Until my mate comes

Until my mate comes

By:  Elcha  Completed
Language: English
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Anton and Amy grew up together. What happens when they also grow apart? Amy has a crush on Anton who avoids her in any cost. Will he change his mind? And what happens when they find their mates?

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29 Chapters
Alpha jack’s pov Today is the happiest day of my life, my son was born and my mate couldn’t look happier. But it’s not only that, my betas son was born the same day, two hours later. Everyone in the pack was celebrating for the next generation, the future alpha and the future beta of our pack.  We knew that they will be like brothers for all of their lives. My wife is a human so we had many complications during pregnancy, being pregnant with werewolves it’s always challenging for humans. We agreed that we wouldn’t have any more kids due to the risk.     7 months later It was a sunny day, went to check my warriors at the perimeter. Studently I was feeling pain, something was wrong with my mate.   In movies nothing bad is happening during a sunny day but this is life not a movie. ‘’Alpha, luna is in labor’’ my beta mindlinked me. It was soon too soon for her to have the baby. She was only 6 months pregnant.
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First day back to school
Amy’s pov Today was the first day back to school after the summer. I was looking forward to see my bestie. My best friend was the daughter of the alpha of the neighborhood pack. Him and my father were good friends and hoped that i and his son Peter we will turn out to be mates. Peter was always good with me and recently started to flirt with me. He and my best friend Katia are twins. They have the same characteristics, same blond hair and ocean blue eyes, both of them are tall but Peter is taller and more muscular.  Peter, Fabien and Antony are the most good-looking guys at our school, girls go crazy for them.  Fabien and Antony whore around all the time but Peter isn’t a player like them. ‘’Amy come down sweetheart to have breakfast’’ Antony’s mother called out. Aunt crystal was like a mother to me but I didn’t want to see it like that cause I have a crash over her son. She wasn’t our aunt by blood but we call her aunt. She took care of us every si
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Wolf transformation
Amy’s pov Katia and I were at the mall. The mall had 5 floors, it was the biggest in the area and it was at natural territory. Many werewolves from different packs could visit it and shop, but the main costumers were humans. ‘’So what’s up with you today? I thought you would be happy to see me but you look skeptical’’ I asked her worryingly. ‘’I am always happy to see you babe but I keep thinking about your brother, tomorrow is his birthday and I keep worrying that he might find his mate’’ she looked so sad thinking him with another girl. ‘’What will be will be, moon goddess made a mate for each one of us. I really hope that he’s your mate but if he’s not than you will find your mate, the one moon goddess made only for you’’ I said these worlds in order for me to hear them as well, because I was feeling the same with her. I didn’t really believe the words I’d said and I didn’t sleep much this week cause I was worrying sick about Antony finding his mate.
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You are distant lately
Amy’s pov Next morning i woke up early and went down for breakfast.  There was a celebrational breakfast for the boy's birthday. My dad was sitting looking proud for the boys and he talked with them about wolf things. Auntie was dancing with uncle happily at an old song named sway by Michael Buble. They were such a loving couple, I wish to be like this with my mate when I find him. In that thought I looked at Anto who was looking at me but he immediately looked away.   We had breakfast as a family but again Anton was distant. I can't quite understand what happened between us, we used to be so close. While we were driving at school I asked ‘’so what is the best think about having a wolf? The strength? The speed? The freedom?’’. They both smiled deviously saying ‘’ the mind linking’’. Now they could speak to each other even in a crowded place without anyone hearing them. I was happy seeing them so close and happy. While Anton was distant with me he wa
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A gift to remind you of me
Katia’s pov    As long as I can remember myself I have a crash on Fabien, my best friend’s brother.  No wonder here because he is handsome, half of the school has a crash on him. He sleeps with a lot of shewolves but never date any of them. He is also flirting with me every chance he has and I flirt back but he never makes a move. Sometimes I wonder if that’s his style, to flirt with everyone, because if he really liked me, he would have made his move. Amy gave Fabien his gift and she left us alone. He had a nice big clean room unusual for a boy. He had a double bed and I found my self thinking things to do with him at that bed, not that I had any experience but I had a great imagination. He had 2 sofas and a huge tv with a PlayStation. He had all this furniture inside his room and we were still standing at the door. We were staring each other in the eyes ‘’so this is for you’’ I said awkwardly and I gave him his present. It was a watch
