Mr. Old Bully

Mr. Old Bully

By:  Kajal  Completed
Language: English
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She was a receptionist in one of her friend's luxurious hotels when he walked there to destroy the complete hotel. She remembers him as she knows him well since high school but he doesn't remember her because she is no more the fatty girl which she was back in her high school time. To save her friend's hotel she stood before him and he abduct her from the place. He manipulates her to become his girlfriend. Few months after he forced her into contract marriage. Several exposures exposed in her life and love blooms between them.

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    Characters of the story
    Maverick Wright:-28-year-old toe-curling handsome, charming gentlemen. By profession, he is a businessman with every wealth and luxury in his life. Yet, something is missing in his life. He doesn't believe in one night stand things because the physical relationship is not just a pleasure, it's something more for him like the fun of dominance. He is into BDSM stuff which no one knows except his uncle who is his father's cousin brother as he is the one who introduced him to that world. A well-set life took an absurd turn in his life when He was about to marry a woman who he respects and cares the most but he was left alone at the wedding as his bride was kidnapped by her ex-husband and eventually got married to him. To save himself from becoming the fun in society he abducts the woman from the hotel to make a deal with her without knowing her background.Naitee Chandra:-26
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    I looked down at my finger which is cursing under the weight of the ring which is shining on my finger. I know it's wrong and sinful which I am doing but I am helpless. This ring, this place doesn't belong to me. I am cheating them. However, I am helpless.Sleep is far away from my eyes because whenever I close them I see myself falling so low. I left my room to roam around to get ease from the guilt which was eating me. Tears of hater and fury are flowing freely from my eyes. Out of the blue, my trace broke as I heard some noises from the upper floor. After concentrating on the voice I realised that it's coming from the upper floor. My heart sink into my stomach when I heard the deadly voice of a woman screaming. That area is forbidden but curiosity pushed me to cross the line as I heard woman's screams and crying continued. As I reached the floor the voices sound more clear to my ears. It's a woman's moaning and a man's grunting sound which I misto
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    Chapter - 1
    9 years before:-Naitee's Pov.:-' Look fatty witch is here '' Oh gosh, now my whole day is ruined '' Scholarship ass '' hippo with specks '' she is so ugly '' God, her oily sticky hair, Ewww!! 'As I walk down the corridor my ears caught the words of the students on the way. Ultimately, my shoulder which I had pushed up in an attempt to bring out my confidence to walk past them went down with my head. They are standing near their locker firing fireballs at me by their piercing gazes while I am trying to reach my locker safe and sound. It's my daily task to do. It's not more than a week since I have got a transfer to this school. I have never thought in my wildest nightmare that my life will be messer after joining this school.I curse the day I acce
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    Chapter - 2
    Naitee's Pov.:-" Sadly, you dare to mock me. Now no one can save you from me, scholarship! "I root to the stop while he moved with the other student who were watching the show with a broad smirk and teasing the guy who just threatened me a second before. My heart dropped into my stomach as realisation banged my head pretty hard. He called me a scholarship means he knows! He knows!Oh, God! Why me? Now he too will bully me!? And who the stupid person told him all about it? I cursed that person to not get the cake to cut on his/her birthday!As I was running late for my class I jogged past him to my classroom. I heard whistles and chuckle with him calling me ' little chubby mouse '. However, I got no guys to turn around and spare them any glance despite the fact my heart burnt to kill them altogether.Me and teacher, we both entered the c
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    Chapter - 3
    Author's pov.:-" she has sexy peaches," said the one guy making the five-member guys snap their attention from running Naitee's form to the boy who was standing before his locker with his other friends and eyeing the running Naitee's buttcheeks.Well, that's the truth but this boy has no right to say that out loud and show his perverting character with his friends. The five members gang groaned in fury. Naitee is their friend's target. Except for him, no one can bully her and have fun with her.The sharp jawline became sharper as he clenched his jaw. Cold eyes turned fury looking at the boy who dare to open his gutter mouth. Veins pop up from his skin showing their blue-green streams over the skin as he clenches his fist. Invisible steams comes out from his nostril and ears as with his every exhale. His handsome Greek God-like face turned devilish with an ugly frown over his forehead.

