Torn between the Alpha and the CEO

Torn between the Alpha and the CEO

By:  Lost in love  Ongoing
Language: English
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As an orphan, Cathwulf was nothing peculiar amongst her pack. Raised by the lonely female wolf of the pack, she was deemed to be a good girl and of course, a virgin. As she turned 18, the dominant billionaire CEO of the local fur company, who was also her boss, began pursuing her and the man was simply too hot and charming to ignore. The day she had her first shift, it was revealed she was more than anyone had expected and the alpha of her pack decided to auction her off. As she took a step into the stage, it began her troublesome life between the enigmatic man who bought her who was the billionaire who was keen on making her his and the mate she did not expect Will she be able to make up her mind and choose the man she truly wants ? Or will destiny be the one to choose for her ?

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17 Chapters
1: Her birthday
*Cathwulf* I am awoken by birds singing outside my window. After stretching my slender, yet curvy body, I spring out of bed, feeling so happy and elated as a young girl possibly can.  Finally the day I have been waiting for all of my life is here, my eighteenth birthday and soon I will turn into a wolf for the first time and hopefully meet my true mate.. yes, I, Cathwulf Pureheart, is a werewolf, and I can’t wait for my first change and what it will bring.  Looking In the mirror I smile at myself. I know I am a pretty girl, even though I am nothing special, except for my eyes, they seem to change colour with the light and what I wear. I like my eyes a lot.  First a quick shower, I can’t risk going to work smelling badly. Then I dry myself off and pull out the scrunchie holding my hair on top of my head.  Standing in front of the mirror I absentmindedly run
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2: Going to work
*Cathwulf* On my way to work, walking through the small town of Azalea in Oregon, I am thinking about all the big things that will or might happen soon.  The rituals and the first change is certain, unless I should happen to not have a wolf, but that is so rare that I do not really fear it.  I don’t know much about the rituals, no young wolf is told beforehand. All I know is that they are sacred, given to us by the moon goddess herself and that they are different for men and women, but equally important.  The butterflies rumble a bit in my stomach, but it is the good kind. I am sure it will be a great experience joining the wolf ranks for real, getting my place in the hiraki.  To be honest I do not wish for much. Not knowing who my real parents are, no one can really guess about my rank. But most orphans are fighters or omegas.  Then th
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3: The naughty CEO
 *Cathwulf* I quickly make my way to his office and knock on the door. Of course I can’t let my boss wait, that would be rude.  His deep sexy voice with the smooth British accent calls. “Come on in”.  Mr. Evill is a bit of a mix, so to speak, his father is French-Canadian, that is where his name comes from. His mother is British aristocracy and he spend all of his youth on boarding schools there, hence the accent.  “Mr Evillllll”. Of course I stumble over the doorstep, falling flat on my face in front of my boss... how awkward can you be ?  “Need a hand there Cat my dear ?” I see his perfectly polished shoes stop in front of me and a big hand with perfectly manicured nails reaches down.  I grab his hand and let him pull me up, almost stumbling into him. I smile shyly, smoothing down my clothes ag
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4: The Young alpha
 *Therian* “No, no focus for god's sake”. I growl, feeling annoyed and shaking my head, as I walk around between my supposedly best warriors. I am watching them as they are training their techniques in human form.   They might think it is unnecessary, and I feel some of them are not giving their best due to this fact, but I believe strongly that everyone needs to be able to defend themselves even if they for some reason can’t change into their wolf and as the Alpha I am making sure everyone understands that.  I pull off my shirt, throwing it on a bench. As I flex my muscles, warming up, I hear a couple of the younger girls in the pack giggle as they walk past the training area... Knowing their hungry eyes are on me I can’t help but flex a bit extra.  Being the alpha has its perks, also with the ladies, they all want to be my Luna and birth my pups.&nbs
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5: Her first change
