REBORN: Gemini

REBORN: Gemini

By:  KY TAINE  Ongoing
Language: English
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She came back from the dead to get even! Evie Hunter was from a world where divine inheritance could place anyone at the top— but it also caused her downfall. Betrayed by people she considered family, she ended up as a sacrifice to the demon gate. But she didn't die. She woke up in the body of Evely Hunt, the girl she used to only see from the mirror— the girl whose tragic fate was now in her hands to change. Vengeance! To thank the girl, she vowed to seek revenge on everyone who harmed her— her family, her friends as she searched for ways to return to her world to seek justice for herself. But when she met the girl's fiancé, André de Lancy, the legendary blackhearted business tycoon, she got confused. In the girl’s memories, her fiancé was an invalid who was indifferent to the world. Why did it seem that he looked happy to see her? Why did it seem like he knew her? Also, why did it seem as if he was also not human like her?

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89 chapters
0001 Asura
“That damn bitch sure knew how to fight.”In a dimly lit place where the normally raucous sounds of cars were very muted as the road was quite a distance away, a huge patch of soil showed clear disturbance. Surrounding it were five young and middle aged men who looked like local gangsters with their burly bodies.“Are you sure she’s dead?” one of them asked as he flinched and raised his hand to touch the corner of his mouth which was bleeding.All five of them were obviously roughened up. It was as if they had just gotten out of a huge fistfight. Not only were their clothes in disarray and torn in some places, injuries also littered their skin which still mostly bled.“She’s dead. If she’s not yet dead, then she will be. The bitch’s six feet under now, isn’t she?”The snarky remark was welcomed by grunts of approval from the rest. All of them seemed to have suffered greatly and were
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0002 Evie Hunter
She was in a very cold and dark place, but there was no pain. Surprisingly she was numb— so numb that she couldn’t feel her body at all.Was this… death?She opened her eyes— or at least she thought she did as she could not feel anything at all. However, whether opened or closed, she could not see anything aside from the infinite abyss where she seemed to remain drifting for nobody knew how long.For the moment, her mind was so foggy that she could not remember a lot of things, like who she was and how she got there. All she ever knew was that she had died— perished in battle.Huh? Battle? What… battle?But before she could think further, a wave of fatigue engulfed her,
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0003 An Eye For An Eye
“No… How could this be…”Evie was in a panic. She raised a hand to slap herself hard.Pain…Even her vision blurred a little when she hit herself. Regardless that she did not wish to be where she was, she could not fool herself that everything was just a dream. She was really there, in Evely’s world, occupying Evely’s body. Also, time really did turn back.She could remember seeing this place not just from Evely’s memories but hers as well. She had seen this place in the mirror when her celestial twin was kidnapped.Evely was having her usual milk tea at the café when she suddenly felt dizzy and lost consciousness. She woke up in this place with the kidnappers
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0004 Francis Hunt
“This is my assistant, Ralph Hall…”Inside the car, aside from the young man, there was another one who looked a bit older and less… flamboyant.Yes, Evely’s neighbor was a bit more colorful than his friend. Now that she’s sitting next to him, she noticed that he was wearing a rose colored suit. It contrasted well against the other man’s black ensemble.Evie had no idea how to call the young man. She searched her memory for a word that people used to address strangers, and recalled what the kidnappers called her earlier.“Er… Boss.”The young man and the assistant were dumbfounded for several seconds before the young man let out a chuckle.Read more
0005 A Filial Daughter
As if on cue, blood trickled from her head injury to her face, and a shriek sounded from the side as Evely’s stepmother could not contain herself and ran towards the father and daughter with panic on her face.“Francis! Evely is bleeding! Quick! Let’s bring her to the hospital!”Her loud cry snapped Francis out of his trance and quickly carried Evie in his arms.“Grab my keys!” he ordered his wife, before running towards the garage where there were few metal carriages parked. But Evie had no time to appreciate them.  Evie wanted to protest, saying that she’s okay but the couple seemed to be in so much panic that they did not listen to her.Soon, her stepmother who was still
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0006 Demon Prince
Hampton Hills was one of the most luxurious and exclusive subdivisions in the country, built under the very famous Rockefeller Group. Most of the homeowners chose to live in the place, not only because of the superb security but also because of the status of living there. Businessmen who were very conscious of their reputations made sure to grab at least one of the houses available for sale.The entire exclusive subdivision looked like a small version of a picturesque French town. In it were three different types of houses. The normal houses that were situated near the entrance gate, were designed to look similar to twentieth century houses in Paris. Their façade was mostly covered with white plaster with wooden beams and stones as foundation.The next types of houses like where the Hunt family lived, was a larger type of French villa more popularly call
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0007 Pretty But Inconvenient
Evie Hunter stood in front of the huge glass window, staring at the hustle and bustle of the city down below. She had been more than amazed the first time she stood on the same spot and saw the scenery. Then and there, it really came to her how entirely different this world was to hers.However, her opinion about Evely’s world did not change. In fact, with everything that she had been seeing so far, it only confirmed her thoughts. This world looked aesthetically modern and grand, but in reality, everything in it was so backwards. Even if her world could be called medieval in appearance, as she had searched the word, her world was more than ten times more convenient than where she was right now.For example, this world’s mode of transportation. Sure, the metal carriages she had seen came in different forms and colors, and they looked so nice. Evie wa
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0008 Mom
Liz Hunt’s voice became smaller and smaller as she spoke. It was clear that she was being very careful as to not to agitate Evely, whom she knew hated her a lot. Their relationship had never been harmonious to begin with. When Evely’s parents divorced when she was six, she blamed her father for the fall out. Her mother said that it was because Francis Hunt was seeing someone else that their marriage broke. Evely was also told that her mother could only take her sister and not Evely because Francis did not want her sister. This was why, when Francis married Lizbeth Morgan, a socialite, two years after the divorce, Evely more than raised hell, thinking she was the homewrecker her mother told her about. The charming house in Hampton Hills was never without a fight— and it was all due to Evely finding faults with Francis’ new wife.  Read more
0009 Lizbeth Morgan
Francis and Liz Hunt trudged the hallway of the VIP ward arm in arm. Although the man looked haggard due to his days of staying up late and taking care of many things all at once, while the woman was tearstained, there were smiles on their faces. Also, for the very first time in years since they married, in their hearts and minds, they had peace. Even if they still had a lot of things to deal with, now that at least, their daughter was no longer antagonistic towards them, the rest would be easier.The years had not been easy, but they were aware that it was because of their own choice to hide the truth. If they had been truthful towards Evely from the beginning, things wouldn’t have escalated to the point it did before their daughter’s incident. Also, Francis had to admit that even if he suffered as well, the one who was truly wronged was his wife.
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0010 Disconnected
“Will you tell her the truth?” Liz was dumbfounded, and Francis looked guilty.“I know. I made you suffer all those years for nothing. In the end, I still have to tell her the truth...”Liz shook her head again. If Francis decided to tell Evely about everything, then something really serious happened that was more important than keeping that secret, and something did. If her husband suspected that his ex-wife was the one behind Evely’s kidnapping, then it’s best for the truth to come out so that Evely would stop seeing that person.Actually, when Francis and his ex-wife divorced, her husband got full custody of Evely since the woman was not her biological mother anyway. Also, since she did something appalling towards the child by purposely making her sick, she had committed a crim
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