Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

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All my life , I knew I was different .Out of all the children in the wealthy family of Landar , I was the smartest , the strongest , the wisest and the best candidate for being the next heir to our family . The only problem was , I was a girl . Girls were educated to later be married to other powerful families . Dresses , high heals and skirts , I felt disgusted everytime I wore them . Being treated as dust , I fell in love with the son of the Danados family . My cousin planned a vicious trap that made me sleep with a stranger . A night full of torture that caused my complete destruction and an unwanted pregnancy . Mistreated ,abandoned , cast aside , betrayed and deprived of my freedom . All this because I was born a girl . I was a boy trapped in a girl's body . After giving birth to my son, and nearly losing my life because of it, I said enough. Thanks to the advanced technology I was able to completely remove every trace of a woman from my body . Now I will take revenge on everyone and take back what's meant to be mine. Little did I know that I and my son's father would cross paths once again but this time as business partners , as males , as rivals............as lovers .

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" Cousin sister ! Cousin sister ! " said a sweet tone . Antonia could recognize this kind of sweet , cheerful and mostly fake voice tone of her uncle's daughter . She braced herself together and looked at her with a gentle expression . " Annette ! I have been waiting for you . You asked to meet . What were you going to tell me ? " said Antonia with a lovely smile . Antonia never had a good relationship with her family . All her cousins , uncles and elders hated her . The only one who truly loved her , was only her mother . Her father was cold to her because she was a girl but he looked as if he loved her in silence . He remained neutral when she got punished or bullied for no reason . He neither protected her nor scolded her . Her mother had a difficult pregnancy with Antonia and as a result, her father decided to not have any more kids , fearing that he may lose his wife . Despite him treating her as nothing more than thin air , Antonia was happy that her fa
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Meanwhile , Annette took Antonia to room 69 . She stared at the room and checked her phone to see if the room was the one where the person she had ordered would come ." Annette....my head is spinning . " said Antonia ." Don't worry cousin sister ! Rest here for a bit and you will be fine . I will go downstairs to pay the bill then I will come back immediately ." Alright....... " said Antonia with a smile .Annette went out of the room then closed the door slowly .' He he he ! Now , all that's left is for old president Ben to come . Antonia , now you are screwed . Axel will finally be mine . Now  ' thought Annette with a happy expression and left with a devilish smirk on her face , leaving Antonia alone in the room .A few minutes passed and Antonia realized that Annette wasn't coming back ." Where is she ?.......Annette.........Annette......." said Antonia and got out of her room then walked through the corridor ." S
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Antonia stepped out of the door and left , Axel stared at her back with a hurt expression until she disappeared from their sight . Mr Donovan turned his head towards Axel and looked at him ashamed ." I have no words to express how mortified I am for everything that happened . " said Mr Donovan with his face filled with shame . " .......It's not your fault Mr Donovan . I shall take my leave now . " said Axel then let go of his arm from Annette softly ." Brother Axel ! Please don't be sad . I........I can't stand seeing you sad . " said Annette with a worried expression ." I will be better . Thank you for your care Annette . " said Axel ." You are more than welcome . " said Annette with a smile .Alex looked at Karlo and Laura then nodded his head and left the mansion followed by his assistant .When the door closed , Mr Donovan used his gun and broke a decorative vase that was at the entrance hall ." ........Hmmmmph !
