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Because of what I witnessed the night before my wedding that really broke my heart. I decided to push my plan of seducing Frederik Wilford for my sister to taste my sweetest revenge for making me feel worthless and unwanted.

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38 chapters
I am Leysa Frank, 23 years old, a professional lyrical dancer and an owner of a clothing store.I have an older sister, Diana Frank-Wilford, 28 years old, who is already 5 months married to FrederikWilford, 30 years old, his family is the owner of big and prestigious hotels around the globe, not just that they also owned huge malls and private islands. He's really rich, his family is so damn rich --and he's freaking hot, tall, and handsome.And I have a secret crush on him – just a simple crush, like how I idolized handsome actors that I saw on televisions and social media platforms.One time, I found myself fantasizing about him and me, fucking each other. Cause com'on! He's really hot and oozing with sex appeal.I also planned to seduce him, one time. But I stop myself from doing so, because he's my older sister's husband. Duh? Even how much I wanted him, I can't hurt my sister's feelings. I knew that she really loves him that much. And actually I
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LEYSA’S POV"Your wedding is tomorrow, sis. Are you happy?" my older sister Diana asked me while combing my hair, because we are now here in the room reserved for me in one of the islands owned by Fred, Diana's husband. My wedding is tomorrow and it will be held by the sea as the sun goes down, well it's my dream beach wedding with my loving longtime boyfriend, Daniel Apolonio.I smiled sweetly to her when our eyes met in the mirror in front of us.“Yes, I am so happy. You know that I love Dan so much, he is my first boyfriend, and he was the only man who I can see my future with. And the only person that was close to me, who was close to you. And you have so many good things to say about him, that made me decide to marry him, you know what you say is more important than the opinion of others. So I know he really is the one," I answered honestly to her with a smile posted on my lips.I noticed that my sister's
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One year later...FREDERIK’S POV“Babe, Leysa is coming home now, isn’t she?” I asked my wife Diana who was busy in the kitchen.Perfect, that’s Diana, the woman I chose to marry. Even though our wedding was just so sudden, I gradually fell in love with the woman, who did nothing, but to love and take care of me. And also I need her the most, during the almost two years we were together we never quarreled, because she always understood me being a workaholic freak. Especially when I was needed by my company, she never criticized me or argued with me for putting my work ahead of her. Understanding, that’s one thing I also liked about her."Yup, babe, I really miss that sister of mine. And I still worry about her because she suddenly left on her wedding day without any notice. When I know she really loves Daniel. I also feel sorry for that man because he and his family were embarrassed when Ysa did
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I slept all day because I was so tired from the long trip. I noticed that it was already dark outside, and I didn’t even remember to eat lunch. That’s why I felt very hungry, so I immediately got up to bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.I just wore a red thin silky nightgown curved to the beautiful shape of my body, and went out of my room to look for something to eat.As I descended the relatively long staircase of the house of Fred and Diana, I could not help but to look around the entire household of the couple. Impressive, it was beautifully designed and positioned by each of their furniture. And you will also see a large portrait hanging in the living room; the photo shows the happy smiles of four people, who you thought were free of hypocrisy and infidelity. It's a picture taken from my sister's wedding, two years ago --where Fred and my older sister were in the middle while Daniel, my ex-fiancé who was their best man that time was
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LEYSA’S POVMy brother-in-law and I were having breakfast when my sister arrived."Wow! I think you two are close already," she said as I returned her with a sweet smile.Frederik stood up from his seat and kissed his beloved wife, my sister in front of me."I miss you, babe. Do you know that my whole night was so cold, because you are not by my side," my older brother said softly to my sister as if I was not here listening to them. Tsk."I don’t think so, babe. You seem to enjoy being with Leysa, hmm. Oh well, hello baby sis. I miss you, it’s been a year. How are you?" she said and approached my side to hug me and she sits in the seat next to me."I miss you too. Finally I'm back. I also missed the hot weather here in the Philippines, you know. By the way, how's your conference sis?" I asked as if I'm interested."Well it’s so tiring.
