The Path Less Traveled

The Path Less Traveled

By:  Karel Banks   Ongoing
Language: English
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Venus refuses to jump right into mate life as soon as she turns 18. After being able to fight off the mate bond she sets out on a year adventure to find out who and what she is. With guidance from higher powers she slowly finds her answers. Jason her mate refuses to except that she can't feel the bond and follows her. Will Venus allow Jason in before it's too late? Can she except her fate and the mate bond before everything she's been searching for crashes down around her? Or will a dark force use her as a pawn to get what he wants?

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    10 chapters
    Chapter One
    VENUS P.O.V. ........   "Get the fuck out of here!" I yell as soon as I heard my door open. I knew what was coming. I knew what today was and I was dreading it.    "Venus May Moon! What did you say to us?" My mom screeches in my ear. I knew I had fucked up but I wasn't in the the mood for their crap this morning.  "You heard me mom. Take yourself and dad and get the hell out of my room. I'm not leaving this bed until tomorrow and then I'm heading straight to the airport. I'm done being here. I refuse to go to the Full Moon Bonfire and I refuse finding my mate until I'm good and ready. I'm 18 now you have no choice but to leave my fucking room and get the hell out of here!!!!"  I knew as soon as I said that I was going to regret it but I didn't give a flying fuck.   Ever since I could remember it had been drilled in me and every woman in the pack that once we turn 18 we are to find our mate and get started on making a fam
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    Chapter Two
        With this morning's upset now forgotten, my mom was fussing over me. Not only was tonight the full moon Bonfire but also it was my birthday party. My mom had gone over the top with decorations and food. My birthday cake matched that of a huge wedding cake.  "Mom, don't you think this is a little over the top?" I asked her "It's not everyday that your only daughter turns 18. So I decided to make it the best birthday yet." My mother replied.  I had never really been into big parties. Everytime my mom threw one, I always managed to sink into the background and read my books. I kept to myself. I didn't have any friends and had never even had a boyfriend.  I really kept myself from ever having anything to tie me down. I was leaving tomorrow and not looking back until I had finished seeing everything.  "Now don't you look absolutely beautiful." My mother whispered She had spent the last week taking me
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    Chapter Three
    Jason's P.O.V. ......"Jason wake up""No""Jason wake up""No, go away""Jason should I remind you of what today is."At that my ass flew out of bed and straight into the shower."Goddess, Alex what didn't you start with that?" I asked my wolf"Well I didn't think you would forget that today is our mate's birthday and the day she will finally know who we are to her." Alex replied sharply."I'm sorry, but I wasn't the one pacing back and forth all night keeping me awake most of the night."" I'm sorry but it has been a long year. Especially the last few weeks." Alex replied  I knew what he ment. For most of the year we had been able to keep our longing at bay. But these last few days without getting to see or talk to Venus my head was starting to hurt.   I had told Zeus the moment I felt the bond. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The day when all my worries and fears went aw
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    Chapter Four
    Jason's P.O.V. ......Now.....Zeus' words have been repeating themselves in my head over and over again for a year. At first it drove me crazy. Venus is calm and level headed. She always kept to herself. She wasn't like most girls. But I knew how stubborn she could be when her mind was set on something. I also knew there was no way Alex would allow her to be that far away from him for a year. But we also didn't want our mate unhappy and to resent us. Two days after her 17th birthday I sat down and talked with her parents and Zeus. We had all agreed that I could go with her for six months. But then I would have to return to start my beta duties. Zeus was to take over as alpha this year but for the sake of Venus and my sanity, Zeus and his parents agreed to put it off for one more year."Hey, Jason you up man?" Zeus called to me through the mind link."Yes. I just woke up." I answered back. " Well you need to stay out of Venus' way until this
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    Chapter Five
       Later after I have made my rounds and acted the part of the happy, birthdary girl, I find my mother. I know if I were to go straight to my room she would come and chew me out later.     "Hey, mom, do you mind if I finish packing and go to bed? Since we have to get up early I want to make sure everything is ready to go and I get enough sleep" I make sure to sound tired and warn out.     " Umm, sure sweetie. But did you get enough to eat?" She asks me with a weird look in her eyes.     "Oh, yes Jason brought me a plate full of ribs at the beginning of the party and then I snacked here and there. Now I'm just tired and ready for tomorrow." I say to her trying to sound as exhausted as I can.     "So I'm guessing no sign of your mate then?" She asks me again with a weird look in her eyes.       Like she knows something I don't or they don't think I know
