Double Bossed

Double Bossed

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Faith McChrystal My mom taught me one important thing "Never trust anyone because they all leave when they're are done sucking you dry" And yes, that's how I ended up being a 24 year old single woman with no boyfriend, no girlfriend, no bestfriend but a shitty job and apartment. Life was normal until I found the job at C&S Clothing as the executive assistant. It's not a problem to work for a gay couple right? The problem is when the two sinister hot-as-hell bosses are the epitome of every fantasy you've had. Jared Scott and Hardin Calu were going to take me to an early grave. Hardin Calu I HATE WOMEN. I hate every fucking thing about them. That's why I was married to one and only man I had in my life. Jared! He was everything one could pray for. He saved me from my old self and turned me to a loving person. But fuck me, I was still cold and hard as ice. Everything that involved women made my skin crawl painfully. Their rosy scents and gloss-smeared lips, their tied skirts and slutty suits, fucking everything about them was a reminder of what happened. What made me scared. Until the little Faith McChrystal walked into that office. Jared Scott. Money! Power! A good marriage! I had it all. Life was beautiful with my man. Hardin Calu! He was a loving husband who'd wake me up with breakfast, and a kiss on my head, who'd kiss every pain away. Who made me see the world differently. I was complete with him. Or so I thought! Because a fucking nerdy chick walked into our office for interview and turned everything upside down!

