Billionaire's Brat

Billionaire's Brat

By:  Lami274  Ongoing
Language: English
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He doesn't like spoiled brats, but she is the queen of brattiness and his heart! ___ “Now, you, listen to me and listen very carefully. I don’t give a about what you think about me. May it be good or bad. Because guess what? I could care less about a brat like you. You mean nothing to me and never will. So, let’s just get this bullshit over with and stay away from me.” Sebastian Domanco said in an angry tone while glaring at Chloe Jones. Though Chloe had a frown on her beautiful face all the time Sebastian was shouting at her but soon it changed into a huge grin and she looked at him dreamily. “Wow! This attitude of yours makes me fall more in love with you.” Saying that she ran from there, leaving a speechless Sebastian behind. *** Meet Sebastian Domanco, the number one billionaire of America whose first priority is work, more like his only priority. He hates lazy and talkative people. What happens when one day his father orders him to teach business to Chloe Jones who is everything that he hates? Not only is she a brat, but she has a huge grudge against him. And when a brat holds a grudge, it never brings anything good. The more he tries to avoid her, the more she's around him. He absolutely despises her guts. But then what makes HIM offer HER a contract marriage? °°° (Please support me and encourage me by leaving me nice reviews!)

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132 chapters
Losing the credit cards
"Thank you so much for your time, Mr Domanco. I really appreciate you coming here. I won't take your precious time anymore by giving you excuses. I would just like to request you all to please give me and my company another chance and extend the deadline for one month more." James said with a lot of sincerity.    There were four men and one woman from The Domancos in the meeting. They were having the meeting in the Jones Cooperation's meeting room. The environment of the room was really tense and it made James feel really intimidated.    James Jones, a famous businessman of New York, owner of one of the biggest construction buildings around the country. He had recently signed a contract with 'The Domancos' to build their new hotel and for some reason, he failed to complete the construction of the hotel by the deadline which has never happened before. But this time it happened and he doesn't know but a lot is going on behind this fa
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Accepting the challenge
"Thanks for picking me up, Bella." Chloe said in a grumpy tone after getting inside the car and wrapping the seat belt around her.    Bella is her best friend. They have been friends forever, since their childhood. Bella is her partner in crime. She has been part of Chloe's every craziness. They did everything together. Starting from going outside the country to study in the same university to creating every single problem.    Bella gave her a weird look before starting up the car, driving away from Chloe's father's office premises.    "I saw your car parked there. What happened to it? And why are you in such a foul mood?" Bella asked in a soft yet curious tone. She predicted her best friend's mood already and she doesn't want to take the risk of irritating her more than she already was for some reason.    Even though Chloe and Bella are best friends, they are polar opposite. If C
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Signing the contract
"You must be thinking what did you just do."    Chloe jumped after hearing the new voice and turned to her right to see a man, nearly at the age of her father, smiling at her. Before she could analyze the meaning behind his smile, she noticed a thing. The odd similarities between him and Sebastian Domanco which made her frown.    "Who are you? And what are you talking about?" She asked in a defensive tone while frowning at him deeply. He let out a chuckle after hearing her.    "I see that you always stay in your own world, huh? We met just a few hours ago and you already forgot me. Not that I can blame you, we didn't have an official introduction yet." He said with a smile making her frown for several reasons.    First of all, he was being too friendly with someone he doesn't know and secondly, when did they meet? Then suddenly a thought came to her mind and she started to connect
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Celebrating the new job
"Chloe! What are you doing here?!" James stood up from his seat at the sight of his daughter. He walked toward her and glared sternly.    Chloe's eyes were fixed on Sebastian Domanco who was sitting just across her with a cold look on his face. She could see how much her presence affected him, in a negative way. She smirked at him secretly before looking at her father with a sweet smile.    "Dad? Didn't you hear me at first? It's a coincidence. Me and Bella came here for lunch and saw you all and thought to say a hello. Did I do something wrong, Mr William?" She asked while looking directly at Mr William Domanco, former CEO of Domanco enterprise. Everyone from the previous day was present.    William Domanco raised his eyebrows at the young girl who managed to offend both his sons in their first meeting which nobody dared to do till that day. She has caught his interest pretty well by her rebellious attitu
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New secretary
