Faking it in style

Faking it in style

By:  Nira  Ongoing
Language: English
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Fake love in a marriage. "So we're a married couple now," I said looking at the contract I just signed. Eric, a rude and arrogant CEO, had to find a woman to married, or not his family would take everything from him. Not knowing what to do when his mother said the first person she bring into the house would be his face, he lied and said that he had a girlfriend, shocking both his mother and father, his mother immediately demanded to met his girlfriend. Eric, went on a search to find the perfect woman to act as his girlfriend. He went to a club with his best friend and there he finds the woman who would be his girlfriend. Read to know what's gonna happen.

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I sat across from my parents, they had been bugging me to come over this whole week and I finally got sick of them pestering me, and come to see what they want, oh and my parents, I mean my mom, dad just follow behind her like a lost puppy."Okay, I'm here now, so say what you gotta say I have a meeting in the next 45 minutes," I look at my watch."How rude," mom said, "you haven't seen me and you're for days and you talk like that to us, I should punish you right now."I sigh and stood up "if you don't have anything to say then I'll be living.""Eric, I see you're losing respect for us day by day," Dad said.I sigh, "mom if you have anything to say please say it."She avoids eye contact before she clear her throat and said " you know Anita," I nodded of course I know your best friend. "Well, her son you know Andrew, is going to give her another grandson."Ugh, I know it. The reason she calls me here is to pester me into getting marri
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I walk into my cabin after returning from my parent's house, I leaned back against the chair.My day is fucking ruin.My parents always pressuring me into marriage, fuck, I don't want that. I love my mom, yes, but I don't like the way how she has dad wrap around her finger, if she said one word, dad would agree with her and follow her lead.It's like mom is the dog owner and he's her pet bog.No, I'm not scared about that, like if I'll be like my dad. I just don't bother with these women."Cancel the meetings for today," I said to my assistant, "also go and bring some girls here.""How much sir?""10," yeah ten should be enough.He nodded and went. I pull out a picture from my desk and stare at the woman, "how could I ever marry, someone if it's not you." An hour later. All the women that Luke (the assistance) bring are all bunch of gold diggers, one of them even has the nerves to touch
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~Charlotte PoV~"Sis, you don't have to worry my leg would heal and I'll be off running again," Carla chuckled trying to make my frown turn upside down.But it didn't work, how could I possibly smile when it was not only my mother on a hospital bed. How could I?I have been working 24/7 to earn money for mom's surgery, but it doesn't the same like I'm getting anyway, and if she doesn't take it, she'll die and leave us."Carla? I won't ask you to stop what you like doing but you have to be careful, I don't want you to be hurting yourself.She nodded" Sis, you shouldn't be having so much on your shoulders, why don't you go out with Zoe, I bet she'll like that."I immediately shook my head at the mention of me going out with Zoe, my best friend. The girl loves to drink, loves setting me up, and more. "No I think I'm fine," I really don't want to go.She rolls her eyes "sis you're an adult, you have to enjoy life, go out have
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'I guess I was wrong, he really was waiting for me' I wasn't coming to see him, why would I, I don't even know him, and he doesn't know me, but that stupid PA of his dare grab me and drag me here. Now all I want to know is why I'm here and why is he staring at me, like a hawk. I have been sitting in a chair in his office for almost an hour, with his cold eyes staring into mine. "Sir, can you tell me the reason why you call me here?" I ask trying to hide the anger in my voice. I didn't get to visit mom, because that bastard drags me out of the hospital. Ugh, I'm so pissed with him right now. He tilted his head getting a better look at me before saying two words that shocked me to the core, "marry me." My eyes widen in shock, shock that I thought that I heard wrong but I didn't he said the words I never wanted to hear a man tell me. "What?" I ask in a low shocked voice. "I want you to become, my fake girlfriend an
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"What!?" Zoe screams on the phone.It's been two days since I saw that bastard Eric James, ugh have I wanted to punch that handsome face of his.I'm just telling my best friend Zoe about it."And this happens two days ago and why the hell am I finding out about this right now?" She asks with an angry voice."Zoe, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner and I had a lot of this that had to be done," I beg for forgiveness.She groans "I will only forgive you if you come and had fun with me and two handsome beasts.""Fuck no, Zoe I am not having sex with a total stranger," I bark out holding my phone to my ear all I could hear is she laughing."Hahaha, You crack me up so good, but still come to my please I miss you so much," she said using her sad voice.I sigh "I'm coming." I said before hanging up.SKIPPING TO WHEN SHE GETS BY ZOE'S HOUSE.I knock on the door, again and again, but no one answers.'What the fuck, d
