Once upon a billionaire's wife

Once upon a billionaire's wife

By:  Queen Whorish  Completed
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Astra wanted nothing more but genuine happiness and the strength to move on from her failed marriage. When she got married to New York’s most eligible bachelor, she felt her joy was at its peak. One night, she got thrown out in the rain by her billionaire husband, and she had no idea her marriage was about to end. Billionaire Nicholas Michealson felt betrayed when he discovered his wife of almost two years was cheating on him, and he divorced her without listening to her side of the story. He felt betrayed and hurt by the only person he ever let into his heart. Five years later, and the hurt is still fresh, They both want closure to move on from each other. In a period of five years, everything has changed except the truth. Astra has huge secrets, and Nicholas has been wrong all along. Maybe it was indeed too late for both of them.

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Chapter One
Astra stared at her own personal copy of the divorce letter, and the pain still felt the same. Five years down the lane, she still feels so bad for not putting in her best, for not trying to fight hard for her marriage, for not attempting to fight for the love they shared. Maybe she wasn’t the problem; perhaps he was. Thankfully it was starting to sound convincing to her ears. She rarely blamed him all these years; she spent all of those years blaming herself. It was easy to blame herself because she loved him too much, creating excuses came in a very easy manner and she hated the way it was easy for her. When they were married, he made sure she didn’t think he was doing her a favor by being with her. She was nothing but a poor girl that he fell in love with. He didn’t care about what the tabloid thought of them together or what the whole world felt about their union. He was perfect, and he could have any girl he wanted, yet he chose to spend for
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Chapter Two
Nicholas sat in the conference room along with two of his legal advisers, and they waited for his ex-wife to show up. He had explicitly requested her because he wanted to see how well she was doing now without him. Part of him felt guilty for how he didn’t give her a chance to explain herself. Instead, he tossed her out just like everyone in her life had. He was hurt too; for the first time he let someone into his heart, she ruined it for him. He hasn’t had a decent relationship since then. He hated how she made him feel vulnerable in a way that no other person had made him feel, it was like she allowed him to love her before she shattered him into tiny bits that would forever haunt him. His love life was a mess after their divorce and he would not be able to look at another woman the same way he looked at her. He has given a few relationships trials and she needed ruining them for him without her having to try at all. He once moaned her name during se
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Chapter Three
Astra walked into her apartment, and she made sure she locked the door before she dropped her bag on the floor and she slid down the wall. All these years of thinking about her reunion with Nicholas, never in one had she imagined him to hate her that much. She could see the hatred in his eyes as he called her a whore. Five years didn’t heal her heart and the same five years wasn’t enough to make her stop hating him. The most painful part of these processes was that he never told her what happened. He threw her out in the rain, called her names, and banged the door in her face. She felt betrayed because this man had promised to love her forever., promise to cherish her forever, and yet in one day, he turned her out and threw her to the wolves. She sobbed quietly, and she covered her mouth. She willed herself to cry because she had been holding on to her tears for so long. No matter what she did, she hated the way simple name-calling from him could send
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Chapter Four
Astra didn’t know which one excited her more, the fact that she was going to visit an art showcase with Dylan or that she just woke up on the good side of the bed naturally. She had always felt heavy each time she woke up, but today was better. Surprisingly, she had a weird dream about Nicholas coming to her home. Ewww! Nicholas would never come not with all that hate in his eyes. She was even scared of it herself. She said Hello to every co-worker she met on the road, and she couldn’t help but notice the stares they gave her. Like something happened, and she wasn’t in the loop. She shrugged and blamed it on the fact that she looked fantastic today. Her big smile was doing a good job complementing that. One thing that g stopped her from moving forward was how people hung around her cubicle while staring at it; they were not just staring. They were talking too. She had no idea what they were talking about, but one way to find out was moving closer
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Chapter Five
Astra grabbed the cup of coffee the waiter had just placed beside her on the table and sipped it gently after stirring it with the spoon beside. "You still don't like sugar? " Stephanie asked her while placing some cubes into her own cup. Astra smiled and said nothing to Stephanie. "Uhmm! this apple pie always tastes like heaven. " Stephanie declared while devouring the apple pie. "The delicacies here are meant for our taste buds, my dear friend. " Astra replied. Stephanie nodded in approval. "I needed this breakfast more than I needed anything. I missed it," said Stephanie. "It was always cheese, fish, and some dumb veggies for breakfast throughout our honeymoon. I couldn't complain but kept eating the whole damn thing. " Stephanie confessed with disgust while shaking her head. Astra smiled at her and said, "You didn't tell me how it went." Steph chuckled and replied. "You sure don't need every detail of my honeymoon. "Girl I need all the detail I can get. " Astra retorted with a