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    Chapter Six
     "So when is your flight?" Asked Alpha Jackson as soon as I shut the door to his office.   " 2 hours after Venus' flight." I replied not shocked he already knew what this meeting was about.    "Jason, dear, are you sure Venus is your mate?" Luna Alice asked me     " Yes Auntie. I am 100% sure that she is. There is no denying this bond. Alex seems to think a higher power is blocking her side of the bond." I said to her seriously.   "A higher power? But, how? I mean I know Venus was dead set on not finding her mate this evening, but I'm sure she wouldn't of went to a witch or anyone capable of blocking her side of the bond." Alpha Jackson said shocked at what I had just said.  " I don't think so either. But I think maybe the goddess may have something to do with it. I've heard her praying at night every night for the past month." Zeus said quietly.   "But why on earth
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    Chapter Seven
    Zeus P.O.V. .... Same Night....    "He will come to you in time."   Those words kept playing in my head. Who is he and way was he coming to see me?    "Zeus, I think I know who is coming." Hercules my wolf said to me.   I had always thought it weird that my wolf's name was Hercules. I know why my mother named me Zeus. Her love for Greek mythology ran deep. She even took classes in college when her and dad were first mated. She went until she had me. She always said it called to her. Like she was reading her history. I knew her great grandparents came from Greece and her grandmother. It was in our blood.     " Me too Herc. It has to be Zeus himself. It's almost as if I can feel him already. " I replied. The air around us lately had been static and electric. Or perhaps I can feel them in the air. "He's coming, but, when I can't tell you."     Dre
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    Chapter Eight
    Jason's P.O.V....     "Now I know that I can't make you stay but where's your heart..."  My eyes snap open at the sound of Venus' alarm going off. I lay there and wait to hear her start singing like she does every morning. It's the most favorite part of my morning. Her voice is amazing. I could listen to her sing all day long.  "Yeah, me too, but we won't be hearing her sing for awhile." Alex says to me annoyed.    "Well then hush so we can." I say back to him just as annoyed.    "So many bright lights, they cast a shadow, but can I speak?"   Suddenly the music is shut off and I hear her shower start. I guess no singing this morning. Suddenly I feel upset by it. I know it's because she's got a tight schedule this morning. But I still can't help it. Her voice gives me the strength to get through the day. But it didn't last long. Soon my mind is with her in the shower. I cou
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    Chapter Nine
    Venus P.O.V.....       Saying goodbye to my parents and brothers was the hardest thing I have ever done. I had almost decided not to go, but the thought went away as quickly as it had come about. I was on a mission and I couldn't let the fear of leaving my family stop me. The trip from our small pack airport to Sea-Tac airport was quick and smooth. Now I was safely nestled into a first class cubby. There was alot of room. I had my own T.V. and mini bar. The flight attendant told me since I was underage they had taken any alcohol and replaced it with extra pop and water. My parents had sent notice to them ahead of time. As I looked into the mini bar I noticed that the only pop in there was Dr. Pepper and Cherry Dr. Pepper. Grabbing a cherry one I closed the door and chuckled to myself. I wonder how much they "Donated" to the airline to get this kind of treatment. Suddenly I saw a small cubby with a door. Curiously I opened the door, and to my surpris
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    Chapter Ten
    Zeus P.O.V....   "Zeus how are the calls going?" My dad asks after I hang up the phone with another Alpha from the east coast.      "Actually, surprisingly everyone I've talked to has been understanding. Every one is coming. We will have Alphas from 75 packs across the country are coming in next week. Most of the states that have multiple packs have all agrees to send one to get the information and pass it along. That is going to help us not having to try and house so many people. They have all agreed to three people coming. Most it will be their Beta and Luna. But there are some bringing their next in line and Beta. It was hard getting them to agree to no warriors. I had to tell them that I was sending out a Code of Conduct agreement. This is neutral grounds. There will be no fighting unless they want us to put them on trial in front of the elders. The only one who won't take my call is Alpha Riker. His Beta keeps telling me he's busy and that he
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