The Queen's General

The Queen's General

By:  Kaycee Molina  Ongoing
Language: English
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For 16 years Olina has been hiding in plain sight at the pack of her future mate. As a royal, she has known who her mate was since the first time she met him, even if she was only 2. Now it's two days past her 18th birthday, and the man she has loved all her life, marked another. As she reels with the pain of the rejection and marking, she returns to her original pack, her home. Along with her best friend and guardian, Waryn, who came with her to her mate's pack as toddlers, Olina returns only to find that her new plan of avoiding any possible future with a mate won't be that easy. Her mother has a plan, and as the next full moon passes and her bond breaks with Syn, it seems so does fate. But as she comes face to face with all shes ever wanted, she realizes it comes with a price. Facing a future unlike the one she spent 16 years preparing for, Olina steps up against a new mate, a new role in her pack, and a new enemy in the form of a familiar face, one who wants her royal bloodline to end at her.

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45 Chapters
{ Olina } The pain of the rejection seeped into my bones like a poison. I’d never known this kind of sadness, and my royal blood wasn’t helping me now. It doesn’t matter where or who you are from, rejection feels the same. His eyes never left mine, they had settled into slits and I could hardly make out the flickering yellow that always sparkled in his irises. “Accept it,” he told me, his voice hoarse as if he was fighting himself to get the words out and get this over with. “You don’t want to do this, she is not who you think she is,” I find my voice speaking without even realizing it. I have to give him one more chance, the consequences of this effect more than just he and I. His eyes open slightly more and I can see the anger boiling inside him now. I finally realize it is too late, and the same time I realize this, she steps up next to him with her
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Her scent hit me as I rounded the first corner in the entry into the common area. As I smelled her the tears welled up and soon enough I was engulfed in her hugs. “Oh my baby, oh I’ve missed you so much!” She told me. I hugged her back just as intensely. “I’ve missed you too, Mama,” I told her through the tears. “Why are you here? Do you need something?” she asked as she pulled away and held me at arms length. “Like help to plan your Luna cer-” She suddenly stopped as she took in my tears and my demeanor. I knew I couldn’t hide from her, no matter how much I might have wanted to. “What happened.” She said, this time her voice was steel and her smile gone. “I’ll tell you, but first lets send Ryn home to see his family and go to the kitchen, I’m
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A soft knock echoed through the room as I was leaving the bathroom, freshly showered and in my robe. I walked over and opened the door to find Ryn standing there with a box in his hands as he shifted his weight between his feet. His eyes caught mine and then they widened as he glanced over my frame, realizing I was just wearing a robe. We had been friends all our lives, very close friends, and he had seen me naked from shifting, but he had always been uncomfortable with it. “Oh… I, uh, um… I can come back your highness, so sorry, I Didn’t realize you were…” he trailed off as he couldn’t seem to finish a sentence. I saw he was about to take a step away so I reached out for him to stop. “Ryn, it’s fine, of course. I’m fully covered. And for the love of the Goddess, call me Oly. Just cause we are home doesn’t mean we aren’t the same friends we were b
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I open the door and see she isn’t here yet so I walk around the room. We call it her office, but really its her cave. She does have a desk to one side that she uses for all her queenly duties that require her attention. But the rest of the room is where her heart truly lies. She has an enormous table that is on wheels in the middle of the room. The room itself is rounded and the entire rounded part of the wall is completely made up of windows, overlooking the forest. On the large table are her two sewing machines and cutting mats, along with random fabrics from whatever her current project is. Shelves line the other wall, all completely organized with fabric by color, art supplies, canvases, scrapbooking. No matter what creative mood strikes her, she has all the supplies she could ever need in this room. On the walls, the little bits there were anyway that were visible, is art that Quai and I made when we were younger. The one that catches my eye was suppo
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"What are you doing here?” I spat at Darin as he shifted back, standing stark naked by the water and looking me up and down as if he could see my naked self. “Want some company, princess?” he said as he took one step toward the pond. “Want another broken nose?” I asked with my eyebrow raised. “Lucky shot,” he said as his eyes narrowed into slits. “We are gonna find out if thats true if you take another step toward me, Darin,” I warn him as I pick up a rock below the surface. He didn’t seem intimidated and took another few steps into the water. I had my grip tight on the rock and was about to raise it up to throw it at him when I heard another voice. This one, was pissed. “Get out of the fucking water, Darin.” I feel some of the weight off my chest as his voice comes f
