The Alpha Queen

The Alpha Queen

By:  Aurielle  Completed
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Book Two of The Moon & Sun Series After everything that I have been through in my decidedly short 18 years of life, I kara Ravenfield, am determined to show them all that I can in fact do this. It's not going to be easy, there's an unknown threat looming, and I feel it in my bones that it's going to affect so much more than just the other wolf packs. There's a new unexpected title for me to bear and somehow live up to. No pressure there. More like a ton of anxiety-inducing pressure. I thought I had all figured out, thought I knew exactly what to expect...but now everything is uncertain and I'm left feeling like I'm treading water in the hopes of not drowning. The thing, or perhaps I should say things, that keeps me going is knowing that I am not doing this alone, I have support. People who have my back but give me the courage and the space to do it my own way. After all, what more can you ask for in potential mates than pure acceptance and support.

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59 Chapters
Chapter One
I sighed and laid in the grass, my eyes closed as I enjoyed the warmth of the sun, the light golden and warm behind my eyelids, flushing my skin as I breathed deeply. The air was cool this high into the mountains, the scents sharp with the tinge of snow, the peaks closer than I had trekked before. I thought perhaps the higher up I was that it would be easier to get in tune with my dragon. So far it was not successful. I felt the different power just under my skin but so far I was unable to call it forward and shift. It was frustrating, considering it had been 2 weeks since I had felt the power unlock inside of me.“Still no luck, little one?” Brodryn asked as I felt him sit beside me. I smiled still with my eyes closed and shook my head as I lifted my hands into the air and stretched. I lifted myself up and rested on my elbows, my hair falling behind me and blowing in the breeze. I looked at Br
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Chapter Two
I made it to my room and walked in, sighing as I felt the cool breeze from the open archway, the green stained glass window making my room a kaleidoscope of colour that complimented the colourful stone, my emerald bed frame glinting from the sun. I took off my robe and left it over the footboard of the bed before laying down on my unmade bed and sighed as I picked up my phone from the bedside table, sighing as I saw the texts from Silas.I wasn’t fully ignoring him, I was texting him often, I just wasn’t telling him exactly what was going on because it wasn’t something I could fully explain to him. Because of the mate bond, it was very difficult and it hurt to hide things from him. I sighed and set my phone down, closing my eyes and bringing my blanket over me, tucking it under my chin as I lay on my side and look out the window.I turned as m
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Chapter Three
“Are we interrupting something?” Cadmus spoke from the doorway, making both of us turn. He and Magnus were in the doorway, both shirtless and in jeans instead of cotton pants. Just as I said no, Blaze said yes and pressed himself into me more causing me to gasp and my scent to flare in the room again. I shivered as all 3 males' eyes darkened and the sexual tension in the room skyrocketed. I hit Blaze in the bare chest and pushed on him so he’d climb off of me. I climbed off the bed and took a deep breath to steady myself.“You four will be the death of me. You weren’t interrupting anything. Just Blaze initiating a dangerous game and an uncomfortable conversation with Silas.” I explained with a shrug. Cadmus came towards me and ran his hand over my cheek, cupping it and tilting my face up to look at him.“Are you alright
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Chapter Four
I woke the next morning to a combination of my phone buzzing, the bright sunlight, arms around my middle and the door opening as I smelt the scent of late-night dew, crisp night air and night blossoms, letting me know it was Brodryn and the smell of pancakes and coffee let me know he brought breakfast. I sat up and stretched, glancing at the phone and seeing a morning text from Silas. I sent him one back quickly before smiling and moving my feet so Brodryn could sit on the bed, smiling as he placed the tray of breakfast by my feet. Magnus stirred and then sat up, looking surprised that he had fallen asleep with me in bed. Despite how many times we hung out late at night, we've never fallen asleep in bed together.“Did I wake you little one?” Brodryn asked as he held out a cup of coffee. I shook my head and took a sip, smiling as Magnus reached
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Chapter Five