THE NEXT MORNING   "Whoa! Whoa! What's happening here? Sebastian? Why are you shouting at Daniel?" Mason asked with raised eyebrows after getting into the room.    Sebastian and Mason are not only best friends but also partners in business. He occasionally visits Sebastian in his office. Today was one of those days when he came to his office to visit him but he was confused when he heard Sebastian shouting at someone. He got more confused when he entered the room and found Daniel at the receiving end of Sebastian's rage.    "Oh, thank god you came Mason! Handle your best friend. He is impossible for me to handle anymore!" Daniel exclaimed as soon as he saw Mason and went ahead to stand beside Mason with a frustrated look on his face.    "What's happening here? Can anyone explain to me?" Mason asked while giving a look to Daniel because expecting an answer from Sebastian is useless.&nbs
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Her plan of revenge
"Le... leave me…" Chloe said in a breathless tone, while trying hard to not look into his eyes.   Sebastian was looking intently at her. He was taking note of her every blink, every twitch of facial expressions and every breath. She was so confident just a few minutes ago and now she was like a deer caught under headlights. He could say that his closeness made her uncomfortable yet she was here to prove her point.    Such a stubborn brat she is!    "I am not a bit interested in holding you either. Just answer my questions without any extra drama and you are free to get the hell out of my eyes." He said with bitterness in his tone and eyes, making her look at him with irritation.    "What?" She almost snapped at him, making him amused by her change of attitudes. But he didn't show it on his face and put on a darker face while tightening his hold around her wrists.   Read more
New room
"Don't worry, Bella. Everything is going to turn out good." Chloe said while leaning against the chair with her legs on the table she was sitting in front.    She was in a small room which is her office for the next one month as Sebastian Domanco's secretary. The room was one floor below Sebastian's floor. Sebastian's floor doesn't have any other room other than his room. His office room was spacious while she had a tiny room compared to his.    It has only a small table with a laptop and a lot of files which she is yet to explore. There were two chairs in front of her for visitors and a small couch placed at the corner of the room. That's it, nothing else. Pretty basic room for the secretary of Sebastian Domanco.    "Nothing is good when you are involved in something, Chloe and that's what petrifies me." Bella said with a sigh which made Chloe chuckle at her.    "Now you are bein
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"How the hell is this possible?! That too in-..." Chloe stopped to look at her hand watch before exclaiming back in her previous loud tone. "Two hours!"  She looked at the new attached room with Sebastian's office in astonishment. It was her new room which Sebastian managed to build or renovate whatever within two freaking hours. It was mostly glass and board, so it's maybe a little bit understandable. But it still amazes her beyond limit.  This room is nothing like the previous one. It has some decorative objects like vases and paintings. It has a bookshelf too but there are mostly business related books and magazines where the company was featured. There were two other shelves which were filled with different files. A small coffee machine with ingredients and a small freezer too. The room has AC unlike the previous one and the furniture is expensive and more polished than the previous one.  "Everything i
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Junior Domanco
SIX HOURS LATER "Ughh!! He is a monster!!" Chloe groaned under her breath while walking toward the coffee machine to make another cup of coffee for herself.  She lost count after ten and she doesn't know which cup she was in right now. It was almost half past five in the afternoon. Everyone might have left already. She doesn't know as she was stuck in the room from the time Sebastian ordered her to complete all those files. She couldn't even protest or request to have less file for the day as he was already out of the door.  She has never done so much work ever in her life. Just a few weeks ago she graduated from the business college with the highest GPA. She was born smart. She didn't even work that hard to get that mark. She can remember things by one interaction. So, graduating from college wasn't a tough thing for her.  Her college days were pretty fun for her too. While her friend
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Making him realise
"Great observation you got there, Chloe." Katherine said with a sarcastic smile before it was gone. "You are right. Something is wrong. Terribly wrong." She said.    Chloe frowned at her with a worried look plastered on her face. She forgot about her work that she is yet to complete as at that moment caring for her friend became her priority.    "What's wrong, Katherine? Anything I can help with?" She asked.    "I don't know if you can help or not. But I really needed someone to let it out. I don't have anyone to share it with. My mother died while giving birth to me and dad is always out for business. Never really had any real friends to rely on too. So, thank you so much for being my friend, Chloe." Katherine said with a lot of sincerity and genuineness in her eyes and tone.    "You are again being formal, girl. But as you are still learning phrases, I will look over it. Now tel
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