The Broken Mate-Rejected And Desired

The Broken Mate-Rejected And Desired

By:  Humble Smith123  Updated just now
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Lola's life came crumbling the moment she met her mate, Alpha Torian, smooching and kissing another lady in his birthday party. That day, he bluntly rejected her as his mate and claimed his new girlfriend as his real mate. That same day, in her broken state, she saved a Vampire who was hunted by her parent and their crew - the Pack hunters. Never did she knew that one act was going to change her life forever. At the moment when all love she got was lost, the moment when the world and people she trusted turned their back on her, that very moment when death came dragging her feet with no one to help or hear her scream. He appeared right beside her, ready to break the rules for her sake, at first it was to repay her kindness, but something about her sparkled up light in his dark heart, those strong walls around his heart was melting down. He is the Vampire Lord, she is a Werewolf, two enemies that should stay far away from each other.

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37 chapters
Chapter 1
Lola's POV I clutched the flower I had just bought close to my chest as I padded over to his house, smiling sheepishly. It was going to be a surprise visit that would make him love me more, especially when he sees the flowers I brought for him. School was finally resuming a few days ahead, so I got to return to get myself prepared after spending the full holiday with my grandma, who lives quite far from our house. She was getting frail and sick, so I had to visit and help her throughout. Now I'm back, and my boyfriend isn't aware yet. I didn't tell him because I wanted to give him a surprise visit. That's romantic, right? The cool breeze and bright sky also attest to that, as they made my skin tingle. Words can't explain how happy I am now. I'm heading to meet Alpha Torian, my boyfriend, or I should say my mate, since it's just a few days away. Yes! I'm going to fully turn 18 in two days, finally emitting my pleasant and alluring mate scent, which would confi
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Chapter 2
Someone turned down the music, and I was now the center of attention. The first thing they offered me was laughter, as they pointed at the bunch of flowers I had in my hand. "Hey, don't call Torian your boyfriend not to talk of mate! He finally got to fvck you. There was nothing else he needed from you. Don't think he has loved you all this while? Even if you are his mate, he will reject you." Someone jeered from behind me, and everyone burst into a scornful laugh, except Jace. "He has dumped you for the Beta's daughter." Another voice chipped in, and my heart sank into my belly as fear engulfed me. My legs melted under me, with tears stinging my eyes. I was so embarrassed and pained to look up at them. It can't be true, right? They must be lying.First was Torian's sudden birthday party which I knew nothing about. The second was the strange expression on Jace's face, all because I called Torian my mate, as if he were surprised and sorry for my ignorance. I do
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Chapter 3
My jaw dropped as shudders ran through my spine; goose bumps filled my entire body with terror, hitting me so hard that my legs dragged back unintentionally. Rejection is the last thing I will be able to bear. All I prayed for was for it to be a prank. I waited for him to call it a joke, but he never did. I pulled myself together and moved closer to his front, cupped his jaw, and drew closer to him. "It's a prank, right?" I muttered the question, gasping as I swallowed the bile in my throat. Tears were flowing freely down my cheeks. "Don't touch me!" He huffed and slapped my hand away, pushing me off.I almost fell, but was able to stagger and get hold of myself again. The push wasn't with full force but had more of an element of disgust and loathing in it.I looked up at his expression and wished I hadn't because it was covered with hate, which I don't know why."I don't understand the lies you are talking about. You saw what we did in the room. Do you have
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Chapter 4
Torian's POV.Immediately, she left through the door. I hurried and slammed it close, making sure she heard it. Yes, I want her to know fully well that I badly want her absence from my life. I banged it hard with a scoff as I recalled her alluring scent, which had filled my nostrils the moment she stepped into my room.I was having a good time with Sophia when the mate scent swoozed in. At first, I pretended like it was unreal. I kept kissing Sophia deeply, hoping that the smell would leave or at least come forth from Sophia's body, but it never came as I thought.I flicked my eyes to sideways only to see Lola standing there with a flower. Words can't explain the rage that filled my heart as i traced the smell to come from her. It was like I would burst as the anger swelled in my heart. She was my mate!On seeing how much she was hurt, I had to push my lips deeper and more intensely to break her down more, which I think I succeeded in, as she sped off the
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Chapter 5