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When i find my mate
Amy’s pov I went to Antony’s room to give him his present. I knock the door and he half opened it. I could see only the half of him. He wore only a towel and he was wet but no so wet as I was for him right know. I could see his muscular body and his six pack and as i could see water drops running down at his ups, I wanted to link them.  He saw me staring at him with a smirk but I couldn’t stop staring. I don’t know when I got so horny but believe me you would have been too if you had seen him in front of you looking so damn sexy. I could smell his shampoo mixed with he’s intoxicating scent and I wanted to get closer to him and sniff his neck. I didn’t have my wolf yet in order to blame it on her so it was all me. When you find your mate, their scent is the best smell for you in the whole word but somehow, I doubted that I could fine a better smell.  My eyes went from his abs to his neck than to his neck than to his arms imaging him lifting me and th
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Amy’s pov Today’s theme color was blue and silver, there were navy-blue and silver balloons and navy-blue tablecloths and napkins. There was a huge buffet that gammas were preparing for 2 days now. Auntie organized this party as she does for every party at our pack. It was full of well-dressed people chatting, dancing and eating. Going down the stairs I saw my brother talking to Katia. They seemed more interment, did I miss something?  Not that they were kissing or holding hands but they were standing close, smiling and staring to each other. They usually flirt but it’s something else, I know both of them very well and you can’t get this out of my mind. I’ll have to ask her later. Antony was standing alone at the bar looking me as I was going down the stairs. He was paying no attention to the girls around him and he was ignoring them when they went to flirt with him. I guess that his wolf was giving him hart time not liking any of them. It was ob
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Amy’s pov Next morning, I swore to myself that I’d stop trying with Anton. I couldn’t do anything to bring us close again and there was not even the slightest chance to make him like me. I had to move on. Today was practice day. Us that we don’t have our wolves we are practicing four days per weak. Practice is mandatory for us under 16 but I am practicing since I was five alongside with Fabien and Anton. Me and Fabien have to prove ourselves everyday because our mother was a human and everyone thinks that we are weak. Especially Fabien who has to prove that he will be a good and strong alpha. Even thought we have to prove ourselves no one is saying anything to us cause they are afraid but if you are paying attention enough you can hear whispers. Our pack members maybe they are afraid to oppose us but highly pack members from other packs they are not.  This of course doesn’t affect the attraction girls feel toward my brother, he is both good-looking and a
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Birthday breakfast
7 months after the birthday party Amy’s pov Today I’ll turn 18. Maybe I'll find my mate Today. My father hopes that he will be an alpha from another pack and that will help to Keep the peace. Peter's father and mine hope that Peter is my mate. If he is, I’ll find out in two months but i hope he is not. Don't get me wrong i love Peter but as a friend. There's no spark between us at least not from my part. I always wanted to love my mate because of who he is and not only because moon goddess made him for me. I wanted to be liked for my personality, someone who would cherish me and love me for who i am and not only because of the matting bond. I’ll hoped that I could met my mate and fall in love with him before we found out that we are mates. Ok I hoped that this someone would be Peter but he isn’t. He doesn’t have feeling for me and I don’t want to force feelings. I got of the bed, I washed my face and teeth, used the toilet and had a bath. Now I was lo
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Finding my mate
Amy’s pov It was 2 pm around the time I was born so I was waiting for my wolf near the forest. Peter, Katia and my brother were with me. Anton wasn’t here with us but I caught him glance at us from the window. I knew that during the transformation I will destroy my clothes, so I left another change of clothes behind the trees. Some wolves prefer to transform in private and to be naked in order to not destroy their clothes. That was not the case with me, I wanted to have my friends here for me. I was a little bit nervous and I wanted their support but most of all I wanted to share one of my most lifechanging and happy experience with them. After few minutes the transformation began claws appeared, my white fur appeared and my spine was breaking. ‘’it hurts like hell’’ I screamed. The first transformation is the more painful. When the transformation finished my wolf spoke to me ‘’hello Ams, lets run’’, we didn’t get far, we barely went 10 feet when my W
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