The Luna's Pretended Love Interest

The Luna's Pretended Love Interest

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After my father, I started working as a Beta for the Alpha of my pack. He was not an alpha just because he had Alpha's blood or had the abilities to become Alpha. He was an Alpha because he was mated to the Alpha's daughter, Mrs. Stacey Adams Brown. She had all the qualities of becoming an Alpha and leading the pack. She was sweet, kind and a great leader. But she let her mate rule the pack. She was everything that anyone wanted in his mate but everything changed two months back when her mate... The love of her life left her for another woman who could bear his child as the Luna was barren. She went from the woman that believed in mate bond to someone who used to make fun of it. She went from happy to rude, sweet to bitter, loving to heartless. She was no longer the Luna that she was before. But never did I think that she would ask me to pretend as her love interest to take revenge on her ex-mate.

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45 Chapters
Derek’s POV.I checked all the files multiple times and then sighed in relief before knocking on my Luna’s door. I was not sure in what mood she would be in today.‘Well, I guess, I know.’“Come in, Derek.”, She said.I made my way into her office and saw her working on the laptop. She was sitting on the couch, instead of her chair today. I made my way over to her desk and kept the files in alignment so that she would read them on a priority basis.“Have you brought all those files which I had asked for?”, Luna asked and finally looked at me.&l
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Derek’s POV . I was waiting for Luna in the car because she had to go to the club, AGAIN. Finally, I felt her presence but instead of sitting in the back seat, she opened the door of the front seat and sat beside me. “Let’s go, Derek.”, She said casually. “Luna, why are you sitting in the front seat? I mean you never sit here.” “If we are going to pretend only on that night then Adams might get to know that I did everything on purpose. So, we have to start spending time together in public from now on.”, She explained. I didn’t say anything about that and started the engine of the car. *** “Would you like a drink?”, She asked. Currently, we were sitting in the VIP booths. Generally, Luna used to drink alone or with some random guys but from tonight she was going to drink with me. This was what she had said in the car. “Just water. I am driving, so I am not drinking.”, I politely declined her offer. “Good decision.”, She chuckled. Someone came over, taking our drinks orders, an
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Stacey’s POV.I woke up because of the irritating sound of my alarm, with the feeling that someone was hitting my head with a hammer over and over again. I groaned in pain with my head pounding. How much did I drink last night? And how did I even get here?After drinking with Derek, the rest was a blur.Derek! He must have got irritated because of me. I would apologize to him for last night. I slowly sat up on the bed, not wanting to rush because I knew that I was on time, at least till now. I looked around and found medicine for my headache and water.I knew that I kept my medicine in this place itself but I was not sure that I had brought water for myself last night. At the same time, there was a knock at the door and I jumped a bit, wond
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Derek’s POV.I couldn’t help but smile when I heard that I don’t have to go to the pub or pretend anything in front of anyone tonight. I remembered how everyone was behaving in the morning, there were too many whispers and questions all because Stacey and I walked into the pack together.I was sure, many of them would be knowing that she spent her time with me in the pub, and not to forget, I didn’t return to my home after dropping her at her penthouse. What's wrong with everyone?Why do they need to give so much attention to other people's lives?At last but not least, Adams's drama, which he created in front of everyone.I w
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Stacey’s POV . My eyes widened on seeing how red his ears and cheeks were. He was blushing. Aahhaaaa! This gave me a perfect opportunity to tease him. “Are you blushing?”, I smirked. “No. go away” “You are. I am sure you are used to all these compliments.” “Well, it definitely doesn’t include my Luna.”, He said, raising his brow at me, trying to stop a smirk that was creeping on my lips. But that was not so easy. “You love it, don’t lie.”, I said with a wink before walking away, getting back to my cooking. Not another word was said after that. I knew I was flirting with him. Well, you couldn’t blame me for that. The more I spent time with him after work, the more I found him attractive in many ways. *** I observed him running his tongue over his lower lips as he was having his dinner. “It’s too good, Stacey.”, He said and looked at me. “Thank you.” Even if he wouldn’t have praised the food, I would have guessed it by his expression. The constant running of his tongue over
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Derek’s POV.I finished cleaning all the dishes in approx fifteen minutes. At the same time, I gave myself time to pull myself out of all the thoughts which appeared just because I was damn too close to her. I couldn’t understand, I had worked and stayed near her all her life but she had never behaved in this way. But now that we had spent time outside the packhouse a couple of times, I started feeling attracted to her?‘What is all that about?’‘There’s nothing wrong in feeling attracted to her.’, Rex pointed out.‘Read more
Derek’s POV.‘Derek…. Derek...wake up now, or you will get late.’‘Please, Rex! Please tell me that last night was all a dream’, I asked him, without opening my eyes.‘It wasn’t not. Now wake up.’, I groaned, hearing those horrible words. I slowly sat up, taking the pain killers even though I knew that I wouldn’t need them, Rex’s healing ability had already taken away all my headache. But above all, I didn’t want to move out of the bed. I didn’t want to go to work and face her.But I knew I had to.I couldn’t let what happened last night mess with my duties and responsibilities.Read more
Derek’s POV.It was night and finally, I was relieved that finally, this day came to an end. I just hope that she doesn’t have any plans to go to the pub or anywhere else. I was feeling tired and wanted to grab some sleep. And also I was eager to get away from her.No! No. She didn’t do anything this time. It’s me who wanted to stay away from her.“All right, Luna. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”, I said and was hoping to escape to my room as soon as possible.“Not this soon, Derek.”“Oh, okay! Are you plann…”“No! I am not going anywhere but you are. You need to come to me.”
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Derek’s POV.“Stacey, we are not going to attend the party right now! I don’t mind seeing you without makeup.”, I said when she was taking a lot more time than I had thought.“Just a minute.”, I heard her voice and kept tapping my feet on the ground annoyingly because I was feeling hungry. “Don’t make me come in there.”I heard her groaning. Maybe she was getting annoyed. But I didn’t give a damn about it. Finally, the door of her bedroom opened and she walked out of her room to the living room where I was waiting impatiently for her. As soon as she was in front of me, my eyes trailed over her body. I wouldn’t lie but she had good taste. The dress showed her legs off, showed the curves of her hips, and made her ass look good.
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Derek’s POV.“Derek, isn’t that you? Why the fuck are you answering my mate’s phone? Give it to her right now.”, He growled.“Sorry Adams. I won’t give her a phone right now. She’s busy.”“Busy? Busy doing what?”, He growled. “Oh, Okay I got it! She’s busy getting fucked by you, isn’t it? I always knew that you both were seeing each other even before we were separated.”, He growled. I signaled Stacey, not to cry, at least not for this man.“Wow, you are a genius, you already knew what we were doing since then. And I must say dude, Stacey is too good in bed.”“Fuck, yes, please, don’t stop&
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