5 Princes and I

5 Princes and I

By:  Kiraran  Completed
Language: English
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"You, my dear, will be going to help us to decide that. You will pick a king." "Say what now?" "I'm not going to repeat it since I know that you have heard me." "Fine! You want me to decide?! Nate!" I pointed to prince Nathaniel, if I remember correctly. He was slightly taken aback and a confused expression was replaced. "Do you want to be a king?" "I...uh...Yes?" He said. Unsure of his answer. It made me wonder if the expression on my face had forced him to say yes. "Good. Then you'll be the king. "What!? But that's not how you decide it!" PRINCE Ace said. "Fine! You're all kings. In fact, we ALL can be kings!!" **** She's Rosalie Amber Stan. A simple teenage girl, who made a wish to have a more adventurous life, was a victim of an abduction by the Fae queen to a different realm. She was brought to a castle with 5 supernatural princes, who are fighting for the throne. The queen gave her a task to be the one to choose the future heir to their kingdom. Little did she know that the queen only wanted one thing from her and the princes: Romance. Between a sparkly wizard, a rude obnoxious elf, a flirty vampire, and a couple of twin trouble making wolf princes; Is there really a right choice? And why is there a wolf spirit, who suddenly awakened upon sensing her arrival, kept stalking her? A romantic-comedy in 'another world' with a quirky-temperamental female heroine learning the culture of this new fantasy world.

