The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

By:  Liu Ya  Updated just now
Language: English
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I, Caspian Montgomery, have returned from the hellhole prison. I’ll use this Nine-Foot Titan Sword to move mountains, part the seas, cultivate myself to ascension, and rule the world.

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2230 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Spirit of a Youth
A hellhole prison was located near the border of Salleria. It was built hundreds of floors underground, and just like a ghastly beast with a huge mouth, it wanted to swallow everything around it.The prison was deprived of light all year round. It was dim and damp. Furthermore, as one went further down, the surroundings became darker and colder. When they finally reached the deepest end, they were greeted with intense cold and pitch-black darkness. Even if a candle was lit, it would only be a faint gleam. The darkness emitted a sense of despair as if it would swallow a person whole at any time. At that moment, a shrill but subtle noise echoed intermittently along the dark corridor, coming from the deepest end of the hellhole prison. It sounded like a banshee's wail, so mournful that it made one's hair stand on end. "Obeying God's order… The emperor issued an imperial edict…""His Imperial Majesty crowned an heir to the seat. To celebrate, he’s granting total amnesty…""The p
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Chapter 2 The Gentle Maid
Feeling that Caspian’s force gradually increased, Morris could not endure the burning pain. He hoarsely begged, "Your Highness, please… Please continue." At that time, he was not as arrogant and complacent as before."Firstly, bring me my mother's belongings. Especially her favorite pair of earrings from when she was alive.""Sure! Yes!" Morris hurriedly nodded."Secondly, I had a personal maid, Penny. I knew that from that day onward, she was shunned into the concubine's palace residence. Bring her over. If I go to Astren, I'm bringing her along."Although Morris appeared to agree with Caspian's requests, he secretly thought of an incomparably rancor idea. Since Caspian taught him a lesson to his heart content, then he would make sure Caspian would never see Penny again! Morris planned to kill that brat and simply found a reason to evade responsibility. He could say that Penny was long dead! When that happened, he wanted to see what Caspian would do to him! Morris secretly fel
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Chapter 3 A Mother's Note
Then, Penny hid behind the screen and wiped her body dry. After that, she changed into a clean white dress and patted her warm cheeks. Penny flashed a smile at Caspian and hurriedly ran outside. Not long after, she came running back again.She returned with a tray in her hand.Penny did not know what Caspian wanted, but she noticed his gaze froze when he saw the tray.When the imposing aura earned from combating with impressive armies suddenly burst out, the atmosphere in the room instantly became rigid.Penny could not help but shiver.Nonetheless, it was only an instinctive reaction for her to be afraid of the fearful aura, and she was not fearful of Caspian.After all, Penny believed that Caspian would never hurt her."Just leave it there. Rest early tonight as we need to leave early in the morning tomorrow." Caspian felt Penny's discomfort, so he dispersed the momentum and waved his hands at Penny."Your Highness, do you need me—" Penny bit her lips, and her cheeks were as
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Chapter 4 Fifth Stage of the True Martial Realm
Caspian, my son… When you finally read these words, I’m afraid that I'm no longer by your side.These Earrings of Echo and Tower of Life are the final gifts that I can leave you with. I hope they can protect you in the future on my behalf.There's already a restriction set on the Earring of Echo. Unless our blood’s used, no one will be able to activate it. However, you’ll need to explore the Tower of Life yourself slowly.Nonetheless, I'm letting you know that one of the floors in Tower of Life has been activated, and the blood pond there is filled with the blood and essence of the Sea-Breaker Beast. If you're severely injured, or even if your muscles are destroyed, and you lose all your powers, just soak in it… You'll quickly recover. The journey ahead of you is still long, and I apologize for not accompanying you further.   Perhaps you'll encounter countless dangers in the future. But, I hope that you'll remember no matter how difficult, dire, or desperate the situation is,
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Chapter 5 Time Warp Zone
As time slowly ticked, the blood in the pool also gradually lessened.Finally, when Caspian absorbed the last drop of Sea-Breaker Beast's blood, he opened his eyes.In that instant, an invisible aura suddenly burst out.Then, he heard rumbling sounds of thunder in the atmosphere surrounding him.Caspian jumped up, raising his hand, and gave a punch.Bang! As if there was a sudden clap of thunder on the ground, Caspian punched through the air.Then, he raised his foot and made a sweeping motion. Swoosh! Just like an iron whip, the air in his surroundings vibrated, and he could even see the ripple with his own eyes."I've only restored myself to the first stage of the True Martial Realm — Introduction, yet I can feel my strength, and the changes in my muscles and bones are better than when I'm in the second stage!"Caspian's eyes lit up in excitement."Just like what mom said… My body isn’t only healed, but my strength is also quickly recovering. Moreover, I'll be much stronge
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Chapter 6 Demon Python Form
The teacher Carson mentioned slowly made his way forward.Even though the flames of the candles in the room were not swaying, the darkness seemed to have replaced the light.Carson's expression remained unchanged, but his pupils were slightly constricted.After a while, a raspy voice sounded from beneath the black robe, "Your handwriting has innumerable twists and turns. Moreover, the Yin energy’s denser than the Yang energy."Carson laughed. "Teacher, you could've directly said that I'm an overthinker and also a shrewd."The man in a black robe scoffed, seemingly agreeing to Carson.Soon, the smile on Carson's face gradually disappeared. Next, a ruthless expression that did not match his age suddenly appeared between his eyes. His voice seemed colder as he uttered word by word, "However, don't you forget, teacher. I'm the one who's residing in the Eastern Palace, and I'm also the one who has obtained the great opportunity. On the other hand, death is knocking on Caspian's door!"
