The New Bad Boy

The New Bad Boy

By:  Pinktulips  Ongoing
Language: English
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Usually girls loves to shop and paint their nails. But not for Valerie Hernandez. Unlike every other girls, she loves dealing with cars. She could even spend hours in the garage. This year will be Valerie last year in high school. The thought of her graduating with her boyfriend and best friend bring a smile to her face. Unexpectedly, a new student is transferring to her school. Once she laid eyes on him, she know her senior year won't go as smoothly as she thinks. What happen when Valerie and the the new student became friend? Will she feel annoyed or the exact opposite? Knowing Valerie has a boyfriend, can she choose between the two of them?

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70 chapters
Guys, stop with the PDA!
"Hey babe." he whispered in husky tone and I smile knowing the person is. I closed my locker and turned around "You're early. " I said and put my arms around his neck."Well I have to see my girl before class start." I chuckled and he leans forward to kiss me. I kiss him back immediately, he put his hands on my waist and pull me closer.Read more
Did she always do that?
"Can you believe it! He literally can't stop the saliva coming out from his mouth." I laughed hearing Julia told me what happened in her class before."Why did you chose the front seat then?" we walked to our usual table, there I could spot Andy and Liam are in a conversation.I put my lunch down and sat next to Liam "the back seat has been occupied with the other students and so i have no choice to sat in the front seat and in front of Mr. Hopkins." she emphasis the word 'sat and in'.Mr. Hopkins is our history teacher and every time he talks there's always a saliva coming out from his mouth. Imagine if you sit in front of him while he's explaining something about history and his saliva flies everywhere and it landed on your face. That is what happened to Julia. Poor Julia. I shuddered imagining if I'm in Julia place I would run out from the class immediately to the bathroom and wash my face a couple of times."What happened?" Liam asks us."Don't
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He talks!
I spoke too soon.This boy is rude. All he do is playing his phone while my mom and her mom are having a interesting conversation from a celebrity to  how to make a delicious muffin. Don't ask me how their conversation could drift that far."Val, I'm going to teach Miranda to make a muffin. Feel free to get to know each other." mom smiled sweetly to me and walked to the kitchen before I have the chance to respond. I looked at her back in disbelief.What? Is my mom for real?I took a glanced at the new neighbor (that I forgot his name) and saw he's still engrossed playing his phone. Now I regret leaving my phone at home. I looked around trying to find something to waste time but it's not working. I cleared my throat to catch his attention, he glances at me and got back to his phone "So... Where are you from?"Silence."Do you like the neighborhood?"Silence again."I take you're not much of a talker." I chuckle
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You could take a picture it'll last longer
"Give me back my strawberry cupcake!" I put my lunch tray down and sat at the chair."Can you guys please stop bickering with each other? You guys looked like an old married couple." I looked at them weirdly. Andy dropped the cupcake at her tray and they both looked away. I could see a faint blush from Julia's cheeks.I raised my eyebrow looking at them but they avoided my stares."Hey guys." Carmen came with her lunch and sat at my right."Hey." we greet her, Carmen turned to Andy and Julia then raised her eyebrow looking at me. I shrugged and eat my pizza."Okay, so did you guys know?" Carmen said.I shook my head still chewing my food "know what?" Julia asked."The new student." Carmen said in a 'duh' tone. "So he was in my first class and I hate to say this but he is literally hot more hot than Liam. "No offence val." she turned to me."None taken.""What's his name?" Julia asked. "What are you guys talk
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I'm your kind and sweet neighbor
The last bell ring signaling our day has end. I gathered my books and bag then head to my locker. Opening my locker, I shove all my books inside it and closed my locker."Val." I turned around to see Liam calling me "What's wrong?""I was just wondering why you disappear at lunch." oh crap! "Oh.. I was a- taking a phone called from my grandma. You know how my grandma is if I ignore her calls." he chuckles lightly."Yeah, she will be pissed. Does your grandma still hates me?" I laughed "Why are you laughing?""No, I just can't forget about that day." Liam rolls his eyes "Ha ha laugh all you want."So in case you're wondering why Liam asked that, cause my grandma dislike him. Why? Well first, Liam told me he bumped in to a old lady at the sidewalk cause he was too engrossed playing his phone.He didn't know the old lady is my grandmother and second when my grandmother bumped in to my dad plates collection and one of the plates almost fell over