I wonder what her fate will be tomorrow at school.With a draggy step, I moved to the door and locked it before heading up to my room. Three steps up the stairs, I felt my head bang so hard. The scene of the heartbreak and rejection from Torian hit me again, and I cried out, scurrying up to bury myself under my duvet.I hate myself for meeting him for the first time.Slamming the door in frustration, I kicked off my boots and leaped to slump on the bed when I heard a creepy grunt right outside my window. My brows arched, and fear crept in, as it was getting dark already, and I was alone in the house.What was that, then?As my heart thumped louder inside my chest in fear, I remembered I would be a hunter soon and needed to be brave, so I shoved off the fear and bolted to the window, rolled off the curtain and peeped through. I searched around and couldn't see anyone until I looked downwards.My jaw dropped, with shudders running up and down my spine as
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Chapter 6
The door was locked, and I couldn't think twice before kicking it hard, breaking down the hinges; I sped in and saw the pills lying in the cupboard. I picked it up and dashed back, this time faster than my legs could carry me, as I couldn't tell how long he could hold on to the pain since he was struck by more than two arrows. The moment I got into my room, he was lying motionless on the bed, and I felt my heart stop inside my chest as my blood ran cold at the thought that he could be dead already. "No!" my voice shrieked through the room as tears stung my eyes with my heart so heavy. I exhaled in relief as I saw him awake, his heart thudding inside his chest; his eyes also opened. I can't believe I was concerned this much. He heard the scream. He saw how I ran over and leant to his face. That had made him smile weakly, displaying his dimples. I had to gulp and act like I never cared that much with a shrug. "Take the pills. I can't find any ointment. This wil
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Chapter 7
"The other pack hunters will be here tomorrow. Some villagers saw when he leapt into your room; although some also mentioned that he later left strong like he took an antidote to the poisonous arrow, but no one believed that part. Every Pack hunter is out there glad that the vampire gave out himself by leaping into the room of a pack hunter. Lola, do you even know what you have done?" Dad's voice sounded like he was crying; he looked so pained to the core as he said those words, breathing heavily. "And we told them that our daughter would have chained the vampire, since our poisoned arrows had badly injured him. It was already midnight, so they had all gone to bed happily, waiting for tomorrow to have him brought to the Alpha for prosecution. Now, how will I tell them that my daughter didn't only free the man, but also offered him the antidote to the poison? making the other ignored information from the villagers true!" my mother sobbed so bitterly, burying her face in her palm
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Chapter 8
Lola's POV The noise outside my room woke me up, forcing me to flutter my heavy eyes with a deep grunt as my entire body ached so badly, from my head down to my legs. The bed seemed so cold and hard, leaving me wondering how possible that could be. I can't understand why I feel so weak and sore, like someone who was beaten overnight. I tried to recall what was going on, but no information was stored in my head; my brain was literally blank. I finally opened my eyes after the noise became louder, and that was when I realized I was lying down on the floor and not on my bed. In a rush, I sprung up as my body shivered at the chills that ran through me. My head was banging so hard that I had to rub my temples to ease it. Why was I sleeping on the floor? I asked myself the question, allowing my eyes scour the entire room, which I recognized as mine; it was then I sighted the dry clots of blood on my bed and window bars, causing everything to come rushing into my head like
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Chapter 9
Two of the warriors clamped my hands together and chained them, while the others watched in anger. There was no trace of pity or mercy in their eyes or expression. Instead, it exuded resentment and fury. My parents were in tears, as they held each others. Dad trying to console mom was really painful to watch. If anyone had ever told me a day like this would come, I would have called the person a blunt liar. "Walk faster!" I heard one of the warriors yell at me with a hot slap that made my cheek burn in sharp pain. I tried soothing the pain with a palm-rub, but my hands were clasped together, making it impossible to do so and provoking the pain to hurt intensely. They pulled me like a slave, and I was swung into the empty cart so hard that my head hit hard on the wall of it, which was built with hard wood. I felt numb as more pain coursed through my body, causing it to shiver. I started to cry, but lost all strength as the door of the cart was shut, leaving me in the dark
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Chapter 10
"We are wiser than she thought. The witch will expose her secret! " As our gazes met, the Beta stated gruffly, gritting his teeth. "I'm eager to find out why she saved the vampire!" My father chipped in under his breath.At just that moment, the witch stomped in, clad in a red and fetish gown with bare feet. "You called for me, Alpha?" She bowed low, while I stared at them with a sneer. "Check why she saved a vampire that was almost caught by our hunters. We know there must be something fishy." The Alpha stated, and she turned to me sharply, peering into my eyes like she was searching for something in there. "It was only out of mercy and pity at how wounded he was," I murmured to the witch, but just then, she screamed in fear, moving back as if she had found something shocking in my face. "What is it?" I questioned her alongside the others, who were also eager to hear her. "Why?" Why would you do that? "she half-yelled at me, wagging her head. "I've to
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