THE LADY ASSASSIN {Werewolf Huntress}

THE LADY ASSASSIN {Werewolf Huntress}

By:  Blessing Monica N.  Completed
Language: English
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THE LADY ASSASSIN {Werewolf Huntress} SYNOPSIS After her parents was killed by a pack of rogues werewolves, Aruda trains to be a werewolf huntress, learning to block out pain, stalk, fight, and kill. As Aruda sacrifices herself to the hunt, she was given a mission to go to Beacon hills to find out about her real Family killers and kill them all.. Bit by bit all that makes Aruda human is sacrificed to the hunt. Now, Aruda’s hatred has become a monster all its own, robbing her of conscience and conviction. As she follows her vendetta into the outlands. The options to kill become scarce. And she learns it takes more than a silver bullet to kill a werewolf and a holy amour to kill a demonic creature, it takes a hunter or a huntress with a perfect strategy to kill their targets. But, everything changes when she got to Beacon Hills and met with the Alpha of a Powerful Pack. His Name is Alpha Eric. "I am Aruda the Lady Assassin and I'm known as the "Werewolf Huntress". . . Found out more when Aruda meets with the ups and downs in her new mission as she came in contact with Eric and how she got distracted by a New creature... . . Writer :- M.B.N

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33 chapters
   Aruda's P.O.V  I grabbed the tree branch and swung myself up using my upper body strength. I landed on the branch and looked down. There stood my targets two wail wolves I didn't hesitate, I unsheathed my silver blade and got ready to jump.   The werewolves stepped right in front of me. Wrong move you idiots. I pushed myself into the branch and swung my blade at the werewolf's head. The head fell and hit the ground with a silent thud.   The other looked shocked. Then he transformed his arm which he swung at me with.   I ducked under grabbing the fence and picking myself up and kicking the guy.  I slammed my blade into his heart killing him instantly. He dropped dead. I looked around and saw blood everywhere i fought. "I made quite the mess" I said to myself. I sheathed my blade and went into my black knee high combat boots and got my small blade out.   I
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  ❤️ Aruda's P.O.V ❤️ I picked up my suitcase and hauled it out to my black car. I made sure I had all my stuff and got in my car and drove off to Beacon Hills. *****I finally arrived in Beacon Hills pulling in the front of a medium sized house.I opened the door and scrambled for the keys I was given. I could feel a stare driving hard into my back. I turned around and saw a blonde haired boy.Werewolf, I could practically feel it radiating off him.Just ignore it Aruda, just ignore it. I guess to make it seem like I'm not a hunter I'll act like a shy weak girl. I scrambled to the door, my hand shaking and twisted the key opening the door. I made a dash for my car and grabbed my bags and acted like they were super heavy but truly I could lift them in one dash.I felt the stare leave back as i shut my car door and hurried in.  Wow, I didn't know these Were
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  ❤️ Eric's P.O.V ❤️I looked at the werewolf principal.He looked at me and nodded for me to speak. "Principal Brooke” was young about 26 years of age.He graduated highschool at 16 and graduated college at 23. He's been Beacon Hills highschool Principal for 3years.  He looked at her and a small grin appeared on his face.I guess having a young Principal has advantages and disadvantages. She's pretty, Is she single? If she is I'm so glad I graduated early and I'm still young. I growled at Brooke in my mind. Back off she's my Mate, She's Mine. Oh so the alpha finally found a mate. It's been long enough, but she's human I doubt she knows anything about mates or werewolves. How do you think she'll react to you being so protective. ❤️ Aruda's P.O.V ❤️A silence filled the room.I'm guessing they're talking through mind link. I could try peeping in o
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  ❤️ Eric's P.O.V ❤️ Becky's blue blonde curled hair bounced slightly when she sat down.  Her light tan skin seemed to glow but it just disgusted me. Her light baby brown eyes had danger dancing in them.  Her tight light blue skinny jeans clad legs pressed against mine. This stupid Omega doesn't give up."Hi Eric" Becky said twirling a curl around her index finger. "Hi Becky" I muttered. I could see Amora practically plotting her death.  Aruda didn't seem bothered at all which is weird and surprised me as well. Aruda just continued drawing for Amora not even sparing Becky a glance.  'Dude, your Mate is hard as a stone to ignore Becky' I know it's kinda scary'."So Eric do you wanna hang out later?". Becky asked in a seductive look. 'Slut' My wolf growled."Sorry but I already got plans". I said .Becky pouted slightly. "Please". Becky begge
