Taming Through A Kiss

Taming Through A Kiss

By:  Sinethxx  Completed
Language: English
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As a 24 year old breadwinner in the family it is very hard for Kellah to find a stable job. I mean she didn't finish college and companies have higher standards. But when a friend offer her an unusual job, she hesitated. Why would they hired a secretary with a 100 thousand Php salary in a month. But she found out that the company's boss have difficult attitude to understand, how is she going to handle it? How can she tame that , annoying, and intimidating boss? Is she going to follow him? Do all what he said to make him like her or is she going to tame him. Tame him through a kiss?

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    Chapter 1
    CHAPTER 1I immediately pour the drinks into the lady's dress when she tried to insist that my friend stole her money.My breathing is so fast as I glared at her."Don't you ever act superior here, ma'am. We respect customers and if your behavior is like that dwell with me, then." I said bravely."Kellah, stop it already. You don't have to do this. You will lose the job as well." Zandarah said but there's no way for them to belittle us just because we are just some waitress here."I swear, that girl stole it. How dare you! I will talk to the manager." The woman shouted but she will never threatened me about it.My father raised me using his words that if you are right fight for it. Don't allow people to look down on you.I continued staring at them with a tough attitude when a guy suddenly catches my attention. He is just sitting in a couch watching us arguing here on this side of the bar.&nbs
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    Chapter 2
    I blinked twice as I meet the Bank's owner's eyes. It stopped me from moving for a while.A man wearing a black suit with a white t-shirt inside faced me. My brows furrowed as I watched him scanned me. He looks simple yet expensive. There is something on his eyes but I can't describe it.I stared at him. He looks familiar and it seems like I've already seen him before. It touches something in my mind and convincing me that I really met him but I can't remember when.I slowly walked towards his table and I chose to looked away. I swallowed hard when I can finally see him closely.I watched him stared at me. He didn't speak yet and it feels like he is trying to burn me using his stares.His thick brows raised when I decided to sit to the chair in front of his table.He licked his lips before he decided talking.My heart is beating so fast because of how scary he looks."Are you going to be my secretary?" Read more
    Chapter 3
    I've been chasing a good life the whole time. Everyday of my life is a race between me an the time. But now I am still into this part of my life. Trying so hard to become better.Trying to achieve the real success that I wanted to have. I wish someday I will have it already. I wish someday I can already provide and sustain whatever my father needs. I don't want to see him suffering.I feel bad everytime I see some of my classmates and batch mates before who are already successful and having their own dream life. While me, I am still in the part where the only thing I can do is to dream."I worry that you did not come home earlier, Kellah" I smiled even if Dad is a bit mad because he thought I am coming home earlier without knowing that I already have a job."Do not worry anymore, Dad. I already have a job that is why I did not come home. I hope this will be stable now." I uttered and he just gave me a sulking face.Earlier before
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    Chapter 4
    It's already eleven o'clock when we finally go back in the UZ bank. "You have a schedule later at seven pm, sir. A dinner meeting with an investors." I uutered when Mr. Woods asked me about it. "Well, after lunch take all the calls if there is and told them that I still have a lot of things to do. Do not disturb me in my office." He explained and I nodded as I glance in the rear view mirror. His eyes meet mine and I my heart skip a bit. I blink twice because of what I felt. Am I that scared at him that it made my heart race like that? I just realized that it seems like I really met him before, I just can't remember because he seems so familiar to me. I shrugged when I realized that I really could not remember it. Maybe I saw him in some articles or in the television. Well, forget it. "I'll be having lunch in the office. Tell them just like the usual." Just like what Mr. Woods said his food has been delivered inside the office. I wonder if he also likes ea
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    Chapter 5
