The Alpha's Mate

The Alpha's Mate

By:  Gaelly  Completed
Language: English
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Meet Terrick Clarkson the supreme alpha of the supernatural world. Just like his father, he ruled with integrity and fairness, and above all he was strict. But there was one thing about him, he hates humans. He sees them as weak creatures who are not supposed to live on this earth. What will happen when the alpha falls in love with a weak girl Catrina who has gone through hell at the hands of her family members? And when a demon from hell decides to cause havoc on both sides that is the human realm and the supernatural realm. Meet Catrina a human

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    112 chapters
    First Transition
    “Ahh dad it hurts, I can't do it. I won't be able to pull it through” Terrick is going through his first transition. And like everyone else, it hurts. His bones are shattering and bending in the wrong direction. This is a world fill with supernatural creatures such as witches, vampires, and wolves. And the humans who are here are ignorant of the existence of these supernatural creatures.  Terrick is the alpha's son and soon to be alpha. His father Marcus Clarkson rule the moon pack with integrity, equality, and strictness. He is the supreme Alpha, the ruler of all other alphas.  Back to present “Don't touch him” Marcus warn his wife who was about to touch their son 18 years old son Terrick. "Cone on Terrick, you can do it, I know you can. You are a Clarkson and all Clarkson are survivors” Marcus encourages and coax his son. With a final yell “ahhhhhhhhhhh" Terrick transit to
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    The dead of their parents
     150 years laterIt's been one hundred and fifty years and Terrick is now the supreme alpha. His dad died when they were attacked by rogue vampires. He died trying to protect the people of his pack. He is known as a hero. His mother Aurora has been in a coma for 50 years now. She couldn't take the pain when the mate bond between her and her mate was snapped. When one loses his mate the mate bond between then breaks and when that happens the pain is too much for sine wolves to bare. Some die, while some go feral. Some wolves overcome the pain and move on. In Aurora's case, the pain was too much for her to bare, and she ended up in a coma. When Terrick was grown the Supreme alpha, he hunted and killed every vampire who took part in the attack. Killing them with no mercy. His beta Annex whose mom died when he was still a pup, he lost his father during the attack. FlashbackSapphire was fighting next to Marcus and died too. They were outnumbe
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    Puff humans
     Terrick is known in the human world as Thee Terrick Clarkson. The business tycoon who is ruthless, arrogant, and mean when things don't go his way. His PA Annex is the gentle one who always smile and looks calm. He apologizes when Terrick does something inappropriate. Terrick acts like this because of his hatred for humans. He believes that humans are weak creatures who can't do on their own. He believes that without them helping in the shadows, humanity would have been extinct a long time ago. “Puff humans, such stupid creatures. I wonder why Selene created them. They are just liabilities” Terrick said sipping his tea. “They are so boring” he continues. “Scared of little things which one should not be scared of” “It's in their nature Terrick” Annex said, “They are not like us. We are vicious and wild while they are” he takes a break thinking of the approp
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    His competition
     After finishing up with the meeting, Annex went back to Terrick's office. He told him what they said and what their worriers were. "They want to know how you plan to handle this new competitor” said Annex, unveiling what they said to Terrick. “I don't see the need of sharing what I have in mind with them. I'll just do what I have to do, and they can thank me later when this competition is no more”. Annex looked at him as if he is joking. As in, who acts without informing the BODS of his company? “Terrick they are your BODS, it's their right to know your plans and how you run the company”. Annex said reprimanding him, his voice went high a little. Forgetting the fact that he is talking to his alpha. Terrick raised his brows, looking at Annex as if reminding him that he is talking to his alpha. “Am sorry alpha I didn't mean to raise my voic
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    Black witches 1
     Just like every other company who tried to compete with Terrick's, this one was crushed too, with no mercy. Terrick and Annex were talking about some things concerning the company when Terrick receive a mind link from his head guard, Jeffrey. (Good day, alpha, I bring news from the alpha of the blood moon pack. I'm standing outside your office can I come in) he asked within a respective tone? (come in) Terrick said looking at the door which was push lightly by his chief guard Jeffrey. “What does alpha Damian have for me” ask Terrick going straight to the point? “Alpha Damian said the black witches from the northern coven have been transforming humans to witches. He said, giving a Little pause, so his alpha will digest the information before he continues” a bunch of them attacked the blood moon pack yesterday” “How did he know that they ar