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    Chapter - 4
    Naitee's Pov.:-I didn't realise when the afternoon turned into evening. My hand is aching badly as I haven't left my pen for a single second since I came home. After having my lunch I am sitting at this same spot doing his work. My body is aching for being in this stiff posture for so long. I want to have a small nap but I have to go to Payal's house to study. She needs my help with maths homework while I need her help with English grammar.My tired eyes went to the wall clock and snapped wide when I saw I am running fifteen minutes late. God! Payal must be wondering about me.Changing into decent clothes which is nothing especially just plain trousers with a t-shirt. I went to Payal's house which is ten minutes walk away from my house. She lives in the same colony as me but surprisingly we never met before.Knocking on the door two times I
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    Chapter - 5
    Author's Pov.:-When trio friends reached the corridor. Naitee stopped in her step with wide eyes. Her reaction was like her eyes were about to pop out of their socket. Payal and Adi both frowned at her action and deep down they pictured something horrible which scared them for her." What's wrong? " Adi questioned looking at his innocent friend." We forget to take my tiffin box. My mother will kill me if I lose it. That lunch box is my father's " Naitee mumbled pulling her hair. Her nerves are kicking her to go back and take the box however her scared kitten heart is warning her not to. Besides she can't lose the box because her mother will question her about the box and she wouldn't be able to master the lie on her face. In the today morning mistakenly her father took her box leaving his on the table which Naitee took with her when her mother explained to her that it all happened in a rush as h
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    Chapter - 6
    Author's Pov.:-It's been a week since A4M was absent. After the last incident, no new incident happened in Naitee, Payal and Adi's life. For which they are grateful. However, Shakshi never missed a chance to bully Naitee. These trios are now reached school by bus. Moreover, their parents are still mad at them. Nevertheless, none of these trios discloses the truth to them.Currently, trio friends are sitting in the library as today they were given the assignment to do by their history teacher. Naitee and Adi are partners while Payal is doing her assignment alone because no one was ready to be her partner in her class and it's not like needs one when she has two amazing people in her life to help her out with her assignment." Hey, listen. I don't think I can come to your home today. If possible you guys can come " Naitee let out touching her bows together." Yeah, sure. We
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    Chapter - 7
    Author's Pov.:-" Mother, I am leaving. My bus has come " Naitee screamed outside the door to let her mother know that she is leaving for her school." Okay, bye and study hard " Mrs Chandra waved to Naitee bidding her goodbye from the house door. Joyful Naitee climbed up the bus wishing the driver a very good morning like her routine.As she moved inside the bus her big smile crumbled down looking at very familiar faces right before her eyes who's she wish to be a stranger. Her gut feels sick only by looking at them." Good morning Naitee " Adinew let out forwarding his hand for a handshake. The straightforwardness of Adinew pulled her into awestruck. The ground seemed to slip away under her feet. In hope of daylight dreaming, Naitee squeezed her eyes and rubbed her ears lobes with a cute pout over her lips. Guys swallowed hard who noticed her pouting plumping cherry-like
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    Chapter - 8
    Author's Pov.:-One month later:-" So, have you guys decided yet or not? " Anurag questioned to trios regarding going to maverick's farmhouse after the school." What will we say to our parents? " Naitee the innocent piece questioned frowning all the time. She wants to ho with them and wants to experience fun but she can't lie to her parents.Surprisingly, A4M and the trio friends are doing well together. They are now good friends except for one pair. Who else Naitee and Maverick. They fight like cats and dogs and say mean things to each other. Whenever Maverick found Naitee alone either he bully her by body-shaming her or gave her his school work to do. Naitee is completely fed up with him.Currently, they all are sitting together on the ground of the football as today is their game period and cheerleaders are doing addition for new vacan
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