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Chapter 7 The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon
The eunuch waited for Caspian to continue his sentence, but he did not say anything. That made the eunuch break out in a sweat.Then, the eunuch gathered his courage and secretly took a peek at Caspian. However, he was not even looking at him. Instead, Caspian looked at the tower in the distance."Tell her that if she does this again, and if she's within ten kilometers of me, I'll chop off her head." Caspian let out cold laughter, turned around, and got into the carriage. He did not show himself anymore after that."Yes! Surely, Your Highness!" The eunuch was shaking like a leaf in the hurricane. He instantly knelt and repeatedly kowtowed. Then, after getting Caspian's permission, he hurriedly rode on his horse and left.At this moment, on the tower opposite Caspian, a pale yellow silhouette hid behind a pilaster, secretly glancing in his direction.The silhouette had a curvy outline with an alluring grace. Her fine black hair fell on her side, emitting light luster.Even though
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Chapter 8 Outside the Border
Caspian was dripping with sweat in the Time Warp Zone on the second floor of the Tower of Life.He twisted his waist like a stretched bowstring, and as he was full of stored energy. He suddenly rushed forward, causing the air to be filled with oppressive ear-piercing explosions. The next second, Caspian extended his hands and the air around him vibrated as if it were a vicious and boiling liquid."The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon!" With a roar, Caspian's fingers turned into claws. Then, just like a dragon rushing to the sea, Caspian ruthlessly grabbed the statue's head right in front of him.As if the statue's head was made from gelatin, Caspian's fingers easily pierced through it.Next, Caspian whistled softly, and immense energy suddenly surged out from his arms.A series of crackling sounds came from his arms, and the majestic power swiftly reached his palms and fingers.Bang! With the loud sound, the statue's head was instantly exploded into pieces, leaving only a
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Chapter 9 Soul Snatcher, Grim Reaper
The duo did not answer but continued to walk toward them.An unsettling emotion swiftly spread in the guards.The leading guard facing the duo directly also felt an imposing pressure coming at him, causing him to quiver.Finally, the duo stopped in their tracks and stood a few meters away from everyone. The plump guy swept his gaze across everyone and finally fixed his eyes on Caspian, saying, "We’re Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper, and we're ordered to take away Caspian's life, a criminal of Salleria.""Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper!"The guards at the scene instantly exclaimed, and their faces were pale.Even Penny could not help but tremble.Everyone knew that Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper were Salleria's infamous killer duo. Unfortunately, none of their targets managed to escape their deadly grasp.Hence, no one knew what Soul Snatcher and Grim Reaper looked like either.Nonetheless, they would have never expected that two figures, who were like Hell's messengers, would appe
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Chapter 10 It's Your Turn
"Go further behind. This will end soon." Caspian smiled gently at Penny.Penny bit her lips, and she retreated about ten meters away.She was well aware that with her capabilities, she would not be of any help if she kept sticking around near Caspian. She might even distract him further and become a burden as he would want to protect her.Even though she stood a distance away from them, Penny did not have the intention to run away.If Caspian died, she would not want to live anymore either.When Caspian turned to look at Soul Snatcher, his expression already turned cold."I think there's no need for that yet. After all, I have things to do and people to protect." Then, Caspian held the Meteorite Sword in front of him.Although his voice was not loud, Penny could hear his words.In an instant, Penny's heart was filled with warmth, and she thought Caspian was brave."What a fool! Do you think you're still the same martial art genius as before!" Soul Snatcher roared and hit his f
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