Luke: Branston High Series

Luke: Branston High Series

By:  Bella Aisling  Completed
Language: English
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Lots of people are asking so here it is: Branston high series order - Jake, Nathan, Shane, Luke, Billy. Thank you so much for reading xxx ~~~~ Luke doesn't do relationships, he enjoys a long line of willing women and has no desire to change that. One day the new girl at school asks him to teach her how to kiss. No relationship, no strings, a simple student/teacher relationship or is it?

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42 chapters
Chapter one - Luke
When I open my front door I'm greeted with chaos, my sofa's turned over and my TV is hanging off the wall. The creaking of the backdoor tells me the culprit didn't leave very long ago and I sprint through it to see the familiar figure stumbling through the back gate. "What did you take?" I ask, leaning against the fence and peering at the pathetic excuse of a man who's tripping over his own feet. "I din tek nuffin'." He slurs, falling backwards as though the effort to stay upright as well as talk is too much effort. "Dun push me lad, I coul' still giff you a gud hidin'."  "Whatever, Dad, just fuck off so I can clear up the mess you've made." I say, holding the gate so he can crawl through it.  He's so focused on moving, he doesn't realise he's dropped the money he's stolen from me. I wait until he's through the gate before locking it and scooping up the notes. He's broken a window in my back door to get in, so I cover it with cardboa
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Chapter two - Cleo
"Good morning, good morning." My mum sings through the crack in my bedroom door. "How did you sleep?" "Yeah, alright." I groan, shifting onto my side to check the time. 5.30am. Time to get up. "You look tired darling, you could skip training just this once you know." She sits on the edge of my bed and strokes down the side of my face. "It really won't matter on the odd occasion." "No, I'm fine, I'm ok, really. I'm just nervous about going to a new school." I give her a smile that I know she sees straight through, but she plays along.  "Well…" She puts her hands on either side of her thighs and pushes herself up with a tired groan. "I am going to make croissants for breakfast. I suggest getting a couple more hours in, but if you want to train that's fine too. The
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Chapter three - Luke
I'm a dick, I know it and it's never more apparent than when someone's doing a shit job at actively avoiding me, like Ricky Jensen is right now. He's got his hood up and is standing behind a telephone pole only looking over when he thinks I'm not looking and it's fucking hilarious. "You want to scare him a little bit?" Billy chuckles, staring at Ricky and waiting for him to look over. When he does, he pales slightly, shifting on his feet and I must be going soft because I actually feel sorry for the little shit. "Oi Ricky, here a minute." I call over and he swallows so hard, I actually see his Adam's apple bob up and down, before he's walking over to me as though he's on a funeral march. "Fucking hell, he's bricking it." Billy flicks his fingers in and out, readying
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Chapter four - Cleo
The rest of the day goes relatively simply, I get stared at for most of it, but they're the curious stares you give to a stranger, nothing malicious or suspicious and I even manage to chat to a few people in my classes, only about the lesson, but it's definitely a start.  I even see the two groups that fought this morning all chatting and messing around together as I pass them in the hallway. I'm beyond confused about how they can be so friendly whilst still sporting the bruises from their fight.   Before meeting the others at lunchtime, I ring my mum to let her know I'm ok. She still sounds worried so I reassure her that everyone's been really friendly, conveniently omitting the fight this morning from my story and instead telling her that the kids that you'd suspect would make your life miserable, are actually friends with the ones you'd e
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Chapter five - Luke
"Knock knock." Shane's mum calls seconds before appearing in the room, her arms ladened with bags of shopping. "Sorry I'm so late, I knew you were out and I wanted to see you." Immediately Shane and I jump up to take them from her and she smiles lovingly at us both, shoving Billy with her hip to make him move along the sofa so she can sit down. "So, I had a little phone call from the school earlier, apparently my darling son and his friends were in a fight today. Is there a good reason or am I going to have to be serious, angry mum for a moment?""Um…" The three of us look at one another, feeling like naughty kids under her stern gaze."Tell me quick, don't try to think of something I'll accept." She raises both eyebrows, her mouth pulling into a frustrated pout and her toe tapping a rhythm on my floor as she looks at each of us in turn.Read more
Chapter six - Cleo
The week flies by and I'm in classes with at least one of the girls every day and I've even found myself starting to feel comfortable around the guys too. Thursday night I stand in front of my wardrobe for far too long looking at the clothing in there. The girls said it's comfy casual, but my other friends' comfy casual was still dresses and high heels, so I'm at a loss of what they'll be wearing.In the end I grab a knee length blue dress that covers my chest completely and looks good with my converses, which I figure would be a better shoe choice than high heels since we're going bowling first. Although I stash them in my bag for the party after, just in case. I fold the clothes and place them in my backpack, with my wash kit, a towel and PJ's, as well as some comfy jeans and a t-shirt to go home in on
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Chapter seven - Luke
I type the names onto the screen and look around, Billy and Jenny are placing drinks on the centre table and Aurora, Rae and Cleo have all disappeared somewhere else."Fag before we start?" I ask Shane and Billy. They nod and we push through the crowd queuing at the entrance so we can get outside."Nah, no way, it's too fucking cold." Billy announces, turning on his heel to go back inside.I pass the lighter back to Shane once my cigarette is lit and stuff my free hand deep in my pocket, because Billy's right, it's fucking cold."Luke, oh em gee, you haven't been around recently, I thought maybe you were dead." I suppress the tiny shudder that goes through me and turn towards the voice. Cally stands there in a skin tigh
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Chapter eight - Cleo
The party was brilliant, even seeing Colin, John and Simon wasn't enough to ruin the evening.I can't believe I actually asked Luke to teach me how to do stuff, I must have had a rush of bravery or something, because I didn't even feel embarrassed about it. Except when I remembered what Colin used to say about me, but I already feel like I'm improving and with Luke's previous experiences, I should be in good hands.He's apparently busy this morning, but asked me to come to his for my next lesson around five tonight, then afterwards we're meeting everyone at the cinema and I'm so excited, for both activities actually.I can't believe I've only known them a week and they're already including me as though I'm one of them. It really is so different from my last school. I've not heard from any of my supposed best friends
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Chapter nine - Luke
"Darling, you're here." My mother's voice has changed since she's been with Trevor and I hate it, she used to be so normal, but now she puts on this voice as if she's trying to speak like the queen. It's just not her and I don't think she should have to pretend to be someone else just because the bloke's got a lot of money."Hi, Mum." She grabs me into a cuddle and holds me for a few seconds before tugging me towards the living room where Trevor is sitting with Cally and her brother Stephen, all of them sitting upright as if they can't allow themselves to be comfortable, even at home."Luke." Trevor stands to shake my hand, trying to hide the fact that we both know he can't stand me. I'm not sure if it's just that I'm a living reminder that my mum had a life
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Chapter ten - Cleo
"Sweetheart, how much longer are you doing? I'm making breakfast." My mum raises her voice so it gets to me through the water, so I swim to the edge of the pool and check the clock on the wall."Um… half an hour ok?" I pant to get my breath back, but as soon as she nods, I set off again, trying to shave seconds off my freestyle laps. "Do you think you'll be ready for Sunday?" My dad asks, although he already knows the answer, I'm always ready, swimming is like breathing to me."Yeah, I think I've got a good chance at winning." I say and I truly believe it, my times have never been faster. With the shorter school days at this new school, I've been able to get longer training done in the morning, as well as each night before bed and I've never felt stronger.Read more Protection Status