The Alpha Lords of Darkness (part one)

The Alpha Lords of Darkness (part one)

By:  Danny  Ongoing
Language: English
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Over a great century of peace and tranquillity, great catastrophe was steadily brewing. Leaving the Afghan war after the bloody massacre, seven officers of the then Afghan government turn rogue. They move to South Africa where they operated the largest underground shadow government the world had ever seen. Several years of activity with lots of experience meant that not all who wished the downfall of this gang could get their hands on whatever they wanted. Out of the blues come Fiona and her group called the Pacesetters, who clear the deeply rooted organisation from it roots. Determined never to give up, the Alpha Lords turn their attention to the one area of crime where the criminals always gain the upper hand - tech crime. Their new methods and determination baffle even the most talented intellects and force governments all over the world to prepare their minds and heart for a complete overthrow, and to disobedient citizens, the most feared consequences. Gradually, these men do not accept that man should still exist, but that humans evolve to the next stage of existence - programmable code. Would they prevail, or would the witty and most determined forces of light conquer the powers of darkness?

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17 Chapters
It was all dark and cool in the Andromeda. Star light in the night sky shone brightly, sending life to all in Eptomaniac. The three year old wolf camp had just had the honor once again to have a change of rulership, at the death of the former Djhord- an Alpha named Lucian Kian, the Alpha wolf of light, as he was so named. Wolf howling in the distance resounded over the wide surrounding slopes, crowning the night ceremony as the newly made Djhord- Lothaire, an Alpha wolf was led to the grand palace, shouting, hooting and howling of various wolves followed him homewards. Not so far off, at the Keitonial hill, in a hideout which was only known to him, Ziegler, brother to the newly crowned Alpha wolf sat on a stone in the deep woods in the company of idlers planning an attack to usurp the throne of the newly made Alpha before he could be sworn in. News of the crowning at Borshire reaches the jealous elder brother from a young spy, forcing him to pace up and down, trampling on th
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Chapter one
The Alpha Lord's conference room was a large building, cut out of the purest diamond. Crystal clear water marked a boundary around it with a single solid iron bridge. Several werewolves protect it's walls and gates. Inscribed boldly for all to see upon it's gates were the words "The Alpha Lords." in bold letters. Beyond the massive walls stood a large courtyard spanning nearly three hundred hectares of land. Upon this land in every direction stood high penthouses and beautiful maisonettes built to the creator's taste with every form of delicacy. This land, more that any other in the entire wolf camp was spacious, well designed and appropriated for the most respected people of the wolf camp. At the different buildings, each spanning more that a hectare, several monuments of the different Alpha's stood, and near the gates of entire area of land stood a large temple, dedicated to the Alpha Supreme, and several smaller ones, to the different Alpha Lords in their accordin
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Chapter Two
 I sat somberly in the school bus wrapped up in the deepest distress. I sat with my hands on my knees, looking occasionally about me as the shouts of all the kids at the rain hit my ears, making me all the more saddened. As the rains poured down the windows of the bus, so too did my eyes wet with tears, fall off my face, and down the floor of the school bus. I remembered it all. It was the Jessica gang. Loiterers they were. But there were much worse. Terribly bullies they were. Jessica was better than boys even in the senior classes at her hobby. And her special target was me. She came across to me this morning with a shoulder tackle, knocking off the books and papers that where weighed on my arm. “Oops…sorry, can’t see you. You are quite small to be notice you know. You almost seem…invisible.” “How about you being blind?” I threw back at her, great scorn written on my face. I deeply regretted saying that the moment the words escaped my mouth, and she ma
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Chapter Three
I awoke in the hospital, feeling pain in my left arm as though I had a deep cut there. I tried to seat up when my face caught mum and dad who where seated, waiting for me to awake. I felt really bad about having treated them unfairly and shutting them out of a problem they had the right to know about. Their faces showed deep concern and much pain. It was as though I was the one who had the wound, but they were the ones feeling my pains, even more than I did. I looked at my bandaged arm for a minute or two, wondering what the hell happened to me in my sleep and how they got me here. “Daria. You are awake!” mother said, coming to hug me. “We were so worried. I have known you as someone who would take out an hour or so alone if you had an overwhelming problem, but you really scared us yesterday when you did not show up five hours later, nor did you open the door…” “Mother, father, I am so deeply sorry for keeping you both in the dark. I had someone in school who
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Chapter Four
