and was still in a coma to preserve whatever was left of his life. Death Kiss was one of forbidden dark magic and usually it was cast by a blood sorceress. The price of one usage was expensive. The greater the price, the greater the effect. Since the Death Kiss curse only affected Cohen alone, it could mean Jane purposely used it on him only while leaving the others unaffected. It prolonged Cohen’s death as well. That made Amanda think that Jane didn’t want to kill Cohen quickly. She wanted him to suffer for some unknown reasons. “Look, I know I’m a blood sorceress but I barely know anything about dark magic,” Patricia said. “I was born and raised in
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