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60 Chapters
Chapter 1
Faith POV Just another day of being groped and eye-fucked by my perverted boss. I was so used to his disgusting glares until they bothered me no more. But trust me, I always wanted to punch his pig face and send him flying across the room.You'd wonder why I didn't quit right? That's because I was still hunting for a better job. I held a BBA degree but had no experience in work field because almost every job vacancy wanted "5 years of experience". I mean why would they want 5 years of experience? As if we graduated high school in diapers. It was just so impossible.After my graduation, I landed a job as a waitress at Mr John's restaurant. The pay was enough for me to get myself a small temporary apartment and cover the bills. So I had no choice but to let him ogle and grope me "accidentally" everytime he was near me. It wasn't my fault that I had an hourglass body with a C sized bra and a huge curvy ass. Blame it on genes. My mother was the most b
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Chapter 2
JaredI banged my fists on my desk before standing up and walking near the floor-to-ceiling window in my office. Today was hectic as fuck since our dear assistant decided to disclose the company's confidential files. Hardin nearly killed him last night when we found out he sold our files to the media because "he needed money to pay his gambling debts". We didn't even know that he was a gambler. That made me even more furious.Right now everyone in the company stayed overnight trying to control the damage the fucker did. Our stock did not only drop but we fucking lost 2 million dollars to buy the stories online and to stop them from spreading. I wanted to murder that son of a bicth for what he did. But he was better of being a jail bird. "Mr Scott?" my thoughts were interrupted by our secretary who was suddenly in my office."Yes Louis?" I replied with my back on him. I wasn't being rude. I was just too pissed to deal with anyone. I was the only one wh
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Chapter 3
Hardin I left the office feeling hurt. Betrayed! Aren't the couples supposed to discuss everything before making a decision? I mean that's what couples do right? Especially a married couple like mine and Jared's. But no. He had to go ahead and tell Louis to invite whoever that girl is to the interview as our assistant. I was angry. Very angry. He knew damn well how I got around women. Any female creeped me out. But he didn't even consider it.I walked out towards my car but was stopped by Louis's voice."Mr Calu?" he called running towards be before handing me his tablet.I took it with a raised brow and flicked it on. And what i saw nearly knocked my breath out of me. Very black eyes stared back at me. The high cheekbones and lush lips decorated the very serious face. She looked so beautiful to be true. "I'm not sure if Mr Scott has told you but I really suggest we should give Ms McChrystal a chance. I think she's what we need. Referring to th
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Chapter 4
FaithIt's been 3 days since I've officially become unemployed. My hope was beginning to fade and I even thought of going back to Mr Asshole and beg for my job back. I was just coming back from my evening walk when my phone buzzed with a new notification.Yeah yeah! Ads!I hesitantly pulled it out of my pocket as I began climbing stairs towards my door. I looked at it and there was an email from the C&S Clothing. I huffed and unlocked my door, then summoned all the power in the world to push it open. After it finally agreed to open I got in and locked the thoroughly then tossed my phone on my poor couch.I walked into my bedroom and sat infront of my computer and powered it on. It took a few minutes to come to life and there was a small icon showing a new email. Uninterested, I opened the small icon and WALA! An email from C&S Clothing. Not just an email but an invitation to the job interview. I couldn't believe my eyes. I reached for my glasses and r
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Chapter 5
JaredImpressive! Faith McChrystal was exactly what we needed. Now and forever. She was a very strong young woman who knew her thing. The way she looked at us back in the eye and answered our questions without stuttering was priceless. And boy was she beautiful. The photo on her CV did her no good. She was gorgeous. With an hourglass silhouette that was covered by a very neat pair of black slags and huge tits in that thin layer of blouse. She had no makeup at all. But her lashes were so long that I'd swing on them. Her nose was sharp, pointy. Her lips! Good Lord her lush lips! With a natural pink shade. Her brunette mane was tied up in a neat bun that was huge, telling that she had a very long hair."Impressive!" Hardin's deep voice broke the silence. I chuckled and stood from my seat, then walked towards him and kissed his nose tip. I had no problem going PDA with an audience around. I loved Hardin so much that I wanted the whole world to know."That she is! So w
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Chapter 6
HardinFaith was totally what I did not expect. I thought I'd see a tiny little woman who stammered and stuttered when asked questions. I was expecting someone who was going to keep her eyes on her fidgety hands while she answered. But no. She left me overawed. She stared back at Jay and Mr. Rajeev during the whole interview and boy was she intelligent! The way she answered mind reeling questions was not only professional but crystal clear. Her posture was proud. She was a total awe.I knew for a fact that Jay was very fetched by her. I didn't blame him. The girl was very alluring. Not to mention that her body was built in the most perfect way I've ever seen. Her lean waist, big assed curves that were covered neatly with suit pants and her big tits that were jingling in that slippery blouse. She gave Jay and I hard ons and boy were we doomed!The meeting passed in a daze because my mind was else where. I had a feeling that a lot was going to chan
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Chapter 7
FaithYou want to know the definition of happiness? Happiness is waking up early, taking a hot bubbly bath, putting on your work clothes, and getting ready for your first day at work. I had received an email two days later after my interview that I- Faith McChrystal was a new executive assistant to two hot bosses in the world of C&S Clothing. So tell me if that isn't the perfect definition of happiness.I walked through the large glass doors, towards an executive elevator. I was given strict rules. Very strict rules. But guess what? I was perfectly fine with them.People threw me questioning looks when I waited for the elevator door to open. I just stared blankly ahead. Was I nervous? Nope! Not me! The excitement was very much larger than the antsyness."Excuse me maam? This is the private elevator for only the bosses and their secretary. You can use the other one!" a security in a black uniform said with a little smile. At least he wasn't be
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Chapter 8
Jared "Hey Tiger. What's the doing?" I said walking towards Hardin who was seated behind his huge desk typing furiously at his keyboard. He smacked his lips twice in my direction with his eyes still glued on the computer. This man never had a rest.I walked behind his desk and began kneading his broad shoulders. He led out a very satisfied groan and leaned back to the seat, giving me much needed access. I kneaded and tapped them lightly with my fists."Are you done with your girl?" He asked in a very husky deep voice that I loved so much. Everything about Hardin always made me hard. He laughed, my cock twitched, he talked, it twitched. He flexed his muscles, my hands would itch to caress him. I just loved loving him."Our girl Tiger. And yes we are done. Louis is showing her around the company before she begins with her work. I told her that things arent pretty good so her first day is going to be hectic." I replied nibbling his earlobe and sucking it int
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Chapter 9
Hardin I had just settled in my chair when my office phone rang. It was Louis."Sir, we have an emergency. One of our VIP clients is here to cancel our corporation. He said he can not work with the falling company and that..""Fuck! Where's Jared?" I cut him off and stood up. "I've already called him and he's on his way to the office. He was in the meeting with the production team." He said quickly. I had no glue at what we were supposed to do from here. We couldn't afford losing one of the clients. And the VIP client to be exact. "Where's the client?" I asked massaging my very-sore neck."He's in the waiting room on the 22nd floor." He informed in a breathy tone."Okay send him up to the lounge!" I replied in a very defeated tone. We were fighting a very losing battle. We just lost our supplier and we haven't gotten any. Things were really not looking up. At all. We were failing miserably. I walked out of my office towards the l
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Chapter 10
Faith"Phew! That was close!" I remarked throwing myself at the couch before gathering the files. I looked at my two bosses to find them looking at. No- staring at me. Overawed.I gave them a nervous smile and got up. I felt intimidated by their puzzled looks.I was about to walk out of the lounge when Mr Scott said:"Can someone pinch me awake please? Because I can't believe what just happened!"I had to bite the inside of my cheek to mask my chuckle. I stole a glance at Angry Bird to find him staring at me as if I've grown two heads. "I'm glad we didn't lose that client. You still need to finish your meeting with the production crew if my memory serves me well?" It came out as a question. I stood on my feet and took out my mini notepad."And Mr Calu, you have the conference call with the new supplier. Shall I prepare the conference room or you'll do it in your office?" I asked expectantly. He seemed to be weighing his words. I took his si
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