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Albert is a detective, author of a book on criminal psychology called: "The Punisher." One day, he received an invitation from the chief of the police department of city A to participate in investigating a case. With his help, the case was quickly solved. This was a sad case that left a deep impression on him. After solving the case, he thought it would end here. Unexpectedly, right after that, a series of cases happened in city A. In each case with different forms and perpetrators. The special thing is the mysterious black rose which is tightly stuffed in the mouth of the victims. "Is it a coincidence? Not true! An evil hand in the back is manipulating all of this. Who is that person after all? What does that rose mean?" Since then he has been drawn deep into this mysterious case. He meets Melanie, a girl from the action team of the crime-solving team. Here, together, they step on the path to find the truth. Together they witnessed tragedies.After investigations, they discovered clues to help find the manipulator behind. The mystery of 15 years ago is gradually revealed. the black roses was telling a tragic story. Will Tran Nghia face what? How does he have to make a choice? The line between innocence and evil is like a thin flame. With just a little bit of lead it will burn so fiercely that it cannot be extinguished...

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    6 chapters
    Chapter 1: Albert the detective.
    City A, 15 years ago, in a dilapidated house, the firelight was slowly spearing to every corner. The fire made a crackling, crackling, ticking sound that echoed in the stillness of the night. Suddenly, the fire flared up violently. It engulfed everything it passed through. In that deadly fire, the image of a rose playing in the sea of ​​​​fire slowly appeared. It shone extremely brightly and then began to fade to ashes. That rose was like his heart. Since that day, his heart had died, left only the animosity.Present, in a high-class apartment, the melodious classical music resounds. At the end of the most prominent corner is a creepy black rose branch. The strong smell of blood wafted in the air. At the end of the room, there is a body of a man lying under the desk in a very strange position. In his mouth was a black rose branch. The bloodstains were spreading from the wound on his chest to the floor. A deadly atmosphere filled the room wit
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    Chapter 2: Murder in locked rooms.
    2 hours later, Albert arrived at the scene. He did not rush to enter, but walked around everywhere looking around at once. High-class apartments set up tight security; every corner has surveillance cameras. There are only a few dead spots. The entrance is guarded. Every car entering and leaving this place is recorded: "Let's see!" He looked up at the 15-storey apartment building. The victim's room was on the 7th floor: "The killer definitely could not take the elevator, but could follow the fire exit. He walked to the building's emergency exit, looking at both sides of the hall. He followed the exit, when he passed the 5th floor he spotted a faint trail. It is not clear which part of the killer hit the wall anymore, it seems that we will have to wait for the forensics to know the results: "This guy must be a very careful person, from the moment he committed the crime to the time he ran away, he was calm.”Finally he went up to the 7th floor where the crime happened. His
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    Chapter 3: Suspects
    The night covered the entire city A. Albert checked the time: “Oh! At 12 o'clock at night, I have to go to sleep." Every time he dives into the investigation, he will forget everything. He hasn't even had dinner tonight. Albert frowned and walked over to the big refrigerator in the room. The inside of the freezer compartment is filled with delicious fresh fish. He took out a sea bass and soaked it in water to defrost it and started cooking. Flexible hands gently cut each piece of fish. He started to turn on the oil pan and fry those beautiful pieces of fish. Then he added spices and had a light meal that took little time. He happily ate all the delicious pieces of fish, he thought to himself: "If everything goes well tomorrow, the case will be solved, I will return to that boring life." He let out a long, frustrated sigh.At 8:00 am at the crime scene, the suspects have fully gathered. Albert looked at each of them one by one. The police officers arranged the room to ta
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    Chapter 4: Solving.
    At the crime scene, Captain Stan and Leonard just arrived and saw Albert already there. Seeing the two of them coming, he frowned and said: "If you guys let go so early, it's good that we'll have to catch the killer, but that's the job of the police, I don't care." His face showed an angry expression. Leonard smiled wryly and said: “Calm down, it's our fault, can you tell me who the killer is and how he committed the crime?” Seeing that Captain Stan still didn't say anything, Albert shrugged and pointed towards the door of the victim's room: “Now, I’m going to demonstrate how the killer got out of the locked room?” Then he pointed in the direction of the victim's body: "Did you notice a strange blood stain there?" The two men went to the victim's body, the scene was still intact. They only saw dried blood stains everywhere, Leonard asked: "Where is it, why can't I see it?" He pointed to the key chain: "Hey guys look at the bottom right next to the key i
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    Chapter 5: Trap
    City A police station, in a dark room with dim lighting, there was only one lamp shining directly into the women's face. Opposite the women is a middle-aged man looking at her with cold eyes, he shouted: "Jade Hiddleston, do you admit?" The women looked at him with a frightened expression as she said fearfully, “why do you arrest me? I didn't kill anyone. He’s the one I love, why would I kill him? ” The policeman growled: “If you don't plead guilty, just wait for us to take the evidence. Let's see what else you can argue with?" The women looked at him with a look or she said, “What evidence? I guarantee it's not me. ”While interrogating the women, the man suddenly saw Albert outside waving to him. Captain Stan got up and walked out of the interrogation room with a suspicious look. He said: "Can't you see I'm taking the suspect's bow? What's the matter? Could it be that the forensics team found the watch with blood on it?" Albert looked at
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    Chapter6: Hook, line and sinker.
    01:00AM everything is covered by night. In the dim light of the street lights, a shadow appeared. It moved quickly through the blocks. Moments later it arrived under a luxury apartment building. In the middle of the quiet night, while everyone was sleeping soundly, the shadow wriggled through the apartment gate without anyone noticing.It continued to move along the fire exit of the building and then went up to the 7th floor in a hurry. In the quiet rhythm of the night, only the gasp of a man mingled with the darkness. In front of his eyes was a room strewn with police cordoned off lines. He smiled and stepped inside, gently pulling out a watch from his pocket. He went to the corner of the room and placed it on the floor. In the middle of the cold, dark room, suddenly, a bright light appeared out of nowhere, making him blind for a moment. It took him a while to get used to the light. He saw standing in the corner of the room was a young man, holding a flashlight in his hand.
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