A boyfriend for Christmas

A boyfriend for Christmas

By:  Ajala busola  Completed
Language: English
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To fulfill a promise to her late father, Aubrey Lynn posts an ad to hire a fake Boyfriend for Christmas

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Chapter 1
Hello there my story readers, here we go with another mind blowing story. Happy reading...-Wanted Fake Boyfriend for Christmas:Single male. Age 25-29. Must have a steady career/job.Not a creep or pervert. Okay with spending Christmas away from family.Needed only for a week.Will pay 2,000 dollars.Email: aubreylynn @gmail .com"Aubrey please tell me you didn't." Leah Davis stared down at the newspaper in front of her."It's not that stupid...is it?" Biting my lip I looked over my best friends shoulder at the ad."If you need me to answer that than you know the answer. And the paper, really? You couldn't have just put it on social media or something.""My family would have seen it if I did, so I put it in the newspaper...and made a few signs." Hearing it out loud, it really was stupid. Putting an ad up for a fake boyfriend is not my finest moment I tell you."Why do you even need to put an ad
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Chapter 2
We are never going to find someone!" I groaned as I slide into the booth alongside Leah and her boyfriend Oliver."Don't worry Aub we will." Leah patted my hand sympathetically. My hope was starting to diminish with each passing day. It has been almost a week since I put the ad in the newspaper and I have yet to find the perfect guy to bring home to my family."That guy wasn't too bad." Leah said."Leah he was 60 years old." Beside her Oliver chuckled, finding amusement in this whole thing. I shot him a glare but he kept laughing. He found this whole thing funny when Leah told him what I was doing.Leah and Oliver were not on board with this whole plan but every guy I've met so far they've both been here at The Busy Bean just a booth away in case I needed any help. I think the main reason Oliver tagged along was to get a kick at me meeting with a bunch of weirdos. I think it was payback for all the times I made him uncomfortable when he first started
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Chapter 3
""He doesn't love you!" I yelled through a mouthful of ice cream at the tv screen. It was Friday night and with nothing better to do I was currently watching Letters To Juliet while stuffing my face with ice cream; despite the cold outside.It's been exactly a week since I put the ad out and with no one working out I planned on spending the entire night wallowing. And there was no better way to do that than with rom-coms, junk food, and a glass of wine....or two.I knew from the start this wasn't a smart plan but being the irrational person I am, I did it anyways. I think one of the main reasons I did it was not because of the teasing my family did each year. No, it was the fact that they may be right. I may actually end up being the crazy cat lady but with dogs when I get older.Every guy I have dated hasn't worked out. They were either too self-centered to even care about my needs, both emotionally and sexually. Or they cheated on me and didn't feel an
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Chapter 4
 At exactly 9:30 am the next morning I walked intoThe Busy Bean with determination that today I was going to find the perfect guy. I woke up early this morning with a better attitude and I took that to mean today was the day.Not seeing Leah yet, I made my way to the counter and ordered a much needed Hazelnut Latte and a muffin before finding an empty booth. It was extremely cold outside which made my body crave the warm coffee. The cafe was slightly busy as it normally was on a Saturday morning. This was a popular spot for locals to come and get great coffee and good food.Right as my coffee and muffin were placed on the table, Leah along with Oliver walked through the doors. Oliver spotted me first since he stood at 6'2 and could easily see above everyone in the cafe."So another date, huh?" Oliver asked, standing in front of the table as Leah slid in first."Yeah some guy named Knox Mikelson. He was very vague in his email." I spoke ov
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Chapter 5
"No, I did."Looking away from Knox I found a girl no older than 18 standing next to the table. She was severely pretty and it only took a glance at her eyes to find the resemblance. She was clearly Knox's sister with the similar face structure and bright green eyes, but while he had brown hair hers was blonde.Does their entire family have good genes? Was my first thought."Olivia?" Knox questioned, turning to his sister. I watched as she took a deep breath and straightened her spine as if she was getting ready for something."I replied to the ad." She looked directly at her brother as she spoke before she glanced over at me."What was the ad for?" Each word was clipped as they felt Knox's mouth. I could tell he was trying to reign in his anger."To be her fake boyfriend for christmas." With each word Olivia's voice got softer and higher pitched. As soon as the words left her mouth Knox glanced back over at me. I couldn't help but blush und