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You leave me no choice
"You're up early." I turned around to see my dad walking inside the kitchen. "Good morning dad." my dad walked to the coffee machine to make himself a coffee."Morning sweetie." I took a bite of my toast and looked at my dad."Where's mom? She always wakes up early.""She still asleep. We have quite a lot of customer last night, so she's tired. You could give us a hand at the diner next time." my dad said and I shook my head quickly "No no, I helped enough last time.""It's not that bad, you're just getting used to it." I scoffed "It's bad dad, I accidentally tripped at my own foot and the order I was going to serve him, flew to that guy face and don't forget the looked he was giving me.""I gave him free charge and that man looks happy. So you could come back cause I need your help." I shoved the last toast to my mouth and drink my milk. Once I was finished, I stood up and placed my plate in the sink."Maybe some other time. I have to go da
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Let's race
After English, Carmen and I went straight to the cafeteria and quickly get in line so we don't have to wait 15 minutes to get our lunch. After we're done paying our food, we walked to our usual table where Julia already sitting there eating her lunch."Hey girl, how's class?" Carmen asked Julia and we both take a seat."Bad." Julia said with a scowled on her face."What's wrong?" Carmen asked."Andy kept bothering me at second period that I can't even understand what the teacher explaining.""You're upset cause you can't understand what was the teacher explaining?" Julia nodded and I shook my head while opening the sandwich wrappers."You sure you're not a nerd?" I said and Julia glares at me. "Hey! I just want to graduate with a good grades." Julia said defensively. "This is why she still single." Carmen said and Julia throw her cucumber at her.I took a bite of my chicken sandwich and moan in deliciousness. Good thing our cafeteria
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I slam shut my locker and make my way out from the school. The day is finally over and I can't wait to go home."Woah, what's with the face?" Carmen came up and raised her eyebrow. "Nothing.""You're nothing sounds like something." I groan. "I'm annoyed at Tyler.""Why?" We walked out from the school entrance "Cause he beat me at P.E!" Carmen bursted out laughing and I turned to her frowning."Sorry." I rolled my eyes "So what did he do?""We were running laps and he tease me then he asked to have a race. I refused but he said that I'm scared which I'm not, so I agree with him and we have a race." Carmen raised her eyebrow "That doesn't sound so bad.""Yeah it doesn't and I ended up doing what he says." Tyler is such a jerk. Why did I even agree to that anyways? I am so stupid."You mean like an asisstant?" I shook my head "He didn't actually said that but he says he will be saving his prize for important cause, so I assume it will be
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My special ultimate chocolate milkshake
The smell of Bacon hit my nostrils and I instantly woke up. I immediately jump out of bed and went downstairs and found my dad cooking breakfast."Morning dad." my dad turned around while holding a pan and slid down the bacon to the plate. "Morning sweetie.""Shouldn't you be at the diner?" I took a sit at the bar stool and munch a piece of Bacon."I will be going after having breakfast." nodding my head, I stood up and grab a milk from the fridge and went back to my seat."So what are you doing today? Do you have any plans?" I scrunched my eyebrow "Um.. No," he clapped his hands "Great then you could help me out in the diner.""What? Why? I told you that I don't want to besides is Saturday.""Exactly, that's why I asked you to help me at the diner. Weekend are always pack." I groan."There's mom right? I have something to do." my dad cross his arms over his chest and raised his eyebrow "Like what?""Like, a..." Come on think,
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We'll have homecoming in a month!
On Sunday, I was home alone while my parents went to church. I usually go with them, then we will have family time afterward. But today, I'm not feeling it. it's not because I'm lazy, my body is aching due to yesterday. My legs and arms are sore from going back and forth and taking orders. So I decided to stay back home curl up in my bed. Sunday has passed, now is Monday again. I woke up early then getting ready for school. I head to the kitchen and usually, I find my dad cooking breakfast but today he's not present. He probably still sleeping cause I saw his key car on top of the counter.I made myself a cereal cause I'm too lazy to Cook. Pouring a big amount of cocoa puffs cause I'm hungry then pour the milk afterward. After I'm done with my breakfast, I grab my bag and head out to school. Plugging an earphone to my ear, I played 'she looks so perfect' by 5 seconds of summer. For me, this song is just perfect to start a day.After 10 minutes
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