I stayed in the water and sighed at the warmth, moving from the seat in the rock and instead, floating in the pool, shivering at how exposed I was but at the same time I didn’t really care at the moment. I was just enjoying the water and the wind on my exposed skin. I floated with my eyes closed, my hair long and floating around me in a wild swirl. It had grown so much longer in the short time I’d been here. I was convinced it had something to do with the abundance of magic flowing in every inch of this place. It just made you feel...more alive. I was sure that when I finally did leave the island that I would feel a little bogged down with the invigorating magic suddenly gone. I wonder if that’s how Magnus felt whenever he left his home.“Well, now that is a view I shall cherish for all eternity Darling.” His voice purred from nearby, making me gasp and sink into the water, du
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Chapter Six
I was woken a few hours later to the sensation of a warm body holding mine from behind, fingers tracing softly along my shoulder and back, small soft kisses being placed on the skin. I shivered and hummed at the sensation, hearing a sensual chuckle behind me that rubbed against my skin like fur and I knew without looking it was Blaze. His voice and laughter always laced with a touch of sensual magic. “What are you doing in my bed Blaze?” I asked, my eyes still closed as I snuggled into my bed more. “Well I came to wake you for dinner of course.” he teased, again his voice a purr against my skin. “Typically to wake someone, you don’t climb into bed with them.” I chuckled as I stretched before turning to face Blaze, my eyes roaming over his bare chest. “Well, that way
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Chapter Seven
“Well now, who is this beauty who seems to have captured my son’s attentions?” a commanding voice spoke for the doorway. I turned and saw a very tall strong man in the doorway. His hair was salt and pepper and hung around his shoulders in a nice wave. His face was stern but well-defined and aristocratic. He looked formidable but also extremely handsome. The epitome of a silver fox. His eyes were a deep blue, like the night sky and he carried himself like a man in charge, fitting as he was the king after all. “Father. I would like you to meet Kara Ravenfield or Yarrow. Kara, this is my father Callan Horne, King of the dragons.” I stood up and looked up at the king, giving a respectful bow before holding my hand for him to shake and gripping it firmly while doing so. He looked me up and down, giving me an assessing look before he nodded once and smiled brightly.
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Chapter Eight
I was woken in the morning by the scent of coffee and midnight dew of crisp night air, stretching and sighing as I sat up and smiled at Brodryn as he stopped beside my bed and held the coffee cup out to me. I took it with a smile and sipped it, moaning in satisfaction from the taste. I handed the mug back and stepped out of bed, full-body stretching and grunting in pleasure from the various pops and cracks, the stiffness of sleep vanishing as I stretched. I stepped towards Brodryn and wrapped my arms around his middle, inhaling his scent as He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me, placing a soft kiss on the top of my head. His bare chest was warm under my head and the soft fabric of his black lounge pants brushed against the bare skin of my legs. “Good morning little one. Did you have a good sleep?” He asked as he pulled away enough to cup my cheek in his large hand, my face immediately nuzzling int
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Chapter Nine
I took a hot shower and scrubbed every inch of my skin, making myself nice and sudsy before rinsing and stepping out, drying myself with a towel, one wrapped in my hair and made for the door before stopping as my hand touched the doorknob. I did not bring clothes in the bathroom with me, I would have to go out there in my towel and into my closet. Jeez, that's a disaster waiting to happen. I took a deep breath and opened the door before stepping out, looking at the brothers in surprise as they lounged in various spots along my room. Cadmus, sitting in the reading chair in the corner, Blaze and Magnus lounging on the bed and Brodryn sitting on my vanity chair. I looked at each man, holding their gaze and flushing slightly, a bright happy smile on my face and a warm happy feeling spreading through me. I was so very grateful to have them in my life, to have them care for me the way they did. I bit my lip and
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Chapter Ten
“Darling, we’re over your pack. Time to wake up.” Magnus' voice woke me from a very deep slumber, a yawn leaving my lips the moment I opened my eyes. I sat up and held onto his neck spikes, shivering at the chill in my bare toes as we descended through the clouds, the pack lands coming into focus as Magnus made for the big open space of the training grounds, cries and shouts being heard as everyone caught sight of us. He descended in slow arcing moves till he lowered to the ground with a very grateful landing, dropping the bags to the side and allowing me to climb down. The moment my feet touched the ground he started to shift back so I turned with a blush and pulled out a pair of jeans from his bag and held them out to him. I turned to the gathered crowd as I saw the various looks of shock at seeing a dragon up close and spotted Varin in the front. He nodded in greeting before whistling and telling every
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