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~Eric PoV~I stare out the window of my company looking down at the street. I'm surprised that women have the nerve to talk to me in that way.A smirk forms on my lips 'how interesting'."Mr. James, the woman didn't show up again today, are you planning to choose someone else?" Luke ask.I look over my shoulder and glared at him, why should I, I already choose her." And I will get her, mark my words. ~Charlotte PoV~I close the book, that I was reading to mom, The book is her favorite one also mine. It's about a prince and a poor girl."Char," mom called, I took her hand in mine and answer."Yes, mom?"She smiled "I'm so happy you find yourself a man who loves you."I give her a confused look, "what?" I ask.She chuckled " my daughter is going to be the daughter-in-law of the James family, I'm so happy, I wish I could live longer to see your wedding.""What?""I'm also disappointed in yo
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I haven't been eaten or sleeping properly, I have been crying and thinking of ways to make mom stay with Carla and me longer, and all that come to me was me marrying Eric James, the man I told twice that I was never going to marry.If I go looking for his help, I'll look like a fool. But I have no choice, it's all for mom, am doing all this for mom.I got out of the cab and stare at the building, I gulp as I thought that he might embarrass me.I walk up to the receptionist "hello" I smiled."Hello, how may I help you?" She asks smiling at me."I'm here to see Mr. James," her smiled faded away."Do you have an appointment with him?" She asks with an attitude."Umm..no.""Well, then I can don't allow you to meet him.""But I...""Ma'am don't make me call security.""I told you that I came here to meet the bods of this damn company and you talk to me like that I'm wondering how you got this job," I couldn't ho
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"You know why I came here for right? You know that was coming?" I ask. It's just us in the cabin, I am no longer sitting on his lap. "No" he lied. "I...I came to ask if the officer to marry you still stands?" He gives me a bored look "I announced you as my fiancee didn't I not? So stop asking foolish questions." I look down, "are you going to help my mother?"  "Didn't you say you didn't want my disgusting money?" I close my eyes, he's right I did say that,  and if I had another choice I won't have been here, it feels like I'm begging him for money and I don't like it. "My mom will die if she doesn't take the surgery, please if you help me, I promise I'll go through with this fake girlfriend marriage thing," I beg... He only stares at me, before he made a call. After the call, he turns his attention back to me. "Okay," he said, "I'll save your mother, as long as you fulfilled your promise."
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"Who were those?" I ask him, he have to know them if they know him and called him by his first name. "The jet black hair guy that was in the office the day you came to visit," he said looking through some files, "well they are his parents." Oh, a bunch of big shots. "Oh," I simply said. "You don't have to worry about them, just focus on your role as my fiancée," he said. "Yes of course." I'll be moving in with him, he told me that, but I don't want to, I have Carla, what would I do if something happen to her. Like I said this is all for mom. "Okay since the date is over, I'm going to visit my mom and sister at the hospital," I said, I really want to get rid of him. People have been staring and taking pictures of us, I won't even be surprised if the paparazzi are coming in front of us right now. He ignores the people taking pictures, while I want to hide from them. "Then I should accompany you." S
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~Diana~I and the ladies laugh, Anita told us how her granddaughter make up her husband and he looked like a clown."Oh my," I chuckled.Even tho she and I are best friends I envy her so much, her son gives her and granddaughter and have another one on the way when my stupid son doesn't even look at a woman or ever thought of having children, I know I should have had more children, even if I couldn't I should have adopted at least one are two."So Diana, when is your son going to give you grandchildren?" Selena asks, she's clearly asking this on purpose."Who knows, my son, revealed to me that he has a girlfriend, so the marriage would be right around the corner, for the James family.""You're seriously believing him," she chuckled, and that was enough to boil my blood."Are you calling my son a liar?" I ask in rage, no one dares to curse neither one of the James family members if they do they are going to see hell."No way how
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