Till I Met You

Till I Met You

By:  Love Egbejale  Completed
Language: English
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For Jonina Samuels, it had always been a hard knock life. Between having an evil step mother and equally evil step siblings, she had lost hope in ever having a good or remotely peaceful life and she had braced herself to take whatever life threw at her.  Nothing really rattled her as she grew older, so when Prince Leonidas Sebastiani met her and tried to offer his friendship, it was like he had collided with a solid brick wall. How will he get her to come to the realization that she's not broken or unworthy of being loved properly?

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89 Chapters
Andrei's POVI always took pride in being a good friend to my friends, a good brother to my cousin Damien, a good King to the people of Mercia, a good father to my children and a good... in fact wonderful husband to my lovely wife who I loved more than my life but one thing I hated was a backstabbing friend. I always took pride in being able to control my temper whenever I was extremely angry but this time... I don't think I can. Not when I hurt so bad, it felt like my heart wanted to burst out of my chest and explode from the excruciating pain. No, I wasn't involved in an accident but my precious wife and first son were. And it was all thanks to a man who I once considered my friend. A man who I let into my home, treated like family but all the while was working for Arielle's father. Remember her? Princess Arielle of Havindelle? Well, her father didn't accept that his daughter's act of treason wa
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Chapter One
There was a kind of excitement in the air that Jonina wasn't feeling. Couldn't feel no matter how she tried. Happiness was a foreign feeling to her and even if it hit her in the face, she wouldn't know it. The kingdom of Mercia was abuzz with excitement. Why? The Crown Prince was coming home after being away for years and yes the citizens were very happy for the Royal family, which was why they had decorated everywhere in anticipation of his arrival. Eleven years ago, he'd been in a fatal accident that had left him paralyzed and the King had sent him away to get better treatment or maybe he hadn't wanted King Elroy of Havindelle to work his charm a second time thus ending the Prince's life for good but either way the announcement was that the Prince was coming home and that was that. Read more
Chapter Two
Tomorrow was the Sebastiani quads birthday and hopefully she'd be allowed to attend since the King had invited everyone but most especially the children so the adults really didn't have any business going there. "Who am I kidding?." She groaned and shook her head. "I'm not going anywhere." Celestina Samuels had had it out for Joni ever since she set foot in her husband's home and though the girl had never really done anything wrong to offend her, she just simply disliked her and hoped that one day Joachim would get tired of her and finally throw her out. ~~~~~Two days laterJoni woke up before the second cock crow and stretched her stiff muscles before she stumbled to her feet, gathered up her makeshift bed and went to drop it in the broom closet by the kitchen. She was always the first to wake up in the house and would have done almost all her chores including preparing breakfast befo
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Chapter Three
The sun was blazing hot. It was so hot that you could feel your brain short circuiting in your head if you weren't wearing a hat and that was exactly how Jonina felt as she sat on the stool behind the rickety table that held her tray of oranges. Her stepmother didn't want her sitting alone doing nothing at home since she'd banned Joni from going to her store after a robbery incident that was no fault of hers so she'd gotten a space for Joni in the market to sell oranges which wasn't really a lucrative business but Celestina couldn't care less. She hadn't provided Joni with an umbrella to shade her from the sun and rain so sometimes she had to share a large umbrella with the woman next to her but as fate would have it, the woman fell ill and couldn't come to the market so Joni had to sit there in the sun with a thin scarf covering her head and praying for divine intervention. "God, I'm so thirsty." She muttered and swallo
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Chapter Four
"Where are you coming from?". A gruff voice demanded from somewhere on the veranda as Joni tiptoed to the front door. She jumped, startled by the voice that was very much her father's and turned to look at him. He was sitting on his rocking chair, swinging a long cane in his hand. He looked relaxed but she knew he was anything but. "Um... I... Erm..." She stuttered.  "You have exactly three seconds to start talking before I descend on you." Joachim told her.  "I fainted at the market and... and somebody took me to the hospital." She blurted out. "Fainted? Are you pregnant?". His expression was thunderous. Read more
Chapter Five
A week laterSetting foot inside of Imperial Heights High school after a month of being away felt like a breath of fresh air. She was thankfully away from Celestina even if it was for a few hours and her step siblings treated her like an outcast in school so she was good to go. Joni stood by her locker and was about to open it after putting in her code when she heard loud noise coming from outside and she sighed knowing what that meant. The Sebastiani triplets had arrived and everyone was happy to see them. Prince Jaxon, Princess Andreina and their sister Princess Annaliese ruled IHHS along with their snotty royal friends like they owned it even if they actually did own the school. Joni breathed through her nose and opened her locker to dump her school bag inside knowing that the bell was going to ring soon for assembly but before she could get around to doing what she had in mind, her locker door
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Chapter Six
"What do you mean he doesn't want to come here?". Prince Jaxon frowned at his sisters. "This is where he's supposed to be." The twins shrugged. "We saw mom and she told us that he wanted to be on the other side. He wouldn't even call them commoners." Andreina sneered. "What is Leon playing at?".Jax wondered. "He's making us look like fools." "You have to address this issue with him." Annaliese said. "He can't do this." Jaxon stared at his watch and sighed. Their History teacher was going to come in soon so he couldn't leave the class but he vowed to talk to his older brother by five minutes about his behavior.  It was an insult to all royals in the school and he was the Crown Prince!. He should've known better. ~~~~~Joni glanced at Leon from the corner of her eyes as his fingers flew rapidly over the screen of his iPad. The rest of them were writ
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Chapter Seven
"Hitch a ride with me?". Leon asked Joni after the final bell rang for the day.   Joni was surprised but she didn't show it. "Um... what about your siblings?".   "They have their own ride." He said.   "Thank you for the offer but my route is a long way from yours. I have to go the market." She said.   "I don't mind." He shrugged.   "Actually... I do." She responded. "You're the Crown Prince and... I don't know you all that well to accept a ride from you."   "Are you saying I'm going to kidnap you?". He didn't sound amused.   "I didn't mean
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Chapter Eight
"Are you still upset with me?". Joni read the note that Leon passed to her for a full minute before she penned her reply and passed it back. "I have no right to be." Her note read. "Will you accept my gift then?". He passed the paper to her. "No." She sent it back. "Please." He sent it back. "I'm not a charity case Your Highness." She passed the paper back. "I never said you were. I consider you my friend Nina." He pushed the paper towards her. Joni sighed inwardly. "I do not want to be your friend." She wrote in capital letters and sent t
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Chapter Nine
"Hey loser." Something hit the back of Joni's head causing her to cry out and turn to glare at the culprit.  "What is wrong with you?!". She yelled at Raymond. "I have been calling you for ages." "A tap would have been nice." She retorted.  "Nah, that was more effective." He grinned wickedly. Joni rubbed the back of her head wincing as she felt it begin to throb. She glanced behind her and saw that he'd thrown a stone at her head and she was very tempted to retaliate but she held herself. "You could've killed me." She spat. "Do you expect me to apologize?". He arched a brow. "If you don't have anything worthwhile to do, why don't you take a swim in the Thames river?". She sneered and continued with her math homework. "I heard you're now buddies with the Crown Prince." Raymond began. "You
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