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' Mother.......you are the only person who has ever loved me in my whole life . Gaining the freedom and security...............I am aware of how hard you had to work to make them agree to these things . Gaining the freedom in exchange for cutting ties with you.........is not worthy at all . I feel in a deeper prison now that I have everyone I knew turn their back to me . ' thought Antonia with a the tears wetting her face .She took the pen and signed the document then headed it to her mother . Her mother took the document and placed it inside her bag . Antonia accompanied her mother down the stairs until they arrived at the car ." Live well ! " said her mother with a smile as she cried ." I will mother ! Thank you for protecting me , every single time . " said Antonia crying ." Silly girl ! A mother will forever protect her child . I love you . Everything will take a turn for the better so don't be sad anymore . Goodbye my dear daughter ! " said her m
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Antonia started to feel bad lately . She consulted with Valeria and the both of them decided to go to the medic . When they arrived at teh hospital , they entered the doctor's study and handed over some analysis that Antonia had to do when she entered the hospital ." Doctor , I feel strange lately . I am more hungry than usual and feel sleepy . I sleep a lot and..........I do have some strange mood changes . Is there anything wrong with me ? " said Antonia ." He he he ! Nothing is wrong with you . You are just pregnant . " said the doctor with a laugh when he saw the worried expression on Antonia's face ." WHAT ?!! " said Valeria with a super shocked expression ." Yes ! Your friend is four months pregnant and is very healthy . " said the doctor .When Antonia heard this , she remained speechless . The first thought that came to her mind and the first word that came out of her mouth was ' abortion ' ." Can I get an abortion doctor ? I do
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" Not only that but I also became pregnant with the child of a stranger and nearly lost my life to give birth to him . What kind of blessing is this Alex ? What have I done wrong to deserve such pain ? Why am I , the innocent being punished while the real evil ones live freely , unpunished and happy ? " said Antonia with the tears falling, even more , making her brown eyes red ." Life , Antonia ! Life itself is the biggest blessing . All the other things can be solved but if you die , you can never have the chance to make a change , to feel happy.......to get revenge on the people who have wronged you . " said Alex with a thoughtful expression . " Heh !.........How funny it is . The only person who is helping me now is the twin brother of my ex-fiance . So ironic ! " said Antonia with a bitter laugh . " Hey ! I was your friend before you and my brother met . Whatever happened between you two , doesn't influence my opinion of you . Especially when I
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" More than I have ever been in my life . It isn't easy to live when feeling trapped Valeria . " said Antonia then covered Angelo with the blanket and turned the phone towards her face ." Valeria........if I were to go through a total change......through a metamorphose.......will you still care about me the same way as you do now ? " said Antonia with a bit of a scared and reluctant tone .She had lost a lot of dear people to her . She couldn't lose Valeria too ." Antonia........what are you talking about ? You are making me worry . Are you alright ? " asked Valeria confused ." I will tell you everything after you answer my question . Will, we still be best friends and care for each other the same way after I change ? " said  Antonia with a serious tone ." Will you change your heart ? " asked Valeria ." No , I will change my image . My heart will remain the same.......It will sure feel like a huge burden was lifted from my shoulder
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8 - Tranformation
Antonia entered the operation hall with Alex holding her hand . " You are still in time to change your mind . " said Alex . " For me time has long passed . Now , my only option is to do this operation at any cost . " said Antonia with a determined expression . " Alright ! " said Alex and took Antonia inside the operation room . Antonia layed on the bed and looked at the ceiling with a determined expression as the nurses and attendants that would help Alex prepared the tools . One of the nurses took her arm and placed took the injection she would do Antonia in her hands . " Antonia , this will put you to sleep . You will feel nothing . " said Alex with an insecure expression . " Thank you Alex ! " said Antonia with a smile . When Alex saw Antonia smiling happily , all the doubts that he had about her turning from a female to a male
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Antonio's phone rang . When he checked at it , he realized that Valeria had sent a message .' Antonia , there was a problem with the schedule so my flight got cancelled . I will be arriving tomorrow at the same time . To apologize to the people , the air company has decided to pay for our staying tonight at a luxurious hotel . I will make sure to try all the delicacies at the restaurant . It will save up a lot of money . Scusa ! Love you both ! See ya tomorrow ! ' " She never changes . " said Antonio with a smile ." All right ! Angelo is ready . Let's go . " said Alex ." Change of plans guys . Valeria will be arriving tomorrow . " said Antonio ." What ? " said Alex ." Why ? " said Angelo a bit sad ." There was a change of her flight by the air company . We will go get her at the same time tomorrow . " said AAntonio ." It can't be helped then . We will go take aunt Valeria tomorrow . " said Angelo and walked tow
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" What are you blabbing about ? Not saying me any attention to the person you are supposed to receive . I am starting to doubt whether you have come here to get me or to catch up with your friends . " said a voice from behind ." Are you talking to me ? If it were on my own accord , I would have offered to pay you the taxi once you arrived at the apartment . " said Alex with a devilish smirk ." Very funny ! Where's Antonia ? " asked Valeria .Antonio turned his head around and saw Valeria holding her luggage ." Valeria ?......I missed you . " said Antonio with a warm smile .When Valeria saw Antonio , she took off her sunglasses as her jaw fell . She stared at him with a shocked expression as she checked every corner of his body ." .......Handsome ! " said Valeria with a dreamy expression ." He he he ! Thanks , you are cute too . " said Antonio ." Hey , handsome boy ! Do you have a girlfriend ? If you don't how about I try
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