Getting Revenge

Getting Revenge

By:  Sofia Alexandra  Completed
Language: English
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Everything went downhill when my Dad left us; my Mom was pregnant and with no support, then she marries a maniac who abuses her constantly. I knew it was the height of it all when he eventually murders her, but I'm proved wrong when I'm reunited with my long lost Dad.

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75 Chapters
Getting Away
Claire Pausing in-between a line, I waited for the yelling and sobs to stop. They were at it again. Even though it's now a regular thing for them, I didn't like that they were interrupting James's bedtime story. I looked at him, he was calm and half asleep, or maybe he was already in his private world."You bastard! You can't just come back here whenever you want, drunk and covered in your own filth!" My Mom yelled at her husband and was rewarded a slap. I wonder why she even tries, she'll only get beaten up."Who do you think you are bitch? This is my house. You and your brats are invading my territory, you can't tell me what to do in my house." I heard another slap, quickly followed by punching noises. Well, she asked for it. He was right though, we were invading his house. I mean, I didn't even want to be there but I'm just fourteen and not old enough to move out yet. Also, I couldn't just leave my little brothe
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Making Progress (A)
Matt Simultaneously as the last board member left the conference room, leaving me alone with Abigail, my cell phone rang. Normally, I would have ignored it, but I set a specific ringtone for Nicholas' number; I've been waiting a whole week for his call. "What did you find?" I asked immediately I answered, skipping all the formalities. "Bad." He replied in the same tone. I tensed up in my seat.  "How bad, Nicholas? Did someone die?" I secretly hoped that won't be the case. Leaving the country was bad enough, if someone died, I didn't know what I would do.  I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and looked up into Abigail's concerned eyes. She knew how important this call was. "Unfortunately yes." My heart dropped. "I'm sorry buddy, I have no good news for you today. I finally found her but I was too late, she'd be dead for over two hours; neighbors said h
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Making Progress (B)
Matt   I walked into my vast house, sent all my staff home until further notice and locked the door. If I'm lucky enough, Abigail doesn't have a spare key. I needed to be left alone with my thoughts; have some time to figure things out. I didn't know how I was going to face Claire again after what happened. I needed no one to tell me how much she'd resent me. "All of this wouldn't have happened if Doris had agreed to follow me!" I thought aloud, tossing aside my jacket. I sat on the carpet and ran a miserable hand through my hair. But it wasn't Doris fault... If you'd go back to the very beginning, it was my fault; all of it. When I first met Doris, I'd just lost my Dad to a heart attack. Not only that I had lost my best friend; I had to take responsibility of all the companies, hotels and factories he owned. I had just turned twenty and it wasn't at all easy to process. I wanted to live one last time before I'm swept up with the
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Getting Depressed (A)
Claire My life was a blur.The week that followed after my uncle said those three shocking words to me was my worst! I couldn't make sense of what he said for six whole minutes. They were just having their usual fights that ends in cries and bruises, why would he kill her? Was it a mistake? Did she slip and break her neck?  It was unbelievable!  "You two can stay with my family now, it'll be okay." Uncle Mark said, shifting James's weight to his shoulder. James was already fast asleep. How do I explain to him that he won't see his mother anymore? He was so bent on not leaving her behind; maybe if I wasn't so impatient, she wouldn't be dead. Maybe if I had ignored them and completed the storybook, she wouldn't have had a reason to hit Frank with the vase.  "Claire..." I ignored him. My Mom was killed! She's gone; we won't ever see her again. I know we weren't so close but she was
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Getting Depressed (B)
Claire   I didn't sleep at all that night.   When I could dose off a little, I'll quickly be woken up by a nightmare. It was either Frank was trying to kill me, or my Mom was a zombie... I'd blame the horror movies I usually watch. The week passed slowly; I never left the room. Uncle Mark's family took turns checking up on me. Uncle Mark tried to get me to talk to him but I wasn't up for it. Barely looking at him, you'd know he was still hurting and hasn't coped with his pain yet, so how did he want to help me?  Aunt Miriam avoided talking about my Mom entirely; she would rather talk about happy moments with her family. Could be her type of therapy. It worked a bit though; I didn't cry so much when she was around. I felt a different kind of calm with her close, but as quickly as she left, I'd go back to my depression. Tyler didn't visit until after my second day there. He was just as I remembered; bright blond ha