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There was a knock on the door and I opened it to find Ryn standing there. We hadn’t seen each other much since he accepted the General position the day after the waterfall. He was now busy learning the ropes officially from his father as he would take over in a year the same time as Quai and had a lot of catching up to do. “Hey! They really rely on you to do everything with me like you’re still my guardian, don’t they?” I joked but he only smiled. “I am your guardian, I always will be.” he told me softly. “Well, I guess technically thats true, as the general of the army you’re all of our guardian in a way.” He didn’t respond only held out his elbow for me to take. He was wearing a navy blue dress shirt with it rolled up to his elbows, black jeans, dress shoes, and his jet black hair was shorter like he had buzzed it since the last time
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{ Ryn } Seeing her in that pink dress was physically painful as her hand settled comfortably into the crook of my elbow and she relaxed at our touch. I felt my own heart rate subside as she drew closer to me on instinct and the corners of my mouth turned up. My anxiety was through the roof at the prospect of what the night might hold. For her. For us. I’d felt a draw toward her ever since I turned 18. I can’t stop thinking about her. She is practically my reason for getting out of bed. Protecting her is all that matters and watching Syn hurt her brought all of the feelings I’d been suppressing come up full force. He wasn’t her destined mate after all. She was a royal, she absolutely had a mate. Which meant she had another. And I had an inkling, I wasn’t just drawn to her because we were good friends. We walked arm in arm through the party as if we belonged together. I shot glares at any men
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When I woke up the next day it was pouring rain. I put together my bag and loaded it up in the sedan that Catalina had waiting for us. We said goodbye to her parents and then set off. We had a long drive at first so we settled into a rhythm as we drove of chatting and snacking. It was late afternoon before we came to the borders of the second most southern pack. We needed to cross their territory before we made it to our destination. We stopped at the border as patrols came up. As soon as they came and scented Catalina they dropped to a knee and allowed us to pass.   We were both starving so Catalina had called ahead and asked if we could join the pack for dinner. The Alpha had accepted, and we were almost to the packhouse now.   We both got out of the car and stretched as we had been in there all day. I glanced around, taking in the packs’ lands. This area was absolutely gorgeous. It sat deep in the woods with rolling hills and farm lands a
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9: MC
{ Olina }   I was still processing the sparks that erupted on my chin from his touch when suddenly his lips were on mine. He moved his lips against mine and I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped my mouth. My hands found their way up to his neck and I wrapped myself around him, pushing my chest into his. I deepened the kiss and he growled appreciatively as he plunged his hands into my hair and kisses me harder. The kiss was passionate, needy and I couldn’t get enough of it.   I pushed into him, wanting to feel every bit of his body against mine. He responded by putting his hands on my hips and gently moving me back a few steps until I felt my back hit a tree. He hooked his hands under my thighs and lifted me so that we were the same level, he being a good 10 inches taller than me. My hands moved to touch him, anywhere and everywhere I could. I couldn’t stop all the thoughts that came crashing in of everytime over the years I’d realized how go
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The sun beamed in through the window the next morning, hitting my square in the eyes and I couldn’t stop the irritated groan that left my throat as I threw my arm over my eyes.   “Don’t be mad at the sun, love.”   A small smile covers my face as all the events of last night pour into my mind when I hear his voice. I pull my arm off and look over to see him laying on his side, his head propped up on his elbow looking at me.   “I don’t blame the sunshine. I blame someone else, who didn’t let me get a wink of sleep,” I teased and he raised his eyebrows before reaching over and pulling me into his chest.   “Ohhh  really,” he says in an equally teasing voice as his mouth finds my neck and he kisses my mark. “Because I seem to remember someone -else- being the one who started rounds 3 and 4.”   I moaned as he sucked on my mark.   “I don’t know what you are tal
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