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"Whose child is this?" His voice was cold and icy, blood shot eyes drilling holes in her watery ones. Scared, she cowered back only for her back to met the wall. A sob of pure horror left her parched throat, her hands lifting up to shield her already bruised face. "I asked," He stepped dangerously closer to her, his hot breath fanning the back of her hands. His sandalwood scent which used to calm her nerves in past, today did nothing other than heightening her fear. "Whose." His rough hands yanked her soft ones from her face, before clasping her jaw tightly, his fingers digging in her bruised skin making her wince. "Child" He whispered deadly, leaning down till his stern lips were brushing over her quivering ones. Tears after tears dripped down her cheeks. "Is in your stomach?" His already tight hold had tightened in bruising manner, making her flinch hard. Her head began to spin in fright, darkness invading her vision. Her heart pleading for some miracle. That wasn't the first question, her husband was supposed to ask her on her wedding night.

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Hazel couldn't move. Her trembling body has gone paralyzed under his heated gaze.Her wide eyes started tearing, seeing the familiar face of man who ripped her apart year ago. Hands stuffed inside his pockets, he stepped inside her house making her cower back, her senses went on high alert. She tried to speak, but no word came out as if her throat had refused to adress the sinner infront. The fear she thought she had subdued with ruination of her innocence came rushing back on meeting the familiar charcoal eyes. His cold irises roamed over her shaky body, taking in the angelic features he had dearly missed. He was taking calm steps in her direction whilst she was cowering back with rushed movements.Her body flinched hard once her back met the cold wall. She tried to move away but shut her eyes in fear when he slammed his hands on her each side, trapping her. A whimper left her mouth feeling his hard body being presse
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CHAPTER 1 : Revenge
Leaned against the railing of his balcony, Edward brought the cigar up to his rough lips, inhaling long drag before releasing puffs of air in dark. His cold irises were glaring at the moon, as if accusing the nature for some tragedy. Continuous rage was boiling his nerves, his mind couldn't stop recalling the incident of today's morning. Edward entered the university in all his glory, greeting the professors on his way. Cladded in denim shirt with jeans, his silky hair were styled back to perfection. From corner of his eye, he could detect girl's ogling over him. Yet, he feigned ignorance of them and kept walking on his way. It certainly wasn't new for him. His breathtaking genes demanded attention even in severe crowd. However, his heart was already preoccupied by a lovely soul, he felt proud in calling his fiance. His Evelyn.
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CHAPTER 2 : Kidnapped
Cladded in navy blue dress that reached below her knee, Hazel's flawless skin was glowing under sunlight. Her light colored eyes were twinkling under light rays.Each soul around her felt parlayed undee her beauty, not being able to take their eyes off her.Hazel stifled a giggle, giving them polite smiles on her way which they almost immediately reciprocated, not wanting to look rude to miss lovely. She was referred as miss beauty of her department.Hazel's undefined beauty was one thing, but innocence leaking off her features was other.With slow and steady steps, she stepped out of university and began to walk on the pavement, feeling fresh air stroking her warm skin.The orphanage she had taken refuge in wasn't far from her institute, so she preferred walking most of the time.Being foreign exchange student, she was given facility of hostel, but she turned down t
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CHAPTER 3: Betrayal
Hazel's button nose scrunched hearing his indecent words. Now she was positive, there had to be some misunderstanding.She wasn't that kind of girl. The innocence leaking from her face wasn't just deceiving. It reflected her inner self."What are you saying, sir?" Her cracked voice beseeched, body working to free herself from tight chains.Chaining someone to wall was very cruel practice. She would always pass a glare to animal breeders while walking on her way, hating the helpless look of caged animals. Today, getting chained like those animal  only increased her hatred for the notion."Oh, that won't work, darling. I suggest you stop now if you don't want any other marks in your beautiful body than mine."His dark words successfully sparked terror inside her."And are we gonna play innocent now?" He cocked a brow at her, calmly running his fingers through her expose
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CHAPTER 4: Ruined
