Blood and Moon

Blood and Moon

By:  Karima Sa'ad Usman  Completed
Language: English
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Blood and Moon is a story between two packs. One master and the other slave. The two packs are forced to live at each other's mercy because of the witch wars that has scorched the world and covered their earth in death and ash, blocking most of the earth from the sun. Isolated on their land, Moons try to survive, living amid the Bloods, their betters. Desire Dawson is a Moon that had just graduated and planned on leaving when her stepfather signed her up to work at the Blood's packhouse without her consent so he could receive her wages. She was sent to work in a place where she was regarded as a lesser wolf. The wages were good, and her life would have been easy there if Adam Kingston, the son of the Blood's Alpha King and only heir, did not take interest in her. Unknown to the Bloods and Moons, Desire has inherited the potent magic of her mother's lineage, often bestowed on a special wolf. They would need this magic to survive the witch wars as it threatens to take over their territory and what they have salvaged. Adam and Desire are about to fight the odds of their lives to be together and survive. Their options aren't good either. None has promising endings, but with fate on their side, anything is possible. This is the first book in the Blood and Moon series. It focuses on the love story between Desire and Adam during the witch wars. *Can be read alone*

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84 chapters
01 In a nutshell
DesireeWe had finally graduated, and it was time to move on. I knew it would be hard to say goodbye to my friends, but I knew I did not intend to hang around anymore. Janet, my best friend, was going to miss me the most, and that was why I decided to tell her at the last minute so she wouldn't do anything to spoil my plans. I had enough of my mother's mate. I couldn't take it anymore. The fact that she chose to stay with the asshole made her seem weak to me. I could not understand someone as beautiful as her, the daughter of the former Alpha could stoop so low to staying with Rob the slub. He started beating her three months after he claimed her and never stopped. That was seven years ago. I tried to convince my mother to leave him, but she was too scared to be alone. Everyone knew what was going on, and people chose to look away. The man did not only beat her, he also cheated, and he was not discrete about it too. I did not like him, and the feeling was mutual. He started beating me
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02 Job and Shelter
Desiree I got home and went straight to bed. I was yet to get my wolf, so my healing capacity was slower than others with their wolves. I hated my life, I lay in bed and wept. Rob had ruined everything. I wanted to use that money to escape this place. I had saved enough to bribe the wolves at the border and leave. How was I going to leave now? I woke up from sleep the next day and found my mother sitting at the foot of my bed. She had tears in her eyes, and I figured she had come to talk to me about my decision to kick her out of my father's house, but my mind was made up. She had failed me, and I expected nothing more from her. "What are you doing in my room, mom? You and Rob should be packing," I said, and she was crying. That was when I noticed that my bags had been packed. "What the!!!"I exclaimed. "So sorry, Desiree, I had no choice. We need money to get by here, and no one would take me or Rob to work for them, So we are sending you instead," she said crying, and I jumped of
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03 Work
Desiree I tried not to stare at him for too long. I didn't know who he was, and I did not want to violate their rules. I looked at the meals, and they looked delicious. My stomach growled, and I remembered that I hadn't eaten yet. "Is there anywhere to buy food?" I asked the freckled-faced guy that was standing next to me. "Yes," he said, and I relaxed, " You can have the same meal they are having for ten Blood dinas," he said, and I was in shock because that was quite expensive. "Do you have an idea how much my wages are?" I asked the guy, and he nodded. "Pretty standard. You are new, so they must be starting you off on the basic, which is three hundred blood dinas. By the time you are promoted, you could earn as much as a thousand dinas per month," he explained with so much pride, and I realised this must be the best job in town for a Moon. No wonder Rob wanted me here badly. I was going to surprise him. "How do I use my wages to pay for the meals?" I asked, "You can go to the
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04 New Station
Desiree The room I was given was nice. It was small but similar to my living arrangement at home, I had a personal shower and toilet and, I had a wardrobe for my clothes and a standing mirror. My new uniform was brought in. It was a blue plaided blouse and a royal blue skirt, that stopped at the knee. It had a crescent moon badge which indicated I was a Moon. I was given sandals to wear and a blue scrunchy to hold my hair up. "Rules," A fat Blood woman said to me in the meanest tone. I kept my face down. "You cannot eat with us in our lounge. You are not allowed to use any of our facilities here. You are not to speak or mingle with Blood staff beyond your job description. You are not allowed makeup, and you cannot date or be seen with Bloods. Am I clear," she asked. "Yes," I replied. "Yes, Mistress," she corrected me. "Yes, Mistress," I corrected myself, and she left. Honestly, I did not need to wear make-up. I had flawless tanned skin with turquoise eyes. My lashes were long an
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05 Red Light
