By:  Wendy Opurum  Ongoing
Language: English
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A clueless witch, two gorgeous Alphas and an ageless war brewing rapidly. As average as anyone can be, Phoebe is your normal human teenager. Or so she thought. One moment, she’s practicing for a game and the next, she experiences a shocking discovery. She is a witch, one with dark, immense powers. Bubbling with questions, Phoebe tries to come to terms with what she really is and if that is not enough headache already, two sexy werewolf brothers arrive, upending her already crazy life. Sinfully charming and possessive as hell, Connor and Reed, claim she is their mate. And even as she tries to resist these gorgeous creatures with eyes like liquid burning silver, the lure to mate with these two irresistible Alphas tempts her. But too bad, in the witch world, a relationship with a witch and a werewolf is forbidden. Devastated, Phoebe is stuck between her lovers and her clan. Who is worth her loyalty? Sexy Alpha bad boys, Connor and Reed or the all powerful witches coven? It is up to her to choose and as they say, forbidden fruits taste the sweetest. A tale of romance, burning lust and the supernatural.

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65 Chapters
      The bus skidded to a stop and Zoe threw open the door angrily. “Well, that was a colossal waste of time.”“You tell me.” I rolled my eyes and stepped out after her. Digging my hands deeper into my fleece hoodie, my basketball bag bounced against my side as I glared at large school building.“What are you waiting for?” Zoe slapped my shoulder and nodded to the building while other members of our team got off the bus, dejection in their faces.“Let’s go.”Just like the others, I felt no anticipation from what greeted us behind those doors after our massive failure. At least, classes were not over yet.I bit the insides of my cheeks as I heard the goddamn bell ring. Classes were over for the day.“Panthers! Panthers! Panthers!” The student body chanted as we sauntered across the hall.As long as we can just walk into the locker room withou
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            Chapter Two “Your exams are in two weeks…” As Mr Timothy taught, I felt the strange shift in the room. I was in the class but not in the class at the same time. Closing my eyes, I relapsed into the cold forest brightened by moonlight and this time, I was running through the forest. The wolf followed closely, trotting with the wind. He was larger than the last time I saw him and like before, I felt everything he felt, more vivid than before. I stumble as I reach the base of a waterfall, its cool spray doing nothing to control the heat inside me. As I turned to face the wolf, he rose to his hind legs and bore me down into the pool. Why did he do that? I thought, breaking into the surface and coughing out water then breathed in air. Everything felt too real to be a dream. Suddenly, the wolf is gone, body lengthening and fur melting away until I am face to face with a man, eyes the
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         Chapter ThreeWhen I came to, I was in the nurse’s office. Zoe waited by my side, going through her phone.As soon as she saw me awake, she called for the nurse.  “Miss Sheppard, she is awake.”“Ow,” I groaned, rubbing my head.“Sorry, dear.” The nurse appeared in her white coat, her short hair bouncing with each step she took. “How do you feel?”“Awful,” I cried , trying to feel my numb face.“The swelling has reduced, thank goodness.” She peered at my eyes and probed gently.“Wait, swelling? Zoe, do I really look that bad?”“No. You look like there regular you, only pale. All that purple black is gone.”“You had a concussion but I suggest you go to the hospital for a CT scan just in case of brain injuries,” Miss Shepard
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      Chapter Four“Is something wrong?”After the weird halo shit that happened, Dad and Uncle Al drew into the kitchen for a ‘private discussion'. They were not being very quiet about it as I heard my name and words like ‘spell’, ‘charm’ and ‘bracelet’.Frustrated, I leaned against the kitchen door with my arms crossed. They kept quiet as soon as they saw me then looked at each other with raised brows.“There is no point keeping quiet about it now,” Uncle Al said.“Keeping quiet about what?” I asked.“We cannot just tell her. There should be a way to reverse this,” Dad contemplated, rubbing his shaven chin.“Going back in time?”“It is against the rules, Albert.”“Then, we tell her.”“I promised her mother that I will not have