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LEYSA’S POV"Sis... can I ask you something?" my sister asked me, I just looked at her direction and nodded. And again I closed my eyes while enjoying the sun rays hitting on my white skin.I am here in the backyard of their house where the infinity shape pool was located. I just thought to swim and sunbathe today, you know just chilling and thinking the right things I should do because I still have nothing else to mind this days, when my sister approached me. What a disturbance in my great relaxation, and actually talking to her is just a waste of my precious time but I have no choice, considering that there are only the two of us here at home, because her beloved husband, FrederikWilford urgently went to his company even though he was still on vacation –he said there was a problem so he really needs to go and check it."Ah, I'm not interfering, Ysa but what really happened to you on your wedding day? Why didn't you show up?
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DIANA'S POV"Oh, hi baby, I thought we should only meet once a month? Why did you visit me today? Did you miss me?" Daniel greeted and asked immediately after he welcomed me with a hug when he saw me in front of his condo unit. By the way, he is Leysa's ex-fiancé. Well, Leysa is my sister on paper and the real heiress of the Frank’s. And by the way, Daniel was my childhood friend in the orphanage back then and he just got rich because he was lucky with his adoptive parents, they died without having a real child –unlike me, after a few years of being the Frank’s only adopted child, my mom found out that she was pregnant with Leysa, that bitchy sister of mine. "My sister is so annoying! When do you plan to attract that witch again, Dan?" I annoyingly said to him while sitting on the sofa next to him while he was kissing my shoulder that gives a tingling sensation to me. 
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FREDERIK'S POV“Hmm, what if –how about this?” Leysa said to me as she reached for the tape.I took it on her hold and read the title, "Fifty shades of grey?"I saw Leysa nod, nodding in agreement that this is what she wanted us to watch tonight. She grinned and sat down next to me, she was really sitting next to me because there was only an elongated black couch in our entertainment room, that’s why she had no choice but to position herself comfortably beside me.Actually, I am really doubtful to watch this movie with her, because Diana and I have watched this before, and we just ended up having sex, and this tape will not be placed here for nothing. I could still remember the love scenes in this movie, it was so dominating and arousing –but the story was good, really good. I'm not sure if Leysa already watched this or if she had read its book version, for her to know the risks of watching this kind of stuf
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"Aw-- ouch!"  I moaned when I suddenly moved my body to reach for the blanket around my waist, so cold! But when I felt the pain, the soreness in my private part, it was only then that I felt like I was drenched in freezing cold and icy water. Shit!It can't be! No. What I have in mind is not possible.Maybe I'm just hallucinating things.I suddenly looked around."How did I get to my room?" I asked myself.But the bigger question is ... what happened last night?I tried to stand up even though I was naked and my whole body ached especially in the lower part. And as I stood up, there I saw the red stain –the evidence, the proof of what happened last night, the thing that would slap me on the fact that I was no longer a virgin, and I surrendered it to my sister's husband, to my brother-in- law. And it will make me look like a whore for hitting on to Frederik Wilford who was a married man. 
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I was awaken by someone knocking several times on my door, but I did not feel like standing up and opening it. Because I'm still sleepy and so tired!"Hey Leys? Leysa? Are you there? Sis?"I heard someone calling me and again knocking at my door. Damn it!So I pushed myself to get up in my bed, and again I looked around the room. Oh, I fell asleep again after I took a cold shower earlier, I am really tired of what happened last night between me and Fred.I looked at the wall clock, "Gosh!" I blurted out and suddenly sat back to the bed. Shit! It was eight o'clock in the evening. That's why, that's why my older sister is already knocking on my door. "Leysa? Are you sick sissy?" my sister called again from outside my room, so it leaves me no choice but to get up and open the door for her. But when I am about to stand up, I suddenly sat down again because of the pain I felt in my hip and private
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