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 ❤️ Aruda's P.O.V ❤️Me and the werewolves went crashing the ground. God damn, these werewolves are really annoying. His teeth were bares at me.He snapped at me which I dodged each if them.I glared at the two Werewolves before me.I was gonna punch their faces."She's not much of a talker so this should be easy". The blonde guy said smirking. The brown haired one nodded in response. I smirked at this. Just before he got me, I rolled off the way and stood up then kicked him on the chins hearing a nice satisfying crunch.'That was a nice hit'... I said to myself with a smile on my face.  "What the hell, you're suppose to be weak". He growled out. I simply laughed at that. "Gonna scream huh..?". I asked him."You were so shy in school, what the hell". He said. I kicked him in the side. 'I'm bored already'."You're very boring,
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  ➡️ Eric : I pushed my black hair in frustration.My Crystal blue eyes darted around the room, looking at all the werewolves gathered in the room.  "We have an important matter to discuss". A deep make voice said.My eyes snapped to a large figure. My Dad, the Legendary Alpha of our pack. All of us seated at the table.My Dad sighed while running a hand through his black hair. His brown eyes met mine and he sent a sympathetic smile at me. "About an hour ago, Two dead werewolves bodies were reported". My Dad said. Whispers broke out through the room."Hunters are coming for us". Ryan chipped in."Ryan you are right, Hunter it is". My Dad answered.I looked at my Cousin Ryan who had fear written all over his face.Calm down Ryan. "To crown it all, this isn't an ordinary hunter".Dad stated. "When we found the
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  ➡️ Aruda : I breathed hardly as I remembered it. Eric pinned underneath the rogue Alpha. I had to shoot because I couldn't bare seeing him die even though he is my enemy.  But I let him get away. I slammed my fist on my bed in anger."Damn you Eric, what the hell are you doing this to me". I muttered looking up. My room was currently pitch black and the curtains closed.I collapsed on my bed, the black sheets running against my skin. It felt relaxing. I need some sleep.  As I laid in bed, I felt my mind drift off. In a snap I was gone, sleeping with my dreams either full of nightmares or Eric. Screw you Eric. *****  My alarm blared in my ears. I was so shocked I fell of my bed. As I got up , my head collided with the dresser and pain exploded in my head. Standing up I walked to my dresser half dead. Why did I t
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        ➡️ Eric:  I stood at my locker bored out of my head. I had the soft taps of shoes and my head snap to the source. I saw a grinning Amora.  She instantly went to Alan and cling to him. She looked at me with a glint in her eye. I raised an eyebrow at her. She shook her brown bangs and grinned at me. “I think Aruda likes you” Amora said smirking. My wolf perked up at that.  She liked us I knew, claim her, show her she’s Ours. Calm down she’s human I have to work slow with her. I said sadly mind-linking with my inner wolf Grey.   Pushing my wolf Grey down, I looked down back at Amora. “How ?” I asked eager to know more. “She told me herself”. Amora said. “huh..What..! Really??”We all asked shocked (My wolf and I). Barely anyone admits their crushes even wolves. “Well kinda” Amora said shrinking down. I tilted my h
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  ➡️ Eric :  Walking into the class, my eyes darted towards Aruda. She was sitting calmly on her seat. Surprisingly, I kinda wanted to talk to her but I restrained myself from doing so. “I think I should let her cool down” I said to myself.   Walking up to my seat behind her I sat down. She obviously didn’t know I was here. I really liked that. That means she wouldn’t know I was staring at her the entire time.  I’m kinda surprised too at myself for my recent new behaviors.  Aruda is smart and also very athletic.She'd make the perfect Luna for my pack.Having a strong Luna and a strong Alpha will make my pack even more feared.But the downside of her is she's human. I could maybe turn her to one us. I thought.'I'd pay to see you try to do that'. I rolled m
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Chapter 10
 ➡️ Aruda :I touched my lips in shock. I could still feel and taste Eric there. He literally just pinned me to the lockers and kissed me. My lips were slightly swollen from him. Leaning down I picked up my binders that l dropped. I still can't believe Eric did that. I started walking away.Unconsciously, I touched my lip ring. I could feel my face turned a bit red. No, I won't be some love-stricken girlThe art door came into view. Great second day and a period from Lunch and I'm late for the third lesson already. Why do I always embarrass myself. I noticed a note in my pocket.The top of says,"Class PASS for Aruda", written neatly in Eric's handwriting. I rolled my eyes at that. How is he going to get me out of a tardy. Gathering what was left up of my dignity I knocked on the door.A young blonde lady Ms. Bella said, "Take a seat next to Duke".I no
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