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Chapter 6
AubreyIt was once again 8 o'clock at night and I was watching Love Actually while eating a tub of cookie dough. I had eaten all the ice cream last night so onto the cookie dough! I was wallowing once more about my stupid boyfriend plan as well as some other things. The cookie dough was helping but the cute holiday movie was not.I was still kind of pissed at the way the guy from earlier acted towards me. All day his face kept popping into my head, reminding me of how attractive he was but how horrible his attitude was. I had to keep reminding myself that even though he was hot he had a shit personality. Saying that only worked the first few times.I was in the middle of sending Leah a text when my phone buzzed with a new email notification. For a split second I hoped it was another guy interested but then I remembered my boss was suppose to send me some files about a new website.Finishing off my text I opened my emails only to pause. Right at the very t
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Chapter 7
The next morning I went to met Knox by myself. I didn't want to tell Leah in case it didn't work out. Plus I wasn't so sure how happy she'd be if I woke her up early again today for this. Sunday's were her sleeping in days. I've learned years ago to never bother Leah when she's sleeping.So despite the freezing temperatures outside I trekked from my apartment to The Busy Bean yet again. I was a regular here since it was so close to my place but this past week I've been here way too much. I think the waitress's were starting to wonder what I was really doing there; especially with different guys each time.Having gotten no sleep last night I was in desperate need of some coffee. For some reason I couldn't get my mind to shut off. I thought about work and the huge promotion which just stressed me out. Then I thought about today and Knox which made my stress levels go even higher. It was literally just one thing after another last night.Walking through the door of t
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Chapter 8
Because Knox apparently had to get back to work, we had to exchange numbers so we could meet again before we leave. I had hoped we would spend the entire day getting to know each other so this whole thing could be believable.When I got home from the cafe I was still reeling that he said yes. Knox was the exact opposite of someone who I thought would agree to this. He was actually the last person I thought I'd 'date'. He had this hard exterior and this impenetrable wall around him.Knox with his gruffness and intense personality was definitely someone I'm not usually into. I mostly found myself going towards the jock type of guy. Which of course never ended well. While Knox kind of had that golden boy look about him with the blonde hair and green eyes, he was definitely the 'bad boy'. Which just equaled troubled.I knew I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean this whole situation was unusual and any normal person would act the same way. So as I sat on
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Chapter 9
The next three days flew by. Between two sudden work projects, I hadn't had much time to talk to Knox. We've been texting back and forth a bit but the two of us have been too busy to really talk about the upcoming trip to my home town. We leave tomorrow and there was still so much to do."Excited to go home tomorrow?" Leah asked, laying on my bed with her feet up against my headboard. She was suppose to be helping me pack but ever since she got here an hour ago she hasn't moved."Yeah and no.""Do you and Knox have your story down?" Despite the fact that she couldn't see me I shrugged. Moving from my closet to the suitcase on my bed I answered."Yeah somewhat. We haven't really had time to get all the details down but enough to hopefully pass the whole thing off.""Think your mom will see through it?" Leah questioned."I hope not. But its only for a few days. And with Knox's sister Olivia coming it should take some of the pressure off."Read more
Chapter 10
The next day I was a mess. It was at 11:30 and I was running around my house like a fish with its head cut off. I was adding last minute things to my suitcase, while finishing up a few things for work, and stressing about meeting my family in a few hours.I was fine until Leah left last night. One second I was calm about this whole thing and the next I was stressing that this whole plan wasn't going to work. Afraid my family wouldn't believe Knox and I were dating and then disappointing my mom once again. And then on top of that getting this promotion.It was like suddenly everything was falling down onto my shoulders and the weight was getting too heavy to hold. Now here I was, Knox almost here and freaking the fuck out."Its okay Aubrey you can do this. Everything will work out. It has to." I told myself as I stuffed the last of my toiletries in my bag. My little pep talk did little to calm me down."This entire plan is stupid and here I am finally real
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