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    Black witches 2
     By the time the roosters were waking up from their sleep, Terrick and Annex were already up, preparing themselves to go meet the others who have assembled at the boarder.  Saphira the white witch requested to go along with them, but Terrick still rejected her request.  Terrick and Annex left the witch's house at exactly five in the morning. The two men shift to their wolves and ran to the woods, continuing from where they stopped yesterday.  Reaching at the boarder, Terrick saw that everyone is there as he requested. He didn't take all of his fighters. He just took twenty-five from his pack and twenty-five from alpha Damien's pack, summing up to fifty soldiers excluding Terrick, Annex, Damien and Thomas. Seeing as, they are going to fight feral humans who have being turned to black witches and have no combat skills. Not knowing that those humans/ witches have some rogue vampires
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    Wolves vs witches
    The wolves ran to were the black witches were with the aim of killing them. But before they could reach where the witches are standing, the witches open the gags of the turned humans. As they were no longer humans, they could see all the wolves in their form.  The feral humans scratch and bite the wolves. Casting spells on them as they have the abilities of witches. The black witches join the fight. Fighting the wolves but not fairly, though. In fact, this fight has never being a fair fight since from the beginning. The black witches never play fair.  The black witches will disappear when her opponent strikes only to appear behind him and snap his neck, killing him on the spot. The easiest way to kill a wolf is by snapping his neck or rip off its heart. Terrick was cornered by twelve crazy humans,, but that didn't slow him down. He wasn't crowned the supreme alpha just
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    I told you you might need my help
     Terrick's mistake was underestimating his enemy. The rogues killed a number of Terrick's men. The supreme alpha had lost all hopes in winning this war. As if on cue, the was a pop sound like something pop in. There standing not too far was Saphira and behind her was king Aaron. King of the vampires. He came along with his soldiers. There was another pop sound not too far from where Saphira was standing. This time it was two witch sisters Brenda and Belinda who live in Terrick's pack who pop in. And they came with more wolves who came to assist their alpha. Terrick gave out a sigh of relief when he saw his people who came to help. Nodding his big white head to Saphira, Aaron and to Belinda and Brenda for the back-up. Without loosing focus from the fight, Terrick ran with a new-found adrenaline. He fought with a new stigma, reaping of the heads of the rogues. Aaron sc
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    The Luna is up
    Its been six days after the fight between  wolves and witches, and Terrick hasn't return to his company. He decided to stay behind with his    pack. The pack has being in the hands of his gamma Philius and his delta Amodeny far too a pack, there is the alpha who is the first In command and the Luna having the same      statues as the alpha. And the is a beta who is the second in command with the gamma the third in command and lastly the delta who is fourth in command.The former alpha didn't have a gamma or a      Delta. When he is away handling the       human world, his gamma and delta rule the pack in his absence.Terrick walk into his mother's room were she has been lying down on her bed for fifty years unmoving. He held his mother's hand in his. She looks like she is sleeping and  a little shake on the shoulder will wake her up.He spoke to his unconscious mother for      sometime showing her side of him that         nobody except
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    Reliving the pain from fifty years
    Terrick was talking to Brenda concerning something about her potions when he receive a mind like from his guard. ( alpha the Luna is up). Terrick stood unable to comprehend what he heard. He ask ( what did you say?) just to make sure that he is not hearing something.The guard repeated his statement ( the Luna is up). Annex who stood next him and Brenda notice the change in him. He could see doubt mix with happiness and he wonder why his alpha is so happy. Unable to hold his curiosity he ask "what's wrong with you". "Mother is awake " replied Terrick before  walking away. Taking long strides to his mothers room.The Luna who just woke up a coma a minute ago was stun to hear that she had been unconscious for fifty years. The images of Terrick and Annex bringing back the bodies of their father flash before her eyes. The pain she felt fifty years ago resurface.Unable to contain the pain, she let an ear piecing scream of agony. She cried not only for her
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