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    “Has anything out of the ordinary happened?”For the nth time, I shook my head then raised my hand expecting something magical to happen but nothing did.My father sighed and shook his head. “Did you learn the spells I taught you?”“Well…” I thought to my room in disarray and the dark cloud that formed on the ceiling. “I’m getting better,” I said.“Buckle up.” The car came to life as he turned on the ignition. The sun set behind as the car pealed down the quiet street.This was the first time this week I stepped out of the house. Instead of hanging out with friends, I was learning to ‘defend’ myself from whatever might want to harm me. It was beginning to feel ridiculous repeating spells my father taught me but what I could do with magic never failed to amaze me.“Why are we here?” I asked a
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             The burn in my stomach dissipated as soon as I ate the chocolate bar which tasted horrible and smelled like the wet mud.After Mama Owen kicked me out, the store sign switched to closed. I trudged down the lit but quiet, dark street. How fast does time go when using magic? I really need to learn that stupid teleportation spell. Perhaps Zoe could give me a ride home. I drew out my phone and tried dialing her number. My relief was short-lived as signal bars refused to come up.What happened to the network? Looking down the empty street, I drew my hoodie closer. Since when did cars not come out at the nine in the night? Why am I so bothered about that all of a sudden? Mama Owen’s words about the dangers danced around my mind. I wonder if I could call my Dad or Uncle Al?Yeah, right. No fucking bars.I hurried along the str
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        I slouched on the bleachers watching my teammates practice. While the other benchers cheered, I pretended to be fixated with my phone. It was practically useless but it served as a protective shield. I could not bare to look anyone in the eye after losing my cherished position.Why could I not just take it back? I’m back from my random disappearance.“Hey!” I froze in my seat and watched from the corner of my eye as the boys basketball team poured into the court.Fuck! I need to get out here without being seen. This was so mortifying.I rose up and began my descent down the bleachers. I bet they would barely know I left since everyone was too busy fooling around.“Phoebe, where are you going?”I cursed in my head. Who the fuck was that? Raising my head, I pulled a smile on as I faced the teams. “Bathroom. Why?”“Hey.&r
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     “Aer sit mihi pontis. Mitte quod peto,” I chanted in a loud, clear voice keeping my focus on the spade.The tool shook violently then rose from the ground and flew straight into my outstretched hand. I can’t believe I did it.Finally!“Again,” Mama Owen barked behind me.Rolling my eyes, I repeated the spell and tools flew into my hand, quicker and fluidly with each repeated chant. When training was over for the day, I slumped against the wall, exhausted and sweaty.“Hurry along now, I need to close up shop.” She threw the nasty chocolate bar into my hand. She called it Protein Bars, I call it crap but its energy reviving benefits outweighed my disgust for it.“Exams start tomorrow and I have a lot to catch up on. Can you like teach me a spell to retain memory?”“There is a reason why we forget things, Phoe
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 “What are you making?” I asked when I found Mama Owen hunching over and pounding herbs in a bowl.“Potions.”“What for?”She stepped aside to reveal small lid bottles with labels. “Foresight, Memory Retention, Invisibility, Keen Smell, Love, Plant Growing, Protection and Truth.”“Huh. How do you make these from scratch?”“Go water the plants.”“You have to teach me how to make these potions. Don’t you want me out of your hair?”“Trying to rush magic will not help you.”“Well, I got that memory spell right. I used my earrings. When does it wear off? Do I have to incant the spell again? How do I stop it?”“You remove the earrings and cleanse them off all spells. Phoebe, the longer you use this spell, the more you would forget important things.”“Why did you not menti
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    “Phoebe!” He called again.“Go.” The wolf did not wait for another word as it trotted into the night.“Phoebe!”How far has it gone? Was it somewhere safe now?“Phoebe!” I spotted my father in a distance, carrying a torch. He looked in my direction, unsheathed fury in his eyes.“What?” I tried to sound as unfazed as possible and stood up, ignoring the protest in my left knee.“What are you doing out here?”“Just jogging. Wanted some peace and quiet to myself.”“This forest is not safe! Nowhere is safe for people like us and I would not like you putting yourself in danger because you learned some spells.”“It’s funny how you suddenly care. I’ll walk myself home. You can teleport or I don’t know, fly home.” I tried to push m
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