Hazel felt blood draining from her system. Evelyn's poisonous words damaged her deep inside. Her body felt numb, yet the pain in her heart was excruciating. Evelyn's betrayal had shred her insides. She get it Chloe and Evelyn didn't consider her as their friend. But that did not mean they both will go around spreading rumors and demeaning her character. Her heart beseeched with endless agony. Her internal trial was broke by loud noise that made her shruck back. Edward had thrown his phone against the wall. "I'll fucking destroy you." He whispered with blood shot eyes, his jaw clenched hard, charcoal orbs blazing in fire. Fetching a key out his pocket, Edward began to roughly remove the chains from her bruised wrists, ignoring her cries of pain. Throwing the chains in the corner with one hand, Edward clasped his other hand around her forearm and roughly threw her on soft mattress. "I hope you h
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CHAPTER 5: Blood Stain
Her puffy eyes took their time in opening and confronting the bitter reality. As her senses kicked in, she could only feel the pain, vibrating in her whole body.Her hazy gaze met the cemented ceiling, confusion filled her mind, not realizing where she was.Just then, flashes of last night came rushing down at her, successfully numbing each cell of her body.She was ruined yesterday.What she tried to shield her whole life, it was snatched in a daze from her. Bringing her bruised hand upward, she rubbed two fingers on side of her head.Whimpering with each movement, she sat up in fetal position, resting the back of her head against the wall, feeling the world rotating each second.Her eyes watered, seeing visible bruises on her both wrists, testifying how she was cuffed like an animal last night.She lifted her hand to rub the swollen bruise on he
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CHAPTER 6: Disappeared
Edward felt as if air had left his lungs. Stumbling backward, he roughly rubbed his hands over his eyes and then gazed again at the mattress.The stain was still there, dry and red, screaming her innocence which he snatched yesterday.His stomach began to churn into uncomfortable knots, hands beginning to sweat."Fuck" He cursed in his think accent, brushing his hand through his messed hair.The severity of the sin he committed was beginning to sink in, making indefinite remorse to fill his veins.His mind was going numb with confusion. How could she be a prostitute if she was a virgin? Why would Chloe and Evelyn lie?"shit shit shit." He began to curse his own stupidity. Instead of confirming the matter, he had just blindly acted upon his anger, and did this terrible act.His mind was thumping with unlimited questiones, yet lacking answers to any of them.
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CHAPTER 7: Confrontation
Pain. Immense pain was coursing through all parts of her body. Her eyelids felt heavy as if refusing to get opened to miserable reality.She heard hushed voices in background. The muscles of her body tensed up, fearing someone was here to strip her off her dignity again.Small whimpers began to escape her lips, closed eyes welling up with tears. The horrible scenario was very fresh in her mind, making her quiver."Shh shh it's alright, Hazel. I'm here."Mona's soothing voice calmed her struggles down. Sudden relief filled her nerves, realizing she was indeed in safe space.Wincing softly, her closed damped eyelids fluttered open before getting squinted with blinding light."Aunt?" Her soft voice whispered, scared."I am here," Warm hands engulfed her in motherly hug, making her break down. She immediately wrapped her arms around her aunt's waist and began to cry hardly.The fear, she felt while getting Kidnapped and then raped,
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CHAPTER 8: House Arrest
Her anxious eyes weren't daring to lift from the quilt, knowing his pensive gaze was following her very moment with certain attention.Her face was clammy, with mind swirling with scenarios Theodore could make her face, all of them resulting in her landing in very critical position. She tried to fight back those fear-causing imaginations."How are we doing, Hazel?" His deep voice broke the deafening silence. Placing his elbows on his knees, Theodore leaned near the bed, causing her to unconsciously shrink away towards the headboard.She knew better than to keep him waiting."F-Fine.""How fine?"His immediate response almost cast her eyes to glance into his.Almost.Just as her fearful eyes reached his line pressed lips, that were conveying his upset mood, she quickly averted her eyes away, knowing she won't be able to handle the look in his eyes."A-alot." She answered, her voice shaky."Is that so? Then, explain
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CHAPTER 9: Comfort
Two days passed in a blur, with Hazel's body and mind completely on rest, giving her time to heal. She had a full time caretaker for her, which for her was bit weird to get adjusted with, considering she came from orphanage where no one would give shit about her. She was just an essential air, a source of income to them.Nevertheless, it wasn't like she had any grudges against them. Staying there was her own will, for which she paid at the last day of her trip. The memories again slouched down on her, filling her eyes with stinging tears. Sniffling, she blinked them away, before nuzzling her face in her soft cushion. She had missed this all, this homely feeling. Aunt Mona never changed a bit, she was the same, sweet, motherly and bit childish, always attempting to make Hazel feel at ease.Emily didn't visit her again, though she would call to check up on her every day. Theodore, also, didn't enter her sight of vision.Although, few time
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