Revenge of the Lady Billionaire

Revenge of the Lady Billionaire

By:  Pretty Stassie  Updated just now
Language: English
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Flynn Roberts -A billionaire, handsome beyond expectations but arrogant and cold. Elisa Evans -A beautiful orphan and Baker who's goal was shattered after being deceived and lied. Years later, she comes back to America, now a billionaire, with a secret, Flynn's daughter to get her revenge on him.

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12 Chapters
All Elisa Evans has ever wanted to be a star in her own little world.Being left alone with her only Aunt Lily to survive this ruthless world was like a blessing to her.At 20, she had managed to open her own little bakery, teach her self how to be strong for her and her Aunt despite losing her parents in a ghastly motor accident, thirteen years ago.Thinking that she has all she ever wanted now, she never know that fate had a deadly way of playing with people.Flynn Roberts, one of the most richest and most powerful businessman in the world, not only powerful but also one of the most dashing and most handsome Playboy bachelor in the whole of America. Forced to find a woman who will be capable of carrying his child, his path crosses along with Elisa's. Along the way, he falls in love with her, but to his mother,she was too local and way out of league to carry his child. But choice did she have? She wanted him to settle down right away and do away with his c
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Chapter 1.
Six years later~Elisa~These past four years of my life has been the best years of my entire life. After being used and discarded by Flynn, I lost all hope that I could ever be whole in this lifetime. I shut all doors of love and friendship in my life but Alexander brought me out of the dark, taught me how to be brave and how to be strong. He made me who I am today and that is the woman I am now; Elisa Evans Lance.After what Flynn and his mother did to me, my goal was to return back to California and make them pay for what they did to me. I didn't care if I had to go the extreme miles but they must pay for what they did and how they treated me, all doors of risks be damned.Flynn and his family manipulated and humiliated me. He made me believed that he loved me but he lied to me only to take advantage of my dignity and leave me for someone else. I would do everything in my power to make him pay for everything and all those time, he made me feel
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Chapter 2.
~Flynn~For the past six years, I haven't been able to think straight. It was as if my body was on Earth but my soul was far away with Elisa. She has been the only one filling and occupying my mind and heart. I couldn't stop thinking about her neither could I believe that my mother could do something like that to her. She used me as her pawn to get to Elisa and made me do all sort of things to her. God, I couldn't believe it. And as if that wasn't enough for her, she went ahead to humiliate her. Can't believe she also blackmailed me that if I didn't do what she asked of me, it would be Elisa's dead body on my desk next. And she was more than capable of doing something as horrible as that.God, I was the biggest fool on Earth. Not being able to protect the only woman that I've ever loved. I had the resources but my mother made it crystal clear that if I did anything against her will, she would make sure that I'll never see Elisa again. I couldn't blame myself totally fo
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Chapter 3.
~Elisa~"Good morning ma'am. All plans are ready for take off.." My assistant Maria informed me"Okay, thank you. You can tell Chris to come in now." "Alright ma'am." She said and walked out. Few minutes later, Chris walked in."How are you doing, Lisa?" He asked, helping himself down on a seat."I've been good. Got any good news for me?" Chris was my private investigator. I had hired him to keep tabs on the Roberts ever since I knew I was strong enough to challenge them."Here," He pulled out some files and placed it on my desk. I opened them and went through them carefully."These people probably think they're some gods of some sort. Can't blame though. Once there's money, there's everything. Power, capability, influence and the others. Any other information?""Dubey walked out on them early this afternoon.""Finally. Another stock marketer to shine his goddamn eyes. So impressed. Let me know if you need anything, Chris."He smiled, getting up. "
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chapter 4
~Flynn~At first I didn't want to attend the Lance's party but on second thought, why not? Like Daniel said, it would also do me some good;that is unwinding a little. Flip with someone until I'm able to forget about ELisa, temporarily.~*~~Elisa~Tonight was the night. The night that I make my arrival official. The night where the world will see for not just who I am but also for what I am.The red dress was exquisite and extravagant roughly costing 25,000 dollars. It was worth it. It was worth every dime and every penny. The design of the gown was topnotch and designed by one of the best fashion designers in Sweden. The gown embraced my curves, a long slit just at the edge exposing my long left leg and the V-cut was slightly revealing my cleavage. The dress was rounded up with a pair of silver heels and a silver clutch. My long red hair was curled and it bounced on my shoulders in waves as I got up after my make-up and gazed at myself in the mirror. I was
