My Heart Is Beating (English)

My Heart Is Beating (English)

By:  Aria Dean  Ongoing
Language: English
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>>THIS BOOK IS IN INDEFINITE HIATUS<< Aurelie Mistal, called by her nickname Aurie is a simple, average girl with hidden talents who had experienced working for a very long time being a cast member from a famous amusement park from the Philippines. After leaving the path of a fairytale-like life, she decided to join the real world of music wherein she found herself joining the infamous MBS Asia Inc. - an international talent agency where youths were scouted and trained to be future artists as they grow up. Upon exploring, Aurie continually experiences good and bad situations, and even encounters deep secrets with unbelievable revelations within the hallways of a musically inclined building, hiding from the shining and sparkling gold furniture and pure white walls. She is also slowly becoming part of every artists' lives, mostly her most admired artist, Ryota Morii who doesn't acknowledge her presence and becomes irritated by just seeing her around. Until, more ideal guys started invading her life which eventually ended up trying to steal her from Ryota, with all having the same reason: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Will Aurie be able to hold her feelings just for Ryota or will she give chance to others who won't seem to stop pursuing her?

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16 Chapters
Prologue: The Boy
Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones that would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.     Aurelie will never forget that pleasant day; the faint chirping of birds and golden rays of sunshine. A fresh smell is in the air. That place. That scenery. She may not remember that place someday, but for sure there is one thing that would leave an impression in her mind…     The Ferris Wheel.     Its large circular shape shines brightly in the sunlight. It is smooth and shiny like a brand new ring. The cabins have different colors; cherry red, banana yellow, grassy green, royal blue, etc.     She was standing a few meters away from it while waiting for her father whom she hadn't met for the past ten years of her life. That moment is the most aw
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Chapter 01: I Got Hired?
Aurelie finds herself standing alone in front of a tall building that was mostly made up of tinted glass windows. She noticed the big sign at the top of the building and it had the letters M, B, and S. She didn't know what she was doing in that place after random people she didn't know had picked her up at the amusement park where she works as a mascot.   Yes. Being a mascot became Aurelie’s job because she had to work to keep her and her mother alive. That's why she didn't go to college as well, but she did graduate from high school. She was not ashamed of the outcome of her life, especially that she is not doing anything wrong.   She looked back and noticed how wide the area was where the building stood. There is a round center green field where two palm trees are planted on the sides of it. Following the circular court is a concre
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Chapter 02: I Am Meeting the Pioneer Group
It was the same day after Aurelie was hired when Hero decided to begin her orientation day. By means of that, he will introduce her to everyone since it's Saturday and there's nothing much to do except for one thing; their final rehearsal for the MBS Donations event that will be happening the next day which is Sunday.   In the middle of their walk along the connected bridges of the buildings, Hero introduced his company to her and she could feel a very special treatment at that point. It bothers her because other people might misunderstand.   "We call the building where we came from as Building A. That's where my office is located, the same as the main entrance. I decided to separate the artists' building in case an unauthorized person enters, they will remain safe," he explained.   Read more
Chapter 03: Why Do I Have To Be So... Lucky?
Upon opening the door of 2NDARY's room, Hero and Aurelie only encounter two of the members there; the group leader and Don Jon of 2NDARY which is Ken, and the quiet and calm member named KJ who is relaxing on the sofa while on his headphones and phone.   "Guys, where's everybody?" Hero's voice took the two men's attention, mostly Ken who quickly smiled upon seeing his friend.   Hero and Ken approached each other before doing a brotherly hug, accompanied with a pat on each other's back. It seemed to Aurelie that Hero wasn't able to hang out with them based on how they approach one another, same as what happened earlier with the SRPNT members.   "Bro, I'm pretty sure that you know how much of a loiterer the members of 2NDARY are. It's in the natural genes because they're everywhere," Ken said before glancing at Aurelie. "You could see them lurking around the halls."   Ken also quickly turned his full a