Despite having to still deal with the suspension and ultimately, expulsion from school, being alone at home, and the terrible human being that I found myself to be, things were getting better by the day. I had made admirals in school. Roshan was a perfect match. In spite of all the rumours going all round about me, Roshan made it a thing of duty to always see me, and we were nearly always together. I kept our relationship completely guarded, because I didn’t want my parents to know about us*****“Daria!” The one person who could ever call me at this time of the day was mother. Father generally never called after lunch, unless it was to play with me. I dropped my toys on the floor and ran towards the kitchen door, feeling that she was about to send me to get something from the store for dinner.“Daria, please, I want you to go over to Marcus’s store and get me some tomatoes for stew tonight. Be quick! The sun is about to set.”“Okay mum.”“Here, that
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Chapter Five
Thunder claps resounded. Lightening flashes stretched themselves across the scorched sky, sending chills down the spine of many in Vermissa Valley. Adrenaline rushed in many veins, as fiery red waves of light in the darkened sky confirmed the one now prominent truth; the approaching end of human existence, which has been warned by the government, preached and prophesied by many religious organizations, and declared repeatedly by the news media was finally here. It was all dark and reality was bleak. The once scorched sky in the forenoon had become denser, the air around filling with debris of a strange and unknown substance. It was flaky, yet glittering. It was burnt. It looked like the ash from a wrecked kiln. Above it something else was falling. A gigantic planetary body, terrifying like a big monster, with all the strange debris emanating from it. ****** The burning body descended slowly down upon the valley. I was stunned by it. However, I was just a litt
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Chapter Six
 I woke up in mother's arms, in a comfortable camp room in Pershore. What had happened and how it all happened, I could not remember, but I heaved a deep sigh of relief to see her. I wondered what sought of pain and suffering she would have undergone till this moment as I clearly remembered the mutter of my name that I heard amidst the rubble sometime ago. I pulled the hair from her face and gently tucked it behind her ear. She was fast asleep. It was so wonderful for me to see her chest rise and fall gently as she slept. This was someone I thought I would never see again. The face I now beheld was so beautiful. I could not resist the urge. I  placed a kiss on her beautiful forehead and held her tighter to myself.I felt her tighten her hold on me too. I had totally forgotten, she was asleep. I felt bad about having woken her. She placed a soft kiss on my forehead that sent shivers through me. I loved mother. I looked into her blue eyes as a smile came acro
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Chapter Seven
Father lay still on his back in the large surgical theatre. He was fast asleep when we came in, and had remained in that position for a long time. For a time, I thought he was dead. Then he began a slow, arhythmical breathing which was excruciatingly painful to listen to. I couldn’t bear to see him in that condition. I looked briefly into mother’s face. Her forehead was lined deeply  and her brows were knitted with anxiety, but she passed her hand across to me and I took it. The hand was firm, assuring me of her love, care and assistance.The doctor walked into the room. He was a dark , shallow fellow with dark eyes. It seemed like he loved his profession more than all else, and despite having scary eyes, he tried his best to keep a calm, contained and caring expression to all patients that came across him. He wore comically big trousers, but his white shirt and laboratory coat were as white as snow, neat and we’ll ironed. I loved doctors."Sasha,
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Chapter Eight
President Vilvardö shifted uneasily on the mattress, beads of sweat forming on his face. They totally soaked the sheets. So uncomfortable was he. The sounds in his head and the hot breath on his neck, wouldn’t stop. His foe wouldn’t stop hurting him. Occasionally, the hand would be placed gently on his shoulder, and he would try to beat it off, but would succeed in beating himself hard. He kept on hearing the same threats, again and again. However, being of a stubborn type and a man of scientific nature, he tried to convince everyone that it was just an illusion, some terrible nightmare, some strange vision. But was it?Deep within him, however, his opinion was far from the common conceptions he had tried to create. He felt imminent danger approaching, some terrible disaster, a great catastrophe. The warnings, however never pointed to the source of the problems, confusing him all the more. He knew, nevertheless, that as long as the warning came to him alone, it was within himself
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Chapter Nine
My aunt May had a really cozy apartment in Las Vegas. Ever since she was a child, mother told me, she had always wanted to race horses. She would race around the park like a cowboy, and wield a sword like a knight. Her dream had reached it’s height when she married Grey Maddox, a poor carpenter of horse furniture and a lover of horses.No one in her family knew why May preferred poor Maddox to the rich landowner, Mr. Gregson Grace. This man Gregson was a man  of many  words but few actions. He promised the lady that he would use his influence to get her into the Olympics as a horse racer, but it was so stupid to trust the words of a man who hardly cared about anything but himself. Hardly could Gregson believe that May could dump him.Enraged at being fooled by May and abandoned for a peasant despite his offers, and fearing that his reputation in the society would go down when all learnt about how May had dumped him, Gregson quickly and quietly unbarred hi
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