Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

By:  Emmanuel Abigail  Ongoing
Language: English
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He was everything they warned her to stay away from. He was the kind of man she would never have wanted to associate with. But how and why did she fall for him, even when he degraded her? He made it known to her that she was a nobody to him, yet she couldn't leave him. Astrid Peyton becomes the fiancée of a young billionaire, Darius Titan, who is rumoured to be a heartless dominant. She is determined to prove the world, especially her mother, that they are wrong about him. Nikoleta Titan, Darius's mother, is diagnosed with cancer. She is excited to find out that her son is engaged to someone, as she feels like he only uses people to get what he wants. This brings her and Astrid very close. But what happens when Astrid finds out that Darius is everything they say he is? What if he's worse? Did she really not grow on him, like she usually did other people? Will she stay with him, even after everything he has put her through?

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36 Chapters
Chapter One
“Mum, I got the job!” Astrid yelled, going over the email notification on her laptop with a swirl disbelief and happiness.“What job? Did you apply for a job?” Rose, her mother, questioned absent-mindedly as she stirred the vegetable salad she was preparing for dinner.Astrid sighed in exasperation. “I’ve been telling you about this for weeks. Have you not paid any attention? Anyway, I’ll be leaving for work in two days.” Astrid announced, waiting for the happy look on her mother’s face.“Really?!” Rose's face brightened up in response. “My dear daughter, I’m very proud of you! Just wait until I tell your father the good news.”“You're not going to ask me who I’m working for and where?” Astrid raised an eyebrow, a bit surprised that her mother was not as curious as usual, that evening.“Oh, right. Who exactly is your boss? Do I know him or her?” Rose inquired, placing a large turkey in the middle of their dining table, making sure it was strictly placed exactly at the middle of the tab
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Chapter Two
Astrid still couldn’t move from where she stood. “Good evening, sir!” The bodyguards greeted, standing upright. The man dismissed them with a wave of his hand. They left without the slightest bit of hesitation.Astrid finally snapped out of her daze, but not fully enough to take her eyes off him. Her breath caught in her throat as she was about to talk, making her cough dryly. “Is anything the matter?” Darius asked, frowning. He never liked delay or awkwardness, and that was just what the lady in front of him was serving to him. “N-no. Good evening.” Astrid stuttered, not knowing what to say. Her knees almost gave, but she managed to maintain her balance. Darius scanned her with a raised eyebrow and frowned even deeper, making Astrid’s heart beat faster. He did not approve of her demeanour, she could tell.She started to suspect that her appearance had something to do with it too. He had never seen her in person, anyway. She had only sent about two pictures of herself, and those were
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Chapter Three
Astrid stared at the dangerously ethereal man sitting in front of her in horror. He had made her more speechless in just mere minutes than anyone else in her entire life. “What is it?” Darius asked, his patience starting to wane. He didn’t like it when people stared at him like he had done something abominable. He hadn’t done something to her to warrant the look, in his opinion.“Y-you want to use me?” Her voice came out as a squeak as she bent over to pick up the spoon that had fallen out of her hand. "Yes." Darius answered simply, without an attempt at rephrasing his words. “You see, lots of people have their opinions about me. I wouldn’t say they’re all good, especially regarding my encounter with my female workers—” “Excuse me.” Astrid had had enough. She didn’t like where the discussion was headed. In fact, she had been there to show her mother that Darius was not as bad as people said he was. She was wrong. Even on her first day in his house, he was bringing up something like
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Chapter Four
The next morning, Astrid woke up feeling refreshed. She took a good look at the room. The ceiling, instead of being completely white—like most ceilings—was made of glass. It had an illusion made to look like the sea, with large and small different, colourful fishes. The floor was similar to the ceiling. Anywhere her feet touched would shimmer under her, making her feel like an otherworldly creature. The walls were made to look marbled with black and white colours. There was a sixty-inch  television mounted above a small fireplace, right opposite the queen-size bed. On the left side of the bed was a balcony that could fit thirty people and gave a good view of the countryside. Why have such a large balcony? She wondered. There was a knock on the door, followed by Thelma’s soft voice. “Miss Astrid, are you awake?” “Yes, come in!” Astrid answered. The door opened, revealing Thelma, Mary and Darius. Astrid fumbled with her wor
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Chapter Five