*Cathwulf* I look at myself in the mirror, smiling at my reflection. I am wearing no makeup, my hair hanging loose and I am only wearing a rope of white silk…and by only I mean no underwear. These are the instructions I have been given. I guess it has to do with the transformation going more smoothly with no clothes in the way.  Tonight I will go through the rituals and change into my wolf self for the first time…and hopefully imprint on a mate. I almost can’t wait.  I am happy that my family is here for me, they are all proud of me, but it will only be my mom and Alaric attending the ceremony, the others are too young, just as it is of course my first time being there too… you can’t participate before your first change.  “Maybe brown… a pretty chocolate”. I mumble to myself, wondering what colour of wolf I will be. There are different shades
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6: The rituals
 *Cathwolf* “Time to de-rope”. The alpha exclaims with grandiosity, letting his own rope fall, making me avoid my eyes. I have never seen a naked man in real life, not a grown man, only my younger brothers when little. But then everyone drops their ropes... as a human I would have definitely blushed seeing all those naked bodies… but I realise fast that as a wolf I don't really care, human nudity means very little to a wolf.  Around me everyone starts changing and to my big surprise the wolves bow to me, which really confuses me. Is this part of the ritual ?  Then I look down, seeing my paws for the first time…they are shining white. I am not a boring grey or brown wolf... I am white… I am special. That does not however explain why they are bowing to me… I mean it still seems a bit much. But then the moonlight hits my fur and it shin
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7: The alphas plan
*Cathwulf* I am desperately splashing cold water on my face in the work bathroom, trying to make my red puffy eyes fall down and look less obvious. Yeah I have been crying my pretty little eyes out on and off ever since last night.  It has been two days since my first transformation and my life has changed in ways I could never imagine. First of all I did not find a mate like I hoped, so he must be in another pack if he is out there … not that it matters now.  Secondly I am apparently a fabled opal queen…something I didn’t even believe existed, but that seems not to be good for me either.  But the biggest thing had happened last night when our Alpha came to visit…he had made a decision, and wanted to talk to me.  My mom had called me into the livingroom and the Alpha had smiled at me, but it was a rather emotionless smile, and then he told u
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8: A talk with her boss
 *Cathwulf* I hurry in to start working, stopping by Mr Evill’s secretary on the way, telling her that I need a short meeting with him when he has a moment and that it is very important, knowing that elseway I risk her ignoring my request.  When I have been working for three hours and still haven’t been called down to his office, I am starting to wonder if she has even told him…or maybe she did and he forgot about me. Should I go ask again for a meeting ?  But before I can make up my mind, his secretary finally shows up with an annoyed sneer on her face. “Mr Evill can see you now ... but you better hurry up ... he is a busy man you know”.  “Thanks”. I get up, trying to straighten my clothes and hoping I don’t look too bad, before halfway running down to his office, just wanting this over with.  I knock and wait for
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9: The auktion
 1 week later *Therian* “I thought no one did these auctions anymore”. I sigh looking at my father as we drive down the remote road. “Isn’t it like ... inhuman or something ?”  “Well we are inhuman as a whole aren’t we ... but auctions are … very rare these days.  But this is also not a normal situation ... if she is a true opal queen, everyone will want her”. My father answers.  I shake my head. “But it has to be a hoax right ? No such thing exists ... it’s bedtime stories for cubs ... right ?”   “They exist or existed, I saw one ... many years ago. But I thought they were extinct ... it’s a miracle if it’s true”. He starts fidgeting with his ring.  “You said everyone will want her ... why ?” I look out at the darkening forest.
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10: Sold
 *Tom* So I had gone to the trouble of finding out where my little sugar snap lives and I went there, wanting to take her out, romance her, be nice to her ... and then take her home and well take her hard again and again. She has become an obsession for me and I need to have her.  But getting there I heard them through an open window, they were talking ... weird talk ... about an auction ... about her getting sold and about mates and packs.  I am a curious person, a man who thirst for knowledge, that is how I have managed to bring my fathers run down fur empire back on track and made an insane amount of money, so all this piqued my interest… Also I want to know everything about my little honey pie.  To find out what is going on I put a bug on their car and have followed them here, where I watch my little sugar cake change into a wolf, but not just a wolf... a wolf with the most ama
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