Bounty Hunter: The Space Bender

Bounty Hunter: The Space Bender

By:  Panda Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Eurie Sanchez is just a simple high school student. Her future is already planned: go to college, find a good job, and reclaim her father's house. But, everything changes when one day a man from another universe, named Kaizer Dragunflare, barged in to her play, sliced arms, and saved her to some possessed kidnappers. Her world swirls and goes back to zero as she learns that she is not the orphan girl she thought she was. She is actually a Zaenoth lost girl, from the clan of Cezanne who can freeze things, her apartment, and even the space and time. In a blink of an eye, she travels through worlds as she tries to unravel the past of her lost self... the past of the little Elliot Cezanne, the last space bender.

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15 Chapters
Despite the sunless day, the sky was still bright for the light was being reflected by the white coating of the environment. But not warm for the village was covered with snow. All is white. Even the trees, the houses, cottages and carriages were capped with snow – like some ice cream dessert – and the sky was also white filled with winter clouds.The houses' chimneys were like forever puking white smoke in the air; at least they made the whole place warmer in sight. The breeze was not as cold as it had been days ago when a snowstorm visited the village. It was a lot warmer but it was never been advisable to go outside naked or you would freeze in merely a minute.People were starting to work outside. Some were fixing their carriages sunk in thick snow blankets. Some were opening their little stores of freshly baked breads. There were men of bulky bodies with big alive salmon on their shoulders talking to their fellow neighbors about the frozen lake they ca
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First : On Earth
Absent-mindedly, Eurie sat at her seat – second from the last row – listening idly and obviously not comprehending the things their adviser was telling them. At least, it was not only Eurie but the whole class.The bald adviser was an old, gay English teacher. He looked clumsy and fragile but actually a tennis monster inside the court. The kind of teacher who brought frilled fans even though the classroom was air-conditioned; just to complete the outfit of the day. His slow and regal way of talking made his class boring – to the point that some got into sleep while in his class.Just like Eurie."Ms. Sanchez!" Eurie almost fell when she heard her name called. She jolted from her seat and faced the adviser that was eyeing her that moment. His fan was on her chest. He was gawking to Eurie behind his red thick eyeglasses."Yes Sir! I-I mean Mr. Mantala," Eurie stuttered realizing how epic it was to shout Read more
Second: On Zaenosh
(Author's Note: Characters in Zaenosh speak different language, I translated directly. LOL) Light-years away from Eurie's room on Earth was a bright galaxy of Kinsmoth where *Cheus System owned a planet called Zaenosh, the fifth planet; on it was *West Water, the smallest continent where Manton was stated. Manton was on the northeast part of West Water and the smallest landlocked country on Zaenosh. Manton only had four provinces and a city. The city was Aioro and in one of its bustling street were two young men moving swiftly from the crowd. Each was wearing coat which designs were prominent only on Zaenosh. Their backs were equipped with perilous weapons: two silver firearms for Jace and a black stout sword for Kaizer."Mister! You look so freezing cold! Try this blue potion I personally made, it will warm you....""This city is popular for my invisible ink...""Buy one and you'll take three of my
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Third: The Invitation
"He's here."From the narrow hallways, Jace led Kaizer to the said room where their target, Bum Pan, resided. As they stared at the door, sweet giggles were heard followed by a voracious laugh. Jace squirted as he heard it. He couldn't imagine what they were doing. Kaizer knotted his brows and without a warning knocked to the door. At first try, no one responded but giggles were stopped. Kaizer tried it again, and not a minute after an ugly face popped."I'm not in servi---" he was cut when Kaizer kicked him on the face, making him fly to the opposite side of the room. The door swung open but when the two men completely entered it collapsed by itself."Aaahhh!!!" Three women barely dressed shouted in horror. They ran out of the room helplessly covering their cornsilk naked skin. They were natives of this land, working to entertain. Jace, the gentle man, tried to calm them down but they just brushed through him s
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Fourth: New Mission
'Tok! Tok! Tok!'The door creaked open."Eurie?" Uncle Sid asked as he buzzed off his maximum secret-mode room."Hi!" "What- stay out of here!" Uncle Sid almost shouted. He pulled Eurie out of his room's door and to the stairs.Eurie was really surprised to his Uncle's reaction. Like what she always said, expect the weirdest for Uncle Sid. If only her Uncle Sid knew that she knew what he was hiding. Probably it was pornographic videos and posters of naked women. On her psychology class, single men who were having a hard time to get a girlfriend were at high risk of doing sexual activities by themselves. Uncle Sid was a candidate. But, Eurie thought, keeping it a secret like this didn't make sense. Uncle Sid was indeed a weirdo.When the handsome-faced man was calm he asked Eurie, and in an unexpectedly super calm voice. How fast could this man switch himself from beast-mode to cool-mode
