Hidden Dreams

Hidden Dreams

By:  Liberty Bluez  Ongoing
Language: English
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After her father's kingdom was overtaken in a ferocious battle, the Alpha Jacob decided to commit the ultimate sin by selling a princess to keep her hidden so he could make her his future Luna. He sold Alpha Princess Fallon to the innkeeper of Xenon, hoping to keep their bloodline from ever returning to power unless she was by his side. What will happen when all his plans get faltered by one greedy mistake?

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28 Chapters
Shortly after Alpha Jacob declared the child as his mate, Selene watched as she snuck through the forest in an effort to escape captivity from the Alpha. When Alpha Mark rejected Jacob’s claim over his daughter, he defended her with his life. Fallon cried as she crept in the dark, for her fallen pack and over witnessing Jacob kill her father. She listened as her newly acquired wolf directed her where to go. It was the reason Jacob wanted to claim her as his mate. He said she was blessed by the Goddess when he laid eyes on her midnight blue wolf with white paws, tail, ears, and beautiful silver eyes encircled in gold. She had made it to the next town over when suddenly
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1. Mate
I had to escape before his son came home! I had to find my mate! And I knew he would use the silver cuffs and wolfsbane the next time I tried to escape. I needed to make my next attempt my last! Alpha Friaser walked to the lockbox and opened the door. He smiled at Golden because no matter how bad he beat and tortured her, she was still beautiful. If he had no Luna, he would take her for himself. The girl would be strong when she would be given her wolf, he could sense it. Maybe he should reject his mate and claim her for himself when she is finally of age. “Golden, you can’t continue behaving this way. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to lock you in the basement and only let you out on the leash.” Golden stared him down with a defiant look. He hated how his Alpha voice never worked on her; while also pondering about the prophecy from long ago, and if it could possibly be related to her. However, she wasn’t of Alpha blood nor was she of a royal bloodline. She was a low
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2. Hidden
Fallon stripped the name Golden. She would no longer need the façade that had kept her safe these past few years. She hurried back to her childhood home, running into a couple of rogues on her way. However, the weirdest thing was that they listened to her, and accepted her as their Alpha without question. So, her past life as Golden needed to be erased. With her new pack in tow, which included members of her old pack, they made their way home. Soon, word was spread of a pack that was accepting rouges, led by the one they called the Mad Alpha. Every morning, she initiated new members into her pack with an oath and blood binding ritual. Eventually, the pack had over ten thousand members and was growing, rivaling the largest of packs. Because it was a pack accepting the old members of Destiny, they decided to switch the name to Arcadia, a beautiful name that translated to a vision of harmonious nature. And harmonious they were. Other packs would often come to challeng
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3. I See You
Fallon stayed to herself outside of the pack home. She hated crowds and wanted to limit her interactions until her eighteenth birthday, so that she wouldn't have to hide the fact that Nella was already with her. Her house was protected by a golden enchanted fence sitting two stories high that held everything she needed to enjoy herself until she deemed going out in public to be safe. Two rooms filled with extravagant clothing, shoes, high-end makeup, and accessories. She remembered loving to play dress up and looking her absolute best ever since she was a little girl. It was a privilege taken from her during her bout with slavery, so she decided she would look her best each day now. She stood in her magazine worthy kitchen, popping popcorn and making sure the slushie machine was working properly for movie night. Chance handled all the guests arriving due to the temporary acceptance into the Alpha’s home for the event tonight. Kyle was on grill duty, which meant the meat
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4. Knowing You
Although Selene helped Fallon achieve her new life, she did not assist her with everything. She was pleasantly surprised when led on a tour around the pack with the Mythical Council and her family, she admired the safe haven her son would soon step up to help lead. She felt comfortable leaving him in the hands of his mate, Fallon. Selene knew Fallon wanted to reject him, but she hoped with all of her heart that Fallon wouldn’t, which was why she gave her the warning. If they rejected each other, it would be the end of the world. After Apollo met Fallon, he felt so guilty about dating Lucy whom he told he’d reject his mate for her if he found her. How stupid was he! He didn’t truly understand the power of the mate bond. His best friend, Asher, would be extremely jealous of him now. He couldn’t wait to have him visit, but first he had to end things with Lucy before Fallon found out. She smiled at him and he felt his heart stop. Did he die and go to heaven? Was he