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Chapter Six
As soon as Nicholas left the room, Astra let out a sigh of relief. She was not sure how much more of the interaction she could take. It was a because of her stupid boss, that was the only reason she had to been deal with all of this. She felt a rumbling in her stomach, reminding her that it was lunch time. Astra had to get something to eat, and quickly. The breakfast she had with Stephanie that morning looked like it was not going to be enough to sustain her. Maybe she could just come in later to work on her project. As she pondered on this idea for a moment, the sound of her ringing phone cut through the air. Astra picked it up for the table and glanced at the screen. “Jared,” she noted with a sigh. Her mind took her back to Jared and Nicholas' reaction. It hadn't ended well, and with the mood that Nicholas was in already, there was no telling what he would do if he found out who was calling. Astra's shoulders slumped a little, as she leaned against the table, to ease some of the
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Chapter Seven
Astra quickly turned the direction of the car to Nicholas’ home the home that was once hers. Not the time to think of that Astra, she scolds herself.“This had better be some serious emergency” She mutters. With the speed at which she was going, she’d definitely get pulled over. Luckily for her, there were no police around. Astra prayed in her heart that Nicholas was okay, she shouldn’t care, she should have been doing quite the opposite. But deep down she knew no matter what, she’d always care for Nicholas. His voice over the phone sounded hurried, frightened even and before she knew it she had sprinted out of the coffee shop without giving any explanation whatsoever to Jared. What was she to say? “Sorry Jared, Nicholas needs me. You know Nicholas don’t you? Yes, the same man you met in my home a week back that harassed you. Also, my ex-husband that threw me out into the rain five years ago, ah yes that’s the one” Jared would have looked at her as a stupid woman and in all honesty,
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Chapter Eight
Nicholas felt utterly and completely dejected and most importantly a fool, a very big one at that. How could he let his guard so lose and let the pure lust he felt towards Astra control his actions. That was the thing he never liked when it came to Astra, how she was in total control of his feelings without evening trying. He could do the most stupidest things and shitties things when it came to her. What the fuck was he thinking trying to coo her into his bed.“God I am such a fool” he muttered to himself, hands folded behind his neck as he looked at the plain wall as though it was supposed to miraculously reply his question.The cold wind blew as the trees swung from left to right. Everywhere was calm and the lights were off. The creepy darkness haunted the streets and not a soul could be seen hovering around perhaps some living souls that meant business could be seen. In his large black coat with a muffler around his neck, he stood by the end of the road as he adjusted his big hat
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Chapter Nine
The 18th of July. A date Astra never thought she could forget in a hurry. About twelve years ago on that day, she tried Sam's line but it wasn't going through so she went to his home instead to ensure everything was fine. Sam always picked her calls unlike that day. The door to Sam's living room opened the moment she gave the door a slight push. His parents were probably out and Jean his younger sister was playing with her friends at the park behind. She dashed to Sam's room and hit the door with so much frustration after the moanings she heard made her run mad with rage. Sam her highschool boyfriend was on top of Clara some random girl from her class as Sam asserts. Clara was butt naked while Sam had his boxers on. After she hurried home in tears, she imagined Clara bending over Sam's abdomen giving him a blow job while he screamed in pleasure as she heard him say to Clara "You handle me so well." She was heartbroken. The tortuous scene she encountered back then made her vow never
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Chapter Ten
Astra marched down the hallway, her red heels making click clack sounds in her wake. The light from an adjacent window shone on her hair and reflected on her defiant face as she walked with purpose.She was going to tell her boss she could no longer work on the Michaelson's case and her stand was final.She didn't know what kind of elaborate joke this was, being forced to work hand in hand with her ex husband but she was not finding it funny and Trevor had better be prepared to hear an earful because she was not going to be a pawn in this game, least of all to Nicholas Michaelson any longer and if it meant her sliding of her chair, packing her things and leaving, she would do it. Hell, she would even move states.As she approached the foot of the stairs, she berated herself. Why had she stayed in the same state she'd been broken, expecting to somehow be healed? And why was this thought just occuring now?Taking the stairs one at a time, she recited all the reasons why she would never
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