A Symphony of Frost and Flame

A Symphony of Frost and Flame

By:  Carlos Sensei  Completed
Language: English
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On the verge of a great war between the realms of humans and of dragons, Larice Whitewind, a female dragon hunter who has an extreme fear of fire, journeys out to find the dragon who burned her village and her parents alive; but when she realizes who the real enemy is, she must learn to face her greatest fear before she loses all the people she cares about ... including the "dragon" she loves. *** Meanwhile, Raeherys Alagor, the last Hyborn of the Dragon Realm who's afraid of making his own decisions, travels out to the human realm to find the Orb of Phlareus, the only heart of magic that can save them from the humans trying to annihilate their realm; but when he realizes that not all humans are bad, he has to learn how to make his own decisions to lead his brethren before he loses the entire dragon race for good.

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60 Chapters
***ANY BEING ACROSS THIS WORLD WOULD FEAR, would believe, would sing the songs of the prophets … but The Oracle had been glorified on a far different scope since the beginning.As the only living being who had witnessed the Age of the Empyreal Gods, The Oracle could speak for the future … He could speak for the deities … He could speak for the inevitable truth …Everyone feared him … and only a fool would not.Emperor Sargan the Sunborne had claimed himself as no fool.At last, the future of his empire would unfold after all the years of searching for the ancient speaker, the guardian, the divine messenger.He had ordered his men to escort The Oracle into his palace … and there, he saw the revelation …“Behold, Great Emperor …” The Oracle raised his dark staff, a ruby gem gleaming brightly at its end. The darkness of the throne room flashed, painting the walls, floor
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A DRAGON HUNTER SHE WAS, but dragons were the very last thing she would want to face in this world. The irony spoke itself. Larice Whitewind had long wondered until now if joining the dragon hunters in Shavath was but a mistake—the same thought that bothered her, again and again, every single day when she had her early morning hunt. She thought she had an answer … but the answer was nothing more than another question.Larice sheathed back her rapier, grabbed the leg of the deer, and dragged it through the ancient woods of Shajara Forest. Dark and old elm trees rose high with their thick branches widely spread out, and their rustling oval-shaped leaves blocking the light from the morning skies. She trailed over the soft, mossy soil while avoiding the root lumps—ferns and wildflowers brushing on her legs. The air smelled of a fresh, pungent, stark scent. If only she could spend in this pea
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RAEHERYS ALAGOR TOOK A PAUSE FROM HIS ASCENT, standing at the stone-carved steps upon the flank of Volcron. The stairs led straight up towards the peak of the volcano where the vast crater grew all the greenery of shrubs and Lilium flowers and Persea trees, gleaming under the sunlight of noon.  A moment after and Raeherys turned his head to gaze worriedly at the islands in his view, spread out amidst the crystal ocean blue.The comet, he thought—was approaching day after day to bring destruction upon their realm … the Draconian Realm. All those tropical green forests where they harvest their food, those young dragons flying and playing around the isles, those of his brethren who survived the Red Century War, and most importantly, those dragon eggs, thousands of them, waiting to hatch in the volcano of Aggronar—everything, every dragon in his realm would fall if they would not act now.Raeherys needed it … th
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“ONE HOUR, ONE HUNT!” The voice of Grand Hunter Arien thundered across the iron gates of Shavath Fortress. “Starting today, those who’ll come back empty-handed will take a sprint around the entire walls a hundred set!”At the sound of the Fort Bell, the dragon hunters hasted like a wild stream of current, rushing and spreading out of the fortress gates while heading towards the vast forest of Shajara. All of them dispersed—all but Larice Whitewind. She would never go where people would go. Instead, she sneaked her way inside the gatehouse after she spied Grand Hunter Arien, leaving the path empty for her.  The cool morning wind brushed cold on her skin and garments, all soaked up in her sweat. Larice had to avoid the sandstone road as the patrolling guards might take notice of her skipping the dawn hunting routine. So she took the column of Foxglove Trees to hide and move and get past through
