Two Mates of The Late Blooming Luna?

Two Mates of The Late Blooming Luna?

By:  Mahek_Salvatore  Updated just now
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This is story about an innocent girl named Elena, who dared to run away from her fate… Elena Swan, a destined Luna of Dark Sapphire pack decided to live her life as a normal human by hiding her wolf from the world. She questioned her life choices when she met her kind and gentle mate only in his wolf form only for him to disappear for years ahead. Her peaceful existence became a mess when to avoid a possible danger, her pack decided to merge with the enemy pack, only for her to find, Luke the arrogant and jerk future alpha of Moonshine pack to be her mate? How can she possibly have two mates? Who is the real one? She found herself in hot water, when a merciless and murderous vampire, Evandor Adino, became obsessed with her. The deadly vampire gave her a choice to save her mate and her family by being with him willingly or can lose everyone and still be with him forcefully. Will she sacrifice herself to save her love or will she sacrifice her pack to save her freedom? Or will she fight for her love and her pack and become a true Luna? Get along on the journey to know more about the nerve wrecking adventure of the ‘Two mates of the Late Blooming Luna?’

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161 chapters
The night when I first saw you!
I woke up in the middle of the night feeling an intense pain in my body. The pain started from my core and passed to my chest and spread to every single cell in my body and lastly, I could feel my bones breaking!I screamed!I screamed in pain…!The pain was insane!I finally realized, It’s today… I am changing..  But I can’t… I shouldn’t... I don’t want to… Please…. Please..I looked outside of my window to see the moon brightly glaring on me, making me howl in pain.I can’t control myself….Why don’t I have a choice? I hate it…. I hate this change… I hate being a…“I need to get out of here before anyone could see me” were the only words which came out of my mouth as I tried to get up from my bed.I jumped out of my window and ran towards the forest as fast as I can.I heard the guards guiding the
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The Merge!!
 “WAIT!” I screamed loudly while getting up from my bed while I raised my hand horizontally to stop the wolf. I had erratic heartbeat and was sweating heavily throughout my body.“I didn’t even touch you yet” said Lily, my dear best friend, while raising her hands in defense.“I wasn’t talking to you. I just had a dream about…” and I started talking about my fantasy dream again.“About your handsome werewolf again?” asked Lily with a cheeky grin on her face.She sat on my bed next to me with hearts in her doe eyes to discuss the dream, she has heard thousands of times.To which I replied in a low tone,“Yeah”“So, the handsome guy you meet in your dreams is a dark brown colored werewolf, right?” asked Lily curiously as she remembered the details, of course.She has to discuss it every single time! She is just mad for handsome wolves!
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You can't be merely be a human!
“No! It can’t be!” I said in utter shock, I hid my face in my palms as it was just too much for a single girl to handle at 5.30 in the morning!Observing my building depression, Lily tried to change the topic to lighten the mood. “Well, I heard that your parents want to discuss certain matter with you. You should better get ready, my real-life panda, you take all the time in the world to get ready” Lily replied while bowing.“Stop eavesdropping on people, for God’s sake” I said as I knew she must have heard my parent’s conversation on her way to my room.“I will try” replied Lily with a wink and left the room like a happy puppy.‘I can’t believe they are really merging! But why? Why my parents need to merge with those measly creatures who looked down on our family by saying my great great grandfather isn’t fit to be the Alpha of our clan’ I wondered.
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Fear of the Blood Diamond!
“Mom, dad! Why are we merging with Moonshine?” I asked in a demanding tone.“Oh! So, you heard about it” said my mother with a bitter smile while looking at Lily with the corner of her eyes causing her to choke in her food and my father passed her a glass of water.Everyone knows how Lily works like my spy in the pack and she is so shamelessly proud about the fact! “Yeah, I did. Now answer me, why are we merging with those pathetic creatures?” I asked in an enraged tone while hitting my palm on the table making a thud noise.Overflowing with emotions, I didn’t even let them answer my question and blasted them with more.“We are merging with them in a week and still nobody considered telling me? Why we are in such hurry? Nobody wanted to know my thoughts in the matter? Am I not important?” I asked feeling completely betrayed by my own family and pack.I felt like a used tissue!<
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Star of the Night!
