Mated to the Alpha of the West

Mated to the Alpha of the West

By:  Phoenix Storm  Completed
Language: English
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Book Three of The Luminary Quartet The bears were currently considered enemy number one, right alongside the elders of my species. The problem was, I didn't know them as that. To me, they were simply friends, family even. My mother's mate had been a bear shifter, and I had ultimately found my own other half within the Ursidae family, as well. Everything had been perfect for a single moment in time, and then I was fleeing my home, right after rejecting the bastard who thought he could put his hands on me. I vowed two things then: to never return and to never give a male that much power over me again. Yet, Luna apparently had some twisted plan laid out for my life because circumstances seemed to keep arising, bringing me ever closer to Reese in spite of my best intentions. The wolves' rapidly declining numbers sent us careening across the county in a race to prevent the destruction of our species by the bears, though I struggled with picking sides. New and old faces appear along the way as rogues and other heretofore unknown foes emerge to stop us, making it difficult to know who to trust during these tumultuous times. Will Scarlett hold fast to her deep-rooted beliefs during the journey, or will her perceptions shift as much as the reality she returns home to? *Note: While the main characters in each book will receive their HEA, I wouldn't recommend reading them out of order due to the overarching storyline that continues throughout them all. ***Warning*** This book is intended for adults 18+. It contains mature themes and adult language. Please read at your own discretion.