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5. Ruined
Alpha Fraiser had welcomed Apollo into his home. He was his son’s best friend and everyone knew that he dated his daughter secretly. However, he never expected him to get his daughter pregnant at sixteen. He knew his family was different, but surely he would have had to be mated to make a child. He should have only been able to use his daughter as he pleased; this he could forgive. Pregnancy was unforgivable in his eyes as he stared down at the bastard child in irritation. It had been some months since the child was born and he had yet to name it. Lucy was only allowed to feed the child and was permitted no interactions with it under the watchful eyes of the guards assigned to keep her away. The father would come and take this thing away. He could name it if he wanted, but it would have nothing to do with his bloodline. It should’ve never been born. Lucy had tricked him by keeping a pregnant maid by her side whenever she was in sight until she was far along enough
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6. Take Over
Smoke was beyond furious with Apollo, who had shut Smoke out when he slept with Lucy knowing Smoke would attempt to stop him. The wolfsbane had left him unable to mark her that day, and for that he was grateful. Nella had shut Fallon out as well. Although she was angry with their mate, she had never agreed to reject him. They behaved as if only their feelings mattered and that the other half of them didn’t. Their wolves agreed to take over and solve the issues at hand by themselves. Once Apollo and Fallon were in a deep sleep, their wolves took control. Smoke placed the sleeping infant in her crib while Nella watched on. “You must name her, Fallon won’t do it …” “Hmmm, such a burden this little one is. She must overcome it when she’s older. She shall be called Amaryllis Kiah Ursa, a fresh new beginning.” “I now bestow the name and title Alpha Princess Amaryllis Kiah Ursa onto our child.” Smoke and Nella placed their thumbs on the child's forehead resulting in a br
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7. Celebration
Selene knew that something was utterly wrong and whatever it was her sisters had already put into motion. They couldn’t stop it from happening. Lucy had been abused and used by her fathers soldiers behind his back. With her healing from the torture she could never prove anything happened. And still she was a lowly slave, a maid that didn’t even work in the Alphas house because her father wanted nothing to do with her. She needed to survive and protect her brother from using his rank to protect her from these disgraceful acts. She would never want Asher to have a power struggle when he was so close to being the Alpha, she only had to hold out a little longer. The only thing that kept her going was the mindlink with her daughter. They had named her Alpha Princess Amaryllis Kiah Ursa, such a beautiful name for her beautiful girl. She wooed her mentally and showered her with love. Making sure to drive a wedge between her child and Fallon, who ended up being that whore Go
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8. Rebirth
Fifty eight years marked the rebirth of their son, Selene and Zeus were grateful to be given him back, but this time around he came in a set of twins. Asher's spirit came back with Apollo this time around as brothers, identical twins. You could barely tell them apart. They were perfect. They both came out with a cocoa butter skin tone and midnight galaxy eyes. When you looked into them it felt as though you were looking into a starry night in the cosmos. Selene let Zeus name them and she picked their middle names this time around. Tomorrow they would introduce them to family and friends, and they invited everyone to their shared home in the god realm. The ceremony would be perfect. Zeus appeared at her side, kissing her check while gazing at her with a look of adoration. He couldn’t ask for a better mate. Twin births were rare and she had given him two sons, two perfect sons that would change the course of history. Now to track down the wayward destined mate of t
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9. The Academy
Two years later … Today was the day she would leave to go to private school. She had never stepped a foot outside of the village and surrounding towns belonging to her pack; now everyone expected her to conquer the world. She was headed to Marie Nix Werechial Acadamy and she knew that something big was going to happen while she was there. Her mother kept reminding her that it was only three years. Three years away from home. From everyone she loved. How could they toss her into a whole new world when she wasn’t even adjusted to this one. Her father ordered a travel set of clothing for her, saying they needed to tone it down a little. Things were different in America. She was headed to Tennessee first and would meet her parents after the introductory meetings in Arkansas. Would she even fit in there? She continued to browse the internet on her table researching the area. She was hoping to explore but with six bodyguards going with her, that was out of the questi
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