“My hot future Alpha is coming! Be ready to make him feel home” said Lily with a wide grin.“He is not coming here to marry. I will try to make everyone from their pack especially the Alpha and Luna to feel home. Now, get out of my way” I said moving away from the betrayer who gave me only half of the news.“Oh, come on. It will be fun. We need to surround ourselves with good looking company. I mean good company” said Lily with a small chuckle.It wasn’t a slip of tongue, it was slip of truth!“Be a little gentle and get ready to greet your future brother-in law” said Lily jumping like happy fluff ball.“Whatever! Stop following me! I am done talking to you!” I said running away from her.“Listen to me! the hotiiee alpha..” shouted Lily following me to nag me more. One week later,I woke up early in the morning to get re
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‘What was that about?’ I thought confusedly.As I reached down, my father came forward to take my hand from Liam’s and started introducing me to the unfamiliar faces standing in front of me.“Everyone, this is my lovely daughter, Elena. She is going to be the Luna of our pack soon” said my father proudly introducing me to the bunch of unknown faces.“And Elena dear, this is Alpha Arthur Smith and his wife, the Luna, Mrs. Emma Smith”“Hello, really nice to meet you” I said smiling while shaking hand with both of them.“Pleasure to meet you, beautiful” said Alpha Arthur with a gentle smile.‘Not much pleasure in my case’ I thought but plastered a fake smile on my face.“You have such a lovely daughter” complimented Mrs. Smith with such genuine motherly that I couldn’t think anything bad about her.“Thank you” I replied shyl
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Can I have two mates?
Both of our eyes widened in shock as a word rolled out of our tongues at the same time,“MATE!”Neither of us spoke. We were completely speechless. Both of us were just staring at each other at that compromising position with utterly astonished expressions on our faces.How could this be possible?I have already found my mate!He can’t be my mate!I was dragged out of my train of thoughts when the third person decided to speak in the matter.“Did you both just say ‘Mate’? What was that? Did I see sparks generating from your bodies?” asked Alice with the same shocked expressions but soon it changed into the brightest and most approving smile on her face.“You guys are Mates!” she added jumping happily.“What?” asked both of us in unison.We looked at her confusedly then at each other and I realized that we were not at stable position yet.Luke
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We are best friends. We judge people together!
“Hello, Ms. Elena Swan. I am Ira Blossom” said a beautiful blonde girl while standing next to Luke.‘She is a bit too close to be just a pack member, she must be a close friend’ I thought while looking at the almost invisible distance between the two.Alice, on the other hand, moved away from her in the fraction of seconds and stood next to me making it obvious that she doesn’t like her that much.Even the real late bloomer, Lily also observed that.She smiled at Luke who didn’t show any emotion on his handsome face.He then turned towards me with his signature expressionless face.“She is the daughter of my father’s beta” Luke said coldly without even glancing at her.“Pardon me. Let me introduce myself again. Hello, my name is Ira Blossom, daughter of Beta, Ethan Blossom. It’s an honor to meet you, Ms. Elena Swan, the future Luna” Ira corrected in a more elegant
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The self centered b*tch
“Okay, then no problem. I thought something really bad happened to…” Lily said with relieving expressions but stopped in the middle of her statement, when her unpunctual mind finally decided to translate my sentence to her.“Wait a minute! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” she shouted in shock.“Stop shouting! Keep your pretty little mouth shut! Do you want our entire pack to know that? Why are you always ready to make an announcement about me?” I asked keeping my palm on her mouth.“He is your mate?” she asked in a whisper after removing my hand from her mouth.“Yes. When he saved me from falling, our body touched and then those sparks, you know the rest” I said in a frustrated tone.The uncontrollably romantic Lily didn’t pay attention to any of the details except for one.“Ooo, he saved you from falling, how romantic! How does it feel to be in his muscular arms?” S
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Craving for each other
“WHAT??” she asked in utter astonishment. “You heard me, ‘I will ask him to reject me’. I am not interested in him at all. I only love my handsome wolf mate. Unlike Luke, he is such a gentleman. I will wait for him” I said smiling while thinking about my dear wolf. Blood drained from Lily’s face when she heard my reply for the second time, with worried expressions she stated, “You can’t just force him to reject you!” “Try me” I said replied in a challenging tone and the corner of my mouth twitched into a smirk. “Did you forget the fact that he must also agree to reject you? You can’t do it yourself!” Lily replied in frustration. ‘Why is she so frustrated? I know everything’ I thought before replying confidently, “I know. I don’t think he is that much interested in me either. I guess we have mutual feelings about it” “How do you know that? Have you seen ‘You’?” she asked while pointing towards me, referring to the fact h
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