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*Please note the events of this book take place prior to the ending of South. This will not make sense to you if you haven’t read the first two books. Thanks!   Scarlett The quaint café was quiet after Ronnie and Willow had departed, no doubt the other townsfolk were busy enjoying the fresh air without Zeke’s interference bearing down on them at every turn, but my superior hearing could pick up on Mari in the back room with Roxi keeping her occupied. I shot a grateful smile to the older she-wolf who manned the counter before she went to tell Mari, who had excused herself earlier to keep an eye on Roxi when Lucinda’s hands were full, the coast was clear. Lucy had watched Roxi on the rare occasion all three of us happened to be busy in the past, and I knew Ronnie was elated for her help when I whisked Roxi out of sight after briefly meeting her mom’s alarmed eyes through the window outside
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  Scarlett We exchanged names and a few other details before Reese retreated, giving me the space that he had promised, but I persisted to feel the whisper of his decadent lips on mine as I ghosted through the house on light feet. I wasn’t surprised to find Mari wearing a reproachful look when I passed her in the living room, but I hurried by without pausing, irrespective. She was a great friend, and an even better listener. Howbeit, I had never been able to share the trauma of my past with her or Ronnie over the years, and I wasn’t about to relive those memories again now. I ignored the silent questions I felt her practically screaming at me as I recentered my mind on my goal upon entering my bedroom. My small bag filled up quickly in spite of me sticking to the essentials, so I was ready to go in less than ten minutes. In any case, I was planning to be on four legs for the foreseeable future anyway, and I didn’t
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Reese Ordinarily, I’m the levelheaded one out of the three of us. Asher joked around too much, and Jax had a tendency to act before he thought in most instances, although I conceded he had changed considerably in this regard since meeting Willow. I didn’t imagine kissing my mate on a whim for the first time, but I hadn’t been sure what else to do in the moment. She was going to reject me, just like that. I hadn’t even known her name at that point. Yet, her flaming locks, mile-long legs, and striking blue eyes were ingrained in my mind the second she had strolled into that room earlier this evening. Thank Luna, the mating bond seemed to have held us together for now, but for how long was anyone’s guess. She’d had this tortured look in her eyes when she began her rejection, like it was the last thing she wanted to be doing. Maybe I was imagining it, but I didn’t think so. The evident torment gracing her beautiful feature
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Reese I burned through a ridiculous amount of time and energy chasing dead ends, and I had almost given up altogether when I felt that first gentle pull. I had collapsed to the ground, resting my legs after travelling through most of the night when I noticed the first sign of something off. I had expected to find Scarlett within the hour, but my expectations were thwarted before long as the hour turned into me journeying through the territories in search of my wayward mate. She had managed to stay one step ahead of me this entire time, and I was nearing the point of exhaustion. Regrettably, I knew I would have to find somewhere to rest before I passed out in my present spot. I hated the idea of closing my eyes without her safe in my arms beside me, but I wouldn’t be of any use to her if I got myself killed while dozing out in the open. I couldn’t get the thought of rogues, bears, or any other heretofore unfamiliar threat out o
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Scarlett I had never seen Reese’s wolf before, but I would have bet everything I owned on the long-furred, gray wolf who appeared out of thin air being my mate, anyhow. Initially, I felt elation at his arrival, but it was overshadowed by the ensuing pandemonium unfolding after his advent. I wasn’t able to process the events transpiring around me until after I made Jace help me get Reese back inside the cave when he lost consciousness after the fight. I hadn’t noticed the dark shadows under his eyes before, but I couldn’t unsee his worn-out countenance now that I had, not feel horrible for putting him through the wringer when he had done nothing wrong. I searched my mind for another topic. I wasn’t ready to confront my inner demons, but I wasn’t thrilled with the alternate path I latched onto in my desperation either. It wasn’t easy to accept my former friends had completely changed from when I knew them. The bear shifter had s
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Reese I’d fought right alongside my males and the other alphas for two long years against the invading bears, and those years had been fraught with danger and death around every corner. Many wolves hadn’t made it through the darkest times in our recent history to be able to forge new beginnings. Even so, I honestly believed my jaunt through the forest with my mate to my home base would be what finally did me in. Our progress was slow at first due to our injuries and exhaustion, but we eventually made it to the pack house in the Western Province a few hours ago. It had been hell keeping my hands off of Scarlett, especially with Jace’s scent still clinging to her skin the few times we shifted shapes, and I was ultimately unable to resist at least kissing her enticing lips once more. She may have fled afterward, but it didn’t escape my notice that she returned my affections until she tore herself away, fleeing in a flustered stat
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Reese The renovations were coming along nicely, and there hadn’t been any more rogue attacks nearby since we arrived in the Western Province a few days ago. I idly wondered how long the calm would hold before everything went to shit again. Once I was sure Oliver was prepared for my absence, I found Scarlett, wearing a new path through the front lawn as she anxiously paced back and forth. “Are you ready to go, Fire?” She froze, stiffening as I approached, but she relaxed a second later, answering, “Yes. My wolf needs to run.” She didn’t dither, pulling the hem of the striking blue blouse she was wearing up and over her head as she finished her statement. I ripped my gaze away from her tantalizing curves on full display, knowing we would never make it to my personal refuge if I let myself drink in her figure. “Remember to stay with me. I’m not taking any risks with your safety, and you’re going to love the place
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  Scarlett My mind was racing a million miles a minute as I moved my feet over the rocky earth, wearing a path into the ground with the number of times I had already traversed it waiting for Reese so I could finally shift into my wolf de novo. I hated not being free to do as I wished, but I was used to the limitations after living under Zeke for so long. That wasn’t to say I was a stranger to breaking the rules, but I understood the importance of them this time, so I restrained myself from sneaking off for a sprint on my own. We had been here for a few days, but I hadn’t seen much of my mate. He crept into my room each night and slept near me as his wolf, but I made a concerted effort to avoid him at all costs each morning after. I knew it wasn’t the mature thing to do, but I was still struggling to come to terms with the idea of having another male in my life for any period of time, let alone another true mate. R
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  Scarlett Communication was hard while I was on four legs rather than two without mind link to connect Reese and I as we ran in sync after the scout. It was near impossible with us stealthily tailing the wolf who had been spying on us, and it made interacting with one another difficult, to say the least. I wasn’t sure if Reese had seen the same thing as me, but he followed after me without a second thought, regardless. Nonetheless, I didn’t need his deep voice constantly cautioning me in my head through mind link to know I needed to fall back as I began to comprehend the magnitude of what our sleuth led us to sometime later. Reese stayed shoulder to shoulder with me as I dashed back to the vehicle, but I didn’t bother shifting shapes when we got there. My mind was still reeling with the unmistakable indicators of the impending battle heading our way that Reese and I had uncovered.   I registered him speaking
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Reese My mind had been a muddled mess ever since the first second I’d laid eyes on the fiery vixen soaking in the hot springs before me in Jax’s lodge about a month ago, but I had felt more myself over the last several days as I used my analytical side to give the others the best chance to fend off the incoming attack. I hadn’t originally been sure if the infiltrators would follow the same pattern as they had been, but my beta had kept me updated about their movements on the fringe, so it was music to my ears when Oliver informed me the bears had funneled in through the North as we intended when they launched their assault. I had been consumed with dealing with all the information filtering in from elsewhere since the evacuation went off without a hitch. Consequently, Scarlett had been able to successfully avoid the topic of how she was so familiar with the bear shifters up until now. I slipped into the temperate water beside her, wad
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