Love and fear

Love and fear

By:  Jana Nash  Completed
Language: English
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Lucy and Axel had plans to travel after they graduated high school. Two orphaned werewolves with no pack to show them who they are. When Axel’s twin sister comes looking for him their plans blow up. After everything they’ve gone through in their lives. Who can they trust and when should they fight.

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51 Chapters
Lucy lived in a small town on the river's edge, along a winding river on one side and dense green forest on the other. She had been in foster care since her parents died when she was 3. Her foster parents weren't bad people just did it more for the monthly cheque than enriching an orphan girl's life. She had been with Frank and Lois since she was 12, the longest placement she'd had. They let her do what she wanted, never really caring if she came home at all. They'd never notice if left until the cheques stopped coming. Lucy's only friend was a boy named Axel, also in foster care. Although his family adored him and he had everything a 17-year-old could want his foster parents Kade and Laurel, couldn't have children of their own and Axel was placed with them at age 5. They were in their senior year of high school. Lucy was just waiting to turn 18 in 6 months so she could leave this small town and try and find her family, find out why they never came for her when her parents died. She
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2-Just another day
Lucy worked in a bakery before and after school, her foster parents paid for her clothes and phone, but she had to pay her car insurance and save for when she left this town. Axel worked across the street at the auto body shop. So he'd come over for coffee before his shift started after school. Sometimes Lucy wondered if he was checking to make sure Astrid was in check. She liked to lash out when Lucy was under any stress or anxiety. Axel would make Lucy train; the stronger she was physically and mentally, the better Astrid would stay in her mind and not come forward even a bit. Even though Lucy was small, she was fast and cunning. Lucy often wondered what would have happened to her if Axel had never found her in the woods that day.  (FLASHBACK)  Lucy POV  After the social worker told me she had found my family, I was so happy, finally someone to love me. I couldn't wait to meet them, but when the social worker called and said they didn
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3-Dynamite Dinner
Lucy decided to dress up and try to make it look as effortless as Ellen. Astrid was right something was up, and she was going to figure it out. No one would mess with Axel or Liam. Lucy just couldn't figure it out. What could this Ellen person want? Why she would pretend to be his sister made no sense. Did she know he was a werewolf? Or was it pure coincidence? Lucy put on a knee-length royal blue dress, and black flats curled her hair and tucked it up into a French knot. She left a few strands falling down to frame her face. Olivia's was the nicest restaurant in town, and the food was binge-worthy. Lucy and Axel ate there often since they were both food freaks. Plus, Axel's foster dad owned the place, so it helped they didn't have to pay for anything.  Lucy walked in and spotted Ellen and Axel. It was strange because they did look like twins, female and male versions of the other, but if Astrid couldn't feel her wolf, what did that mean? Axel stood to
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Axel was able to talk Ellen into meeting with Lucy again, this time with all the information. "Lucy, I am sorry I stabbed you; your wolf is crazed. I have only ever met one other wolf that was wild and untamed. She is currently in a supernatural recovery center," Ellen explained. Fear washed over Axel as he listened to the signs of what put this other wolf there. Lucy didn't belong in a recovery center, but Astrid might. Axel could take care of them. They didn't need anyone's help but his. Lucy asked so many questions about the other wolf she was excited she wasn't alone and that there might be hope for her to figure out what was going on with her wolf. Astrid started to talk to Lucy, telling her that she would not be caged, so do not even think about it. "Lanie and I were close all through school, and then she got her wolf, and she went almost mad. She killed humans whenever she got stressed and sad her parents died when she was five, so she had no one to help her.
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Axel hadn't slept in days. He was so stressed out about Astrid being a Bennet wolf, he made Lucy train harder and harder. Lucy was exhausted, and she couldn't keep this up. Ellen had decided to finish her school year here with them to help train Lucy to prevent her from having the same fate as Lanie. Something else was bothering Axel. He couldn't shake the feeling, how odd it was that Lanie and Lucy both lost their parents, and they were both Bennet wolves. Could they be related more than just the name? He didn't want to bring it up to Lucy in case Astrid lost it again. Then Ellen had an idea. "I think we've been thinking this the wrong way. Have you ever trained in wolf form?" "Only running,It was only to tire Astrid out." Lucy explained,The more running she did, the better she stayed put and didn't force herself forward.   "know a small spell I can temporarily put Astrid to sleep if she gets out of hand. Let's try training in wolf form," Ellen suggeste