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Chapter 04: My Most Embarrassing Moment
Red and Aurelie started walking across Building C using the wing bridges. The two were just left quiet, especially Aurelie just proved herself being one of the most boring people because she cannot open any topic for someone. She wasn't used to telling anyone about anything. Until, curiosity hits Red. "So… Aurie, right?" he asked. Aurelie remained looking upfront. "Yes." "Do you still want to continue the tour?" Red continued.  "You can tell me if you don't want to do it anymore." "What would Sir Hero say if you tell him that I decided not to continue the tour anymore?" Aurelie asked him. "Of course it would be our little secret." She glanced at
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Chapter 05: Meet My Co-Assistants
Aurelie was surprised to eventually see and realize that the personal driver of the president of MBS Asia knows where she lives, both the street address and what the house looked like.  As soon as she got out of the car, the driver was already taking the shopping bags from the car's trunk. She waited for him to finish doing it before giving her thanks. "Ms. Aurelie, Mr. Hero would like to inform you about the donation and charity event for tomorrow that will be held at the theme park Neverventures at 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio High Street…" Aurelie was almost shocked by what she heard from the driver, but she didn't make her reaction very obvious. "He will be expecting you there and please kindly wear the pro
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Chapter 06: This Is So Awkward
The Neverventures theme park was full of people. A lot of people. Majority of them were children accompanied by their parents and guardians. They're all here for the MBS Donations event. The shuttle service arrived at the back entrance of the building where the artists and staff were busy preparing for the commencement of the show. The assistants all got off the vehicle and went straight inside the building to begin assisting. As she walked in the hallways, she could see everyone in a rush. It may be the artists or the staff. She even encountered a few young men in a group that were all wearing bright red attires. They all looked so young. Aurelie overheard the conversation between the assistants in front of her, leading the way. "No one's taking care of RENEGADES yet!"Read more
Chapter 07: It Turns Out I Like Someone I Hate
It was the first time for Ryota to visit the local supermarket to buy ingredients for his group’s dinner. He was the assigned person to fetch ingredients between him and their group leader since they’re the only ones who can cook delicious meals. The rest of the members know how to cook, but the finale is just terrible in taste.    He wore a black mask, a black cap, and thick-framed eyeglasses with his bangs lowered on his forehead in order to disguise, in case there were some of his fans roaming around the same supermarket. MBS Asia has its own supermarket, but since Ryota couldn’t find the ingredients he wanted there, that’s the reason he heads out to the public supermarket.   “If Sir Hero learns about your negligence, I don’t know what worse could happen to you!” It was Allie on the phone with Ryota. She’s lecturing him nonst
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Chapter 08: I Don't Want Them To Hate Me
Loud applause encountered Aurelie as she came out of the building. She was still out of her mind after the conversation the three had had earlier.   "So what if we both went to the restroom?" Ryota asked Sho in response to his previous question.   “What do you exactly mean by that?” Sho asked him in return.   “Would it be a big deal for you or for Red if the woman went with me to the restroom?” Ryota repeated.   Red frowned at him. “Don’t just call her a woman.”   Ryota laughed with a mock. “I know what’s going on with you two. You’re attracted to her.”   Aurelie couldn’t quite imagine Ryota would
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Chapter 09: The President And The Stockholder Is On Heat!
The MBS Donations event ended even before nightfall. Some groups decided to go straight to the agency while others went straight to MBS Land to rest. Since CASANOVA, which is the group that Allie handles, was one of the groups that went back to the agency, Aurelie was left with Neil and the twin sisters Yumi and Miko heading to MBS Land.   Yumi noticed Aurelie’s silence throughout the time they had been inside the shuttle service. “What’s wrong, newbie?”   Aurelie glanced at her. Was she referring to her? That’s what she thought upon looking at Yumi.   “Are you worried that Asher might hate you for scolding him earlier?” Yumi added in the question.   How did she know about that? Did they overhear what happened earli
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