DesireeMy mother wrote me a thank you letter after she received the tickets. She promised not to share the meals with Rob and eat them at the park before going home. It was the least I could do. Apparently, the tickets could pay for some doctors appointments too. Whereas she would exchange meal tickets for treatment by moon doctors. The moon doctors would appreciate it because it is a great privilege to afford Blood meals and only the tickets could buy a Moon member Blood meals because it meant the Moon was a royal servant. My mother decided to use some of it to see if she could prolong her life a bit longer so she could guide me through the changes when my wolf comes. I couldn't count on her succeeding, but I appreciated her effort. TWO WEEKS LATER After the dinner service, I decided to go to the moon park in town to relax with some leftover dessert. The moons were happy I was working for Adam because the meals were delicious, and Sandy and Kate cooked in high quantities, which lef
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06 Magic and Science
Desiree TWO WEEKS LATER Adam gave me a day off, which I decided to spend at the Moon park and relax. As horrible as the place may seem, it held some precious memories of me and my parents. Memories I was doing all that I could to hold on to and never let go. On my way out of the gate, I saw a recruitment queue that had the Bloods lined up separately from the Moons. The sign read, 'Engineers needed'. I knew King Kingston had been trying to build weapons and technology that could change the fate of our environment. He had spent a lot and risked a lot, but the results so far had been underwhelming. The Moons knew it would be difficult for him to succeed because we lived in a magic world, and in our world, magic and science went together. There was no way his machines and inventions could work without magic powering them or helping them to operate. Alpha Kingston was trying hard to beat this oddity because witches were no longer at our disposal. After reading my mother's letters, I und
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07 Banquet
Desiree Adam kept his word and sent the dress to my aunt Margret. My aunt wasn't happy at all. I could see it in her eyes. Most Moons weren't happy, and I knew it wasn't jealousy because they loved me a lot. "You need to be careful, Desiree. You are a beautiful Moon. Beautiful Moons don't last here," One of the Moon girls said to me, and she had fear in her eyes. When they left, I sat with Aunt Margret while she dressed me up for the event. "Honestly, I can dress by myself," I complained to her, and she sadly shook her head. "Prince Adam insisted that I make sure you look nice," she said, and her hands began to shake as she combed my hair. I touched her hand on my head and asked her why. She broke down completely. "I promised Tiffani I would protect you, Desiree, but how can I protect you from the prince?" she said and began to weep. "That young man is going to draw too much attention to you, and that only means certain hardship or death for a Moon here. Why didn't you decline ni
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08 A Date, Sort of
Desiree I snuck back to my room and lay on my bed. Under normal circumstances, I should be happy, but I was in a big mess. Adam kissed me. He showed me some affection on the night he was officially engaged to a bitch. How will I survive this? I opened Alice's Journal to read more. I needed to know what happened to her.I browsed through the pages and settled on one closer to the beginning."I met Donovan at the moon park today. I do not know how this mate thing works, but I knew I had to reject him because he is a Blood. He did not take the rejection well, and he has refused to accept. I am very worried because this could get me in trouble. Apart from the mate bond, I like him, but my Moon status forbids me from it. I have to let go. A lot of people are beginning to suspect. I do not want to get in trouble, but as things are, I might, and as much as Donovan claims to care, he will not protect me when the time comes. I wish I could run away, but my father told me that the witch wars ha
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09 Adam's side
Adam I couldn't stop thinking about Desiree. When she showed up in the blue gown I got her, I was able to appreciate the beauty the moon goddess had blessed me with. I couldn't help but decline the engagement. Although she was a Moon, I was going to fight for her with everything that I had. Her vanilla fragrance was what drew me to the back of the club where Nickson was beating her up. I had traced residues of her scent for a while during my secret walks to the moon community, until I finally found her that night. I did not care that my fated mate was a Moon. I was grateful for her. Desiree was a goddess, and those turquoise eyes pierced my soul. It took a lot of discipline not to claim her.I thought she was rejecting the bond at first when she was indifferent towards me, but when I found out she wasn't of age yet, I understood why. When I saw her at the cafeteria, I couldn't let my mate serve others, she was to be a princess and future queen, and that was why I moved her to my side
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10 Scapegoat
Desiree Six months had passed, and I was a lot comfortable around Adam now. We snuck around a lot. It bothered me, but as long as he wasn't trying to sleep with me, I was okay. Although I wouldn't lie about the sexual tension between us, we kept it under control. He often came to hold me at night, and I looked forward to it. I knew what I was doing was dangerous, and Alice's journal explained the repercussions to me, but I was falling fast. My eighteenth birthday was in a month and I couldn't wait. I tried to keep my head down. People had started acting funny towards me, but it didn't bother me. I was taken off all physical tasks, and I knew some people began to suspect that I might be sleeping with the Prince. Aunt Margret called me into her room one evening to ask me intimate questions. "Desiree, are you sleeping with Prince Adam?" she asked me with a stern look on her face, and I shook my head. "Are you sure, because you reek of him, and people are spreading rumours about you t
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