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Chapter. 5
~Elisa~"Ava darling, your vanilla cake is ready!""Yeah, mommy!" Ava said in excitement as she dashed into the kitchen."Mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy---""What is it, Ava?""Can I please have a bite?""Of course, sweetie. It's your cake by the way.""Yeah! Thanks Mommy." she said excitedly."Wow, mommy, this tastes so good!'I smiled, taking a bite. ''You like it?""Like? I love it mommy!"A smile appeared on my face when I saw how excited she was. Ava was my priceless diamond and I would do anything to see her happy.Just then we were interrupted by my phone. "Uh..Ava, excuse me please."I said and walked out of the kitchen. on getting to the dining room, I scrolled on the answer button and placed the phone close to my ear. "Hello? Oh. Yes. Thank you for this news. I'll be there in a few."With that I hung up and went back to the kitchen."Uh sweetie, I just got a call that something urgent just came up at the office. I just need to go
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Chapter. 6
Ellie's POV"...,and in doing so, we have to join our resources together to get a better result." Alexander concluded, and a round of applause filled the air.We were having a meeting with the Roberts. Flynn had approached Alex with a deal, an offer to invest in our company temporarily. I should have known that he wouldn't give up just like that but I didn't want to be a reason why Alex would be turning down offers, letting huge amount of money go and so I agreed. I told him to approve Flynn's request of investing in our company and that this would be a start of something more open considering the fact that the Roberts Enterprises was one of the biggest in the whole world."Thank you, Mr Lance for this opportunity." Flynn said and shook hands with Alex who then turned and narrowed his eyes at me."Lisa?" It was then I realized that Flynn was also holding out his hand for me."I'm afraid, Mr Roberts, that this won't be necessary considering the fact that
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Chapter 7
~Elisa~"Alex. Alex, please just wait!" I said, running after him. After seeing Flynn and I together in the elevator, he had stormed off in another car in anger, leaving me to try and catch up with him and probably explain what he probably thought he saw in there."Alex Alex," I had finally managed to grab hold of him in our living room. "Alex, let me explain," I told him breathlessly."No need. I already saw everything."I shook my head. "Alex, no. Listen, it's not what you think. Look, Flynn was dying in there. I was only trying to save him."He scoffed. "You sound funny, you know that? He was dying?" A bitter chuckle escaped his lips. "Very funny."I frowned. "No, it's not. You probably think I'm lying, don't you?"He managed to look me in the eye. "You told me you didn't love him anymore. You told me you wanted to get back at him for what he did to you!""And I do! Okay, I do want to get back at him for what he did to me! But at what expense?
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Chapter .8.
~Elisa~"Ava darling, how many more minutes do you need!?" With a cup of ice cream in my hand, I asked Ava who was busy on the swing excitedly."Ten more minutes, mom! Sure you don't wanna join me!?""No thanks, I'm okay here." I said, busy with my chocolate ice cream. I had decided to take a break and probably spend some more time with Ava and here we were. In a park."Ava?""Right here, mommy, I'm done." She had appeared right in front of me, trying to fix up her gloves and her cap."Here, Let me help you." I handed over to her my ice cream and scooted low to help her fix her gloves and her cap properly."Ugh, this tastes horrible. God I've always hated chocolate ice creams." She said handing me back my cup of ice cream. "Why didn't you get vanilla for me?" She asked with a frown. "Well, I didn't know you'd like one. You know it's pretty cold around here.""Oh and you're the one who's not gonna catch a cold? Why is that?""Because I'm an adult."''Ugh. Why do adults get to do everyt
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~Elisa~"Lisa, what did you do?!" my Aunt asked me as I was about to step out for work this morning."Aunt, I told you. I really wanted him to spend a day or two in jail. Too bad all he got was just a restraining order.""Lisa, you framed him. For sexual assault. If he wasn't a Roberts, do you know you would have been putting him in so much trouble?''"Well, I don't care. At least he's out of my skin. For now.""Lisa, you---""Lisa?""Alex?"Without saying another word, I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. "Hey, I'm sorry, I've been MIA these past few days, Lisa, I wish I would have been there. To protect you from him."I smiled, running my hands through his hair. "It's okay. I took care of everything. Dinner later? I think I've got lesser schedules today. And Ava's going to be so excited you're back.""Are you asking me on a date, Mrs lance?""Well, if that's what you want to call it, a date it is." I pressed a kis
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