Astrid stiffened as she sat. She didn’t know which one to react to first—the chaste kiss, which set her heart on fire, or the fact that Darius would propose to her earlier than planned. “I don’t get it. You said you would propose when we go out for dinner.” She finally chose which one to talk about. “I know. But after this banquet, I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else, so let’s get this over with right here.” He gave her a smile. Through the smile, she found out that he had this planned. There was no way he would propose here if he didn't want to. She narrowed her eyes at him. Their food was served at once, filling the table with colourful dishes of seafood, spaghetti, rice, all kinds of salad, and five bottles of wine and champagne. Astrid didn’t get to eat breakfast at the house, so she ate little portions of almost everything on the table. She just drank water, since she was a lightweight with alcohol. She watched different people talk, make t
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Chapter Six
By three o’clock that afternoon, Thelma had announced to Astrid that Darius wanted to have lunch with her. Her heart raced fast in her chest as she put on a silk flower-print dress, reaching the middle of her thighs. “I see you’ve started to have your meal.” She said as she was led to the garden at the back of the house. She saw an array of different flowers, even the ones she never thought she could see in real life. Butterflies hovered above them in different colours, along with birds. It gave the place a serene feel. She sat on the picnic bench, beside him. He said nothing as he downed his orange juice. “Why are we having lunch together? It's not really necessary.” She mumbled. “Let’s just go by my rules.” He responded. “I have rules that you need to follow, too.” She turned to look at him. “Oh,” he seemed taken aback by her statement. “And what rules are those?” He asked, suddenly interested. “I should be allowed do whatever I want
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Chapter Seven
Astrid couldn’t make it for dinner later that night. Her monthly period would soon visit, so she had early cramps to show for it. Thelma had made herbal tea to help ease the pain. . Darius ate downstairs, worried. Astrid had not told him why she was in so much pain. He just knew her stomach ached, and that she could barely eat. He was considering going to bed early when his phone rang. “What do you want?” He spoke into the phone immediately he picked it up. “You know what I want.” A young woman's voice spoke slowly and seductively to him. “I really don't have time for this right now, Selene.” He sighed tiredly. “Why didn't you tell me you had a woman in your life that you were serious about? What’s so special about this particular woman?” Her voice held anger, this time. “Is that what this is about?” He asked. “Of course, it is! You have no idea how ridiculous I feel right now. If you had marriage in mind all along, why
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Chapter Eight
Darius was frozen in place, too deep in his own thoughts to see that Selene had opened the door. At least, she was smart enough to not open it fully and expose her naked body. “Hi, who are you?” Selene asked, acting like she didn't know who Astrid was. “Have you seen Darius around? I need to speak with him.” Astrid said, playing calm. A little too calm for someone who found another woman in her fiancé's room. What could she do, really? Her stomach still had a mild ache. Besides, why would she want to start a random fight over a man? “I think he went out.” Selene lied smoothly. There was silence as the two women stared at each other for a long time. “I'm sorry, do I... know you?” Selene frowned, exerting a form of dominance to intimidate Astrid. “I don't think we've met. Do you work here?” Astrid asked, having every idea how insulted it would make Selene feel. She was no idiot to know that Selene was having an intimate relationship with Darius. Read more
Chapter Nine
As Astrid pulled Darius in for a kiss, he didn't hesitate to return the gesture. He had wanted to kiss her first, but he remembered how she disapproved of it when he did it before. Now that she had done it herself, there was nothing to feel bad for. In fact, he had never felt that relieved in a long time. Finally realizing what she was doing, Astrid pulled away and looked at him with her eyes wide open. “I'm so sorry! I didn't know what I was doing. This is horrible.” She walked to the balcony to get fresh air, mortified. “Good night!” Astrid could hear the laughter in Darius's voice as he said it. She had totally embarrassed herself. What was she thinking, kissing him out of the blue? What would he think of her now? As she heard the slam of the door, she relaxed on the recliner that faced the outside world and gave a perfect view of the plain lands surrounding the house. Astrid always loved to look at the night sky. Something about the stars
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Chapter Ten
Astrid sat alone in the garden until nightfall. Her parents would arrive anytime soon, and she had to be there to make sure nothing went wrong. She walked to the dining hall, where she found Darius, Joaquin, Derek, and Ki-woo sleeping with their heads on the table. Joaquin had a pencil stuck to his face, and Astrid couldn't help but laugh at the cuteness of all of them combined. Darius was a good-looking man. Nobody could deny that he sure had good-looking friends. Darius's eyes shot open immediately and he sat up, looking around. Astrid noticed that his tousled hair made him look quite the opposite of his usual self. He was always so put together, one would think he slept and woke up in a perfect state. Astrid giggled at the look of his hair. He looked at her in confusion before flexing his neck and stretching. “What's so funny?” He questioned, the thickness of voice doubling since he just woke up. “You should see your hair.” She replied.
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