Alpha Adryan

Alpha Adryan

By:  Naomi  Ongoing
Language: English
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"not all monsters do monstrous things" - Jade Estrada. ° ° ° Alpha Adryan Romano Alpha to one of the largest and strongest pack in the world, The Blood Moon Pack. He was said to be cold and merciless. From childhood, he was taught by his father that mates are a weakness. Beaten by his father to be strong, which he is. Jade Estrada The Alpha's Daughter of The Evergreen Forest Pack, which was recently burned to the ground by a bunch of rogues who for some weird reason are after her. Jade manages to escape. She is also hiding a huge secret, and oh..she also happens to be blind. What happens when their paths cross when Jade accidentally tress-passes into The Blood Moon Pack and finds out that the vicious man just turns out to be her moons gift. ° ° ° Mysterious death and kidnapping of werewolves start occurring all around the world all of a sudden. Alerting the supernatural world of a possible threat. Jade and Adryan are pushed into a situation they're never encountered before. Enter Adryan's crazy half brother, Darius Romano. Who is obsessed with Jade and would do anything to make her his. A lot of drama unfolds, new enemies are made so are new friends. A war is declared. Read and find out Jade and Adryan's story in 'Alpha Adryan'.

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