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77 Chapters
The Queen was in the place where the humans in this world would call a 'mall'. You might be thinking why she doesn't call herself a human because she is not. She is a fairy from another world and another kingdom.Although she is a foreigner from this world, she loved it here. She would always buy the books and mangas. If she has the time, then she would go out and watch a movie in the theaters. Of all the stories that the humans have created, she loved the romance once. Especially ones that involves stories related to people of different worlds. Fantasy. It's similar to her world.She would fall in love in the pages and would stuck her nose in books. She knows that she is too old for romances and too late for that since she already found her beloved King. Although she is old
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Chapter 1 Beware of The Old Lady
"It's here! Really here." My friend gasped and shook me back and forth.I covered my ears and glanced around the game shop. All around us, girls were going crazy about this new game called 'Choose your Prince' I snorted at the stupidity of the title and the game. I mean seriously, what kind of fool would name their game as stupid as that? It's just a cheap Otome game.The more that I see these girls rushing in the store in hopes to buy their copy, the more I got pissed. Shame on you all! I screamed in my mind. Why waste your parent's money for something so useless!"Do you really have to go, Jen?" I asked. Really annoyed by her screams."
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Chapter 2 The Not-so-Lucky-Charm
"Honey, I'm home!!" I screamed and burst into the front door. It's kind of a habit that I usually do when my parents aren't around."Amy!!" A little voice squeaked and ran to me. I bent over and messed up her hair. She giggled."Hey, squirt. What have you been up to?" Stella, my baby sister, pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. She was a little like mom with a rich white blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes, which I am sure is yet to change when she grows old. I, on the other hand, have ash-blonde hair that I got from both my mom and my dad and my silver-blue eyes. We don't exactly look alike.Among the both of us, you could say that she's more girly than I am. Just looking at her skirts and pretty blouses versus my baggy shirts, shorts, and jeans. Mom probably regretted having me wear jeans since I was a kid,
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Chapter 3 Charms to Charming
My head is throbbing for some unknown reason. Why does it hurt?Suddenly I felt the wind brushing pass my skin. It was cool and relaxing. I took a deep breath and was welcomed by the scent of lavenders and roses. I moved my fingers and was surprised when I touched something spiky......feels like grass."Who is this girl?" I can hear a voice somewhere above me. From its tone I can tell that it's a male. Am I dreaming?"I have no idea. Maybe she's the girl that the queen was talking about?" Another voice said."Awe, how cute. But the way she dresses is pretty weird." And another. I wanted to open my eyes to see what was happening, but I didn't. I'm guessing that they still think I'm unconscious. Would they leave me if they think that I'm dead?
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Chapter 4 Queen Elizabeth from Another World
"Rise." she commanded. As she had ordered, the princes had risen to their feet. "I see you've met my niece. Princess Rose."Ew.Cringe."Who are you calling your-" Before I could finish my sentence, her foot collided with mine. Since she was wearing heels, it made the pain twice as painful.I gritted my teeth together to prevent myself from screaming as I jumped on one foot while clutching my injured one. "What the fu-!" She stomped on my other foot, which made me switch to the other one. What is her problem?!"Oh, what was that, my DEAR niece??" The girl faced me again, but this time with an annoyed face that meant 'just-play-along'.I swallowed. "Nothing, aunt-""Elizabeth." she
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Chapter 5 Other World Travel
"Your highness, The carriage is ready!" One of the twins approached us. I wanted to argue more but for now I have to learn more about this world. I need to assess my situation first, how I got here and how I can go back."Thank you." she nodded her head at the twin and hurried off. The twin faced me and offered me his arm. I took it and let him guide me. "I don't want to be rude but which twin are you?" Instead of becoming irritated like I thought he would be, he smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. "I'm Renevier. But you can call me Ren. If you can recognize me that is.""Sorry. It must be hard for you two to be mistaken for each other." I turned my gaze to the ground."Oh, no need to be worried. My brother and I have gotten used to that. It's just that it would have been nice if someone can tell us apart." When he
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Chapter 6 Thalia
At the entrance of the castle stood the queen and the servants, probably waiting for our arrival. I saw a man, maybe in his 40's, standing beside the queen. I'm guessing it's the king. Is that her king?"Like it?" Prince Nate asked beside me as I marvelled at the place."Uh hu." I just nodded my head. "Are we gonna stay here?" I asked.Dan got off the carriage. "Yep. Welcome to the Kingdom of Thalia." Just as he said that, Ren added. "The kingdom of magic."Yea right. It does look magical.I'm in love. For a brief moment, I even thought about wanting to live here. I raised a hand and slapped myself. No. I shouldn't be blinded by the fanciness of the place.
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Chapter 7 It's Not A Dream
I woke up feeling heavy and hot. My face felt sloppy so I wiped the back of my hand across my face. When I brought it back I saw a hint of makeup. I cursed when I remembered that I had slept with both the dress and the makeup on. I also noticed that I was in a foreign room. I panicked and threw the covers away.Great, so it wasn't a dream after all.What are my parents doing right now? Are they worried? Did they call the police or even a search party? What about my friend Jen? Is she worried? Did they think that I ran away?I really wished that this was a dream. The time when I helped that old woman outside of the store, I didn't expect that this would be my reward for being a Good Samaritan. I just have the worst luck in the world.I hauled myself up using my e
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Chapter 8 Cat and Mice inside the Castle
"Good morning, Princess Rose." They said in unison. Now why on Earth are they being creepy? And...UGH! I really hate being called a princess!"By any chance. Have you heard what we were talking just now?" One twin asked curiously while batting his lashes at me innocently."Of course not. Because that is rude. And...not nice." I avoided their gaze. I was not that good at lying."Something tells me that she did hear us." Ren sang, having an evil glint in his eyes as he communicated with his brother with his eyes. Nate and Fred were quick to notice this and suddenly, all heads turned to me again.Only one thought screamed in my mind:
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Chapter 9 PRINCE or a Therapist?
I narrowed my gaze at the king. "I don't know what to say, my King, but you’re hiding something, aren’t you?"He looks like he's debating on whether he would tell me or not. Then he sighed. "I guess that you have the right to know. But you must not interrupt me when I explain. And please keep your voice low, she might hear us.""Okay? Know what?""Do you even wonder why the Queen would need someone to choose the future King instead of picking one by herself?" He asked."Since the beginning of all this." I admitted.He nodded and placed both his elbows on top of the table and intertwined them and placed his head on top of it. "Well, that was just an excuse for the real reason."
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