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Getting it off!
Matt   Nicholas had arranged for Mark and I to meet at a friend's club, VIP lounge. The place was deserted since it was booked for just the both of us. But for some reason, Mark cancelled. Nicholas may have omitted my name because I was dead sure that if Mark knew I was the one he was meeting, he'd be there before me. I requested for his cell number and called him directly. "Mark Willis speaking..." He answered at the second beep. "It's Matthew Wagner. I..." "Where?" He cut me off with a tight voice. No mistake, he was furious. "Bubbling Red Club." He hung up. I relaxed more on the comfortable sofa as I waited. It's a good thing no one's around to interfere; 'Mark Willis and Matthew Wagner, two successful business tycoons fighting in the popular Bubbling Red club', would make a really disturbing headline. Especially since I'm the unmarried one and Mark's wife was drop-dead gorgeous. I couldn't afford to have my name linked
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Getting Back Together
Claire   As I carried James inside, he didn't say anything and he didn't try to get away from my grasp. That was until we got to his room's door, then he jumped out of my arms and went in, shutting the door to my face. I was a little hurt though, but I knew how he must be feeling; finally meeting his Dad and his sister separated them again.   But it doesn't work like that, he can't just come back after four long years and think he can easily whisk us off to his side. I don't want to know whatever made him leave, the fact is that he left without a goodbye, without a note and he didn't even try to call.   I walked off to my room and buried my face in my pillow. I didn't want to think about him at all. My only regret was that James saw him and now he doesn't want to look at me. I wasn't that lucky though; I couldn't stop thinking about him, about the past and about how much better it'd be if we're together again. A
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Dad’s Assistant (A)
Claire   I only had one word to describe my Dad's house: "Whoa!" Of course I didn't say it out loud, I couldn't let him know I'm impressed, but God! I was deeply impressed. I mean, it was somewhere between a mansion and heaven. The good news is, it's so big, I won't even have to see my Dad's face at all! Talk about a win-win, huh? There were rows of people in uniforms, men and women who stood to welcome James and I. It felt like a castle where the Royals are being welcomed from a trip.   Dad introduced us to everyone but I was barely listening, I couldn't wait to find out what my room looked like. There was one person I did get her name though; she was an older woman, probably in her early fifties and Dad introduced her as our Nanny.    "You know I'm fourteen right? Not ten. I don't need a Nanny." I objected, trying not to sound offensive to the Nanny. "I know, but..." "No buts, I don't need
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Dad’s Assistant (B)
"Hurry!" James was whining as I made cookies for him. He had woken me up just to bake cookies for him and he was so impatient. Who knew he missed my cookies so much? It took us some time to find the kitchen as Emma and Reggie were nowhere to be found. "Almost ready." "Quickly!" He whined again. "What are you? A pregnant lady? Why are you suddenly craving cookies." I asked as I placed my creation on the oven tray. "I don't know, I just love your cookies." "They are the best, right?" "Uh-huh!" Reggie and Emma came into the kitchen then. "There you are! What are you doing?" Reggie asked. "Making cookies. Where were you guys?" I asked. "Around. Mrs Wagner arrives today, so all hands were needed in preparing the house for her arrival." "Do you have any idea when she will be here?" "Claire?!" James fussed. "Sorry." I hurriedly put the cookies in the oven and set the timer. "Just give it sometim
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A Grandma (A)
Claire Emma came in almost immediately, followed closely by a few other staff as they carried shopping bags."What are those?" I asked as I sat up."Starter clothes and accessories for you. Mrs Hart will be here later today to help you shop for your preferred clothes.""I don't understand." The other staff put down the bags by my huge closet and left without a word."Someone is coming here to help me shop? Is there a mall inside here?" That cracked her up; it took her two long minutes to compose herself."No, you'll select on her magazine and tablet, then she'll deliver them to you. If you choose something that isn't in her boutique, she'll order them. The point is, you don't have to go anywhere, whatever you want will be handed over to you."I didn't like how that sounded; it made me feel like plastic... Ugh, it's hard to explain. What's harder is being a rich man's kid."I'll get you your breakfast, do you want
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