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Astrid POV DANGER!!!!! I ran as fast as I could to the smell of rotting garbage, I didn't know what the smell was, but I had to get it and kill it before it hurt Liam or Ellen. It's my duty, my job, fight, kill, defend! I skidded to a stop when I came face to face with a rogue! Feral wolves who follow no rules technically Liam and I are also rogues, but because we were separated from our packs and not banished, we didn't smell like rogues, and our humans mainly had control. Axel was really good at keeping Liam back, I tried not to force Lucy out, but she is so innocent and loving she doesn't know what we are capable of, and she doesn't know what our destiny is. I can't tell her. She has got to figure it out for herself, but without the training from our Alpha, we can't become one. As I was about to lunge at the rogue, Liam jumped in front blocked me from him. They started circling each other. Liam was twice the size of the rogue but half the age. Suddenly, the rogue
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7-Aunt Bonnie
 Ellen's Aunt arrived today, and she is the spitting image of Ellen, just shorter, closer to Lucy's height than Ellen and Axel. She is a quiet woman, observant, but bright. She has a darkness that she hides well. She makes Astrid uneasy in Lucy's mind. She is a good actress, though. Her whole face lights up when she smiles at you. She helped put Kyle's wolf Arnold to sleep. She said for him to wake up, he would have to force a shift painfully on the next blood moon. If he doesn't, she will have to wake him up or another witch as powerful as her. She is one of the five pure-blooded Gideon witches still alive. Most pure-blooded witches become dark witches drunk on dark power, shortening their lives. Aunt Bonnie explained to Lucy about Astrid, why she is wild and unruly and that the moon goddess must have favour on her to send Axel to this town without his calm wolf and training. Her life would look very different. She suggests Lucy come to Portland and meet Lanie in the facility.
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8-Birthday Prep
Axel and Ellen's 18th birthday is next week. Ellen and Lucy are planning an epic camping trip up in the mountains. Axel has been so stressed about Lucy's training and keeping Astrid in check, especially after seeing that rogue stuck in wolf form. The girls thought a fun weekend away would be just what the dr ordered. Lucy was busy baking away when Axel came in for his usual coffee and scone before his shift. He popped his head into the back, looking for Lucy. It was Thursday, and they were set to leave tomorrow, so she was baking extra goodies for their weekend. "Ax! Hey! Is it almost four already? Geez, time flies when you're birthday baking!" Lucy always made ridiculous jokes when she was hiding something.  "Why are you acting weird?" "Oh, you know I'm funny naturally. So you got Sunday off for your birthday."Lucy reminded him. "Yes, Luc, I'm all yours for the weekend!" "Haha, good" Lucy laughed at him. "It will be a weekend to
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9-Wolves in the woods
Axel was so surprised and happy they decided to go camping for his big birthday surprise. He needed a break and to be with his two favourite girls. He never thought he would have a sister, let alone a twin. They set up the tent and were sitting out watching the stars. It was a clear night. You could hear the rustling of small animals running through the forest and the river rushing in the distance. They laughed and talked about what their mates would be like if they found them right away or if they would be waiting months or years. It was common for wolves to pick a mate if they didn't find theirs in the first few years. They were getting ready for bed when Ellen froze. She didn't know what to do. She felt so strange, like something big was about to happen. One of her gifts as a wolf-witch hybrid, even though she didn't have a wolf yet, was the sense of danger, smell and weather. She never really understood the weather, But Aunt Bonnie said it would come in time.Axel sud
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10-Aunt Bonnie lied
Axel, Maddox, Ellen and Lucy were going to Portland to find out the truth about Ellens wolf. Ellen was quiet the whole way. She had a sneaking suspicion that Aunt Bonnie put her wolf to sleep. But why? What is she hiding? What does she not want Ellen to know. Aunt Bonnie had told Ellen that her mother died giving birth to her and Axel and that Axel went to foster care because he was a wolf and Ellen was a witch. Aunt Bonnie could help Ellen, but she didn't know the first thing about raising a wolf. What didn't make sense about her story was, why didn't she find a wolf family for Axel? Why send him to a human family 4 hours away. There was a Portland pack, and she was sure the Alpha would have helped find Axel an adoptive family. Something was not adding up, and Ellen would get to the bottom of it.  A few hours later, they arrived at Aunt Bonnie's house. It was a large White House with a deck that wrapped all the way around. There sat a perfect porch swing and a
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