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THE RICH AND RADIATING HEAT INSIDE AGGRONAR VOLCANO had kept thousands of dragon eggs alive despite the absence of their mothers’ warmth. Raeherys Alagor stood at the wide vent of the volcano, gazing down at the small pool of boiling lava far below. Around it settled all the hard-scaled eggs over the rocks and stones and tiny caves, with the sustainable heat supplying them with enough energy and strength.Some eggs had hatched, some glowed like active embers in coal, and some remained stone-hard. Tiny screeches of newly born dragons made up the noise inside the volcano. With pink skin and bones of sticks, they crawled on the rock surface, careful of not touching the lava as they had yet grown any scales.These hatchlings were the future of the Draconian Realm—and Raeherys Alagor would no chance let the human empire destroy it.Seconds after, a mondra appeared from the thick smoke above, flying down for Raeherys.When the
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HAVING TO ATTEND THE ENTIRE MORNING SESSION AGAIN, her most hated time of the day, Larice Whitewind had to sit along with these people—people who either secretly or obviously despised her. She might’ve not seen it or heard it too often, but she could feel it all the same. Their disgusted stares every time she passed by them had said it all. She wanted to walk out already, return to Librad, and sneak inside the red door. She could’ve even skipped today’s session, but she chose not to as the old hag would get into her nerves again. So she had to wait until sunset, when Erlind’s shift would end.Larice had taken the seat at the back row of over fifty hunter trainees. Each student had to sit on a square-shaped cotton mat down on the waxed red floor, while they listened to Grand Hunter Arien Homeli in front of them.All of them paid attention—except Larice Whitewind. She kept her eyes on the sunlit windows, madly wa
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THE HYBORN THRONE SOARED HIGH IN HIS SIGHT. The seat of volcanic glass, as dark as the burnt, reflected the sunlight under the morning skies. Raeherys Alagor walked on granite slabs that floored the wide, elevated temple at the center of Volcron’s peak. Wild trees and ferns and meadow-grasses all surrounded the Temple of Hylos, waving and rustling with the fresh sea breeze.Behind the black throne towered the Great Statue of Lord Hylos. Its magnificent structure, made of diorite stone and carved into his Primal Form, had stood as the highest above all peaks of the volcanoes and islands in Draconos. The eyes glinted pure gold, symbolizing the elitism of all his descendants who had continuously ruled the realm until now.As the first Hyborn ever existed during the Age of the Empyreal Gods, the dragons soon worshipped Lord Hylos, proclaiming him as the Volcanic Deity and God of Dragons. It had been known that Hylos had a thousand heads—a
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HEAVY RAINFALL BROUGHT NOTHING BUT MISERY for Larice Whitewind ever since. She had gotten herself into the same situation before, causing the biggest trouble she had made in her entire life, where she lost control of her curse and accidentally killed those people—five people, actually, in the past. She tried not to remember any more of it, as it would only worsen her mental condition now.“Move.” Arien Homeli pushed Larice at her back to climb up on the wide stairs.Larice glared back at the middle-aged Grand Hunter before heading on. She held the pearls from her broken necklace close to her chest; her hair, skin, and garments all soaking wet from the rain.In front of them stood the main fort of Shavath—the Fortresi. It sheltered the upper ranks of dragon hunters in the positions of administering the whole fortress.At the top of the three-story building hung two different banners; dark and thick and wet fro
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THE CLOUDLESS SKIES BEAMED TOO BRIGHT FOR HIS EYES … that Raeherys almost forgot to focus on the gathering of the Lawdras, led by his father at the Temple of Hylos.“They did it all wrong …” said King Sevyrion, looking at the Lawdras. “My father … my grandfather … all of my ancestors made a mistake. War and bloodshed will never end our conflict. It can only be resolved by peace.”“We Lawdras are strongly against it, Your Grace,” replied Fetyr. “It will mean your death if you fly south over the lands of the human empire.”“No …” Sevyrion touched his chest. “I am the only one who can make a bargain with the human emperor. We have the gold, diamonds … anything they would want in exchange for the orb.”“The humans could never be trusted!” argued Mydrad. “We are uncertain if they plan to return the orb to us
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As for what Larice Whitewind had known, Erlind’s shift would end at sundown. So she hid and waited behind one of the granite pillars outside of the Acadrim building—the one closest to Librad.Leaning her back on the pillar, Larice studied Gray Viper, which she’d gotten from Riqui, and then frowned. She got nothing from her parents, as the fire had taken everything from their house. Sometimes, she tried to remember any pieces of memory she had from her childhood life … but her trauma of seeing her parents burned alive had kept her from it.Because of that, she wanted to remove the fear that’d been corrupting her heart and mind.She believed that if she would discover the truth, she’d finally learn to accept what happened and move on.The fear would fade away … and she would be free.A few moments after sundown, Larice caught old Erlind walking out of Librad with piles of parchments a
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