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Fifth: Naked Man
Kaizer was quite disappointed by the enormous ruined coliseum he entered. It was old and weak and he couldn't imagine it was a hideout of someone in the caliber of Saturnio. He expected some class since Saturnio was once a big name on his country. The old mage had worked once for his grandfather, that was why he knew him. But, Saturnio wasn't fit to be a forever servant. Kaizer's grandfather and Saturnio were so much alike. They were both evil and greedy of power and so they ended up fighting each other for that.One reason why Kaizer picked this mission was because he too was quite curious of Saturnio’s new lord. He wanted to know, why Saturnio turned his back to Zaenosh’s most powerful empire and went here to work for another person. He couldn’t think of any answers, but whatever it is, he knew very well that it wasn’t some child’s play. ‘I smell challenge,’ he said to himself. --- 
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Sixth: Hot Psychotic
"AAAAHHH!!!" Eurie ran for her life. She knew that the man was into her. He was naked for Pete's sake! While running, news of brutal rape, cannibalism with rape and psychotic killing with rape flashed into Eurie's mind. She didn't stop screaming as she ran down the hill. She was also searching for people to call for help in the place. Unluckily, it was Sunday, even the caretakers were at their houses, resting or maybe attending their church.The man was screaming too to her. But she couldn't hear clearly any of the things he said. Howbeit, Eurie never stopped screaming while running. She hated herself for not being an athlete because she could hear the man's shouts getting nearer and louder just like the beat of her heart."Waaaaahh!!! Pleaseee!!! Leaveee. Meee. Alone!!!" Eurie managed to scream as she panted horrifyingly.Run. Run. Run.Stumbled.Her legs went weak and she stumbled. She almost cried as she
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Seventh: The Nightmare
Hours had passed and the cast for the Snow White play were still there in the stadium practicing for perfection. Jhenny, the director, wanted all things to be memorized and perfect. She was a senior student from the star section, vice president of the student's council and the dean's daughter. It might be that all the pressure was in her now. Only she didn't know, that her casts were getting tired and annoyed to her being so bossy. She shouted here and there. Her voice echoed in the stadium and that tired the casts more."Hey! Prince Charming, you should be there… there in that position when the music starts," Jhenny shouted to a nerd dressed in a thick prince charming costume. The nerd moved quickly, fearful to make a wrong move. Jhenny in frustration fell on her seat and let out an angry sigh."It's too late now Jhenny. All the students have gotten home. Can we go home now too," Eurie bravely asked. The other cast reacted agre
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Eight: The Play
The Magnus was too busy. He was holding a pentagram and enlarging it to its fullest. He just wanted to make sure that the spell would be powerful enough to accommodate five men. His Father told him to send more men and here he was, exhausting himself by murmuring ancient language of magic. When he was satisfied, he slowly put down the pentagram and it was laid again to the ground like a cotton blanket."Add more slaves. The spell needs more sacrifices now that it has gotten bigger," Kiesty commanded his men. The men then added slaves. All the slaves shouted in pain as they touched the glowing lines of the pentagram. Kiesty ignored them and called the men he would send."All of you! You knew what to do. Find the girl and ignore that useless Kaizer."            Withal, five bulky men jumped on the dark hole. Kiesty stared at the empty and lifeless void. His emotion was blank
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Ninth: From Zaenosh
Before Eurie could react to the insane interpretation of the audience, the man whose arm was cut ran shouting to the owner of the sword. That was the red-haired psychotic man.Kaizer bowed so low when one of the bulky men came to him with his sword. Kaizer dodged it, but admittedly they were fast and he was too weak and too hungry to do miracles. He just dodged the man for the third time and did his best to lure him to the edge of the stage. The bulky man cared no less and with that, Kaizer pushed the table beside him and buried the man with it.Another man with a hammer popped out on the left, too fast, Kaizer was hit on his arm. He flinched when he felt the pain. He almost lost his balance but he leaned on the props beside him. It was really hard to fight without his sword. He suddenly regretted that he threw his sword away from him. He spotted his sword and swirled as quickly as his body could do at his state and took a grip of his Flagrare.Eurie was in no s
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