    "What's that?" Mr. Woods ask while staring at me confusely. "Uh, please don't be mad, I brought coffee. I know you told me that we should not disturb you. This will be so quick." I uttered as I walk near his table and put the coffee there. After dropping the coffee shake I immediately turned my back and continue towards the door so tht he won't say anything anymore about what I did. "What's this, Miss Zoela?" He ask when I am about to open the door already. My heart is beating so fast as I slowly faced him. "Uhm that's a coffee shake, Sir." I answered hesitantly. "I told you not to disturb me. Did you buy this?" He ask calmly and I can't believe it, it thought he will be mad. "I personally made that, Sir." I answered, still nervous. I blink twice as I watched him tried to drink it. He started drinking a lot from it as he slowly nodded. "This is cafe mocha, this is my favorite coffee. How did you make it?" He ask while staring at the coffee bot
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    Chapter 6
    It is already eight o'clock in the evening when we go back in the UZ bank after the meeting with Mr. Takoshi.There are workers who is taking over time and the others is already preparing to go home. I am also gathering my things already so that I can also go home now. I also texted Talla earlier, my father's private nurse that I will be a little late for today. Mr. Rozieden Woods is still inside his office. I think he will go home any minutes from now. Well, he should rest now. Everyone deserves sleeps for today. Earlier I don't know if I should keep telling him that he should be nicer next time or just let him do all the things in life.I heaved a sigh as I decided to go out already. There are still workers around. They still seems so busy. I smiled at Miss Bea who is still in his table."Are having and over time, Miss?" I ask and he immediately nodded while pouting."I need to finish this. There will be an orientation next week. I don't wa
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    Chapter 7
    "Dad, you are worrying too much for me. I am a grown up and I am working for us. I can handle myself already. All you have to do is to rest and make your self healthy again." I explained because I am alrey tured about always reminding him that he is already my responsibility and wether he like it or not I will work for us. "Do you think it is not hard for me to just wait for you here in the house? I am so pathetic and useless, Kellah." He cried and I can't help but to watch him with all my sympathy. He is sitting on his wheelchair as I slowly kneel down to level our gazes. "Dad come on, I am not asking you to do something for us. Seeing you healthy is already enough for me. Just stay here and once you are already fine and okay, you can already help me,okay?" I am trying so hard to make him understand that he is not a burden to me. He is my strength for Pete's sake. He cried even more as I gave him a tight hug. I wanted him to feel at ease. To feel like he doesn't have problems to
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    Chapter 8
    I really notice that Mr. Woods is not in a good mood earlier and I can't understand him because he is expressing his anger towards his employees. He should be patient and think carefully not that he will shout and be grumpy to everyone. I glance at the glass wall that is showing the whole office of Mr. Woods inside. He looks frustrated staring at his computer. It was already snack break and he did not even bother to go out and take a drinks or something. I decided to go out already and buy a drink outside. Gladly I found a vending machine near the building. I choose a soda, apple flavor for myself. Should I buy one for Miss Bea and Jessie since I saw them both not going out? I heaved a sigh and decided to buy two for the both of them. But I am about to go back inside when I remember Mr. Rozieden's face staring confusely on his computer. His face keeps appearing on my head even if he looks annoying in my mind. He should drink an energizer or a healthy drinks to relax his mind. Is
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    Chapter 9
    I smiled while staring at the computer. I am almost done. It's almost two weeks since I started working here in UZ bank company. It is tiring but i don't have a choice but to strive harder. Mr. Woods is so stress these days. We keep sending him some important files and presentation for the report every day. He is been having lunch with some investors these past four days. He is trying to convince them for choosing the UZ bank. I saw from his schedule that yesterday is his last day spending lunch with them. I already emailed him his schedule for tomorrow. I know he is also tired but I also know that he doesn't have a choice. Employees have been also complaining these days because we are always having over time including me. I didn't receive a call from him for lunch so I decided to initiatively bring foods for him. When I entered his office he is trying to massage the bridge of his nose. He didn't notice me coming so I tried to clear my throat. I also brought foods for myself. I d
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    Chapter 10
    "No!" Mr. Woods echoed inside his office.I am keeping my eyes in the floor.For sure this is so frustrating for Jessie. "You've been giving me a headache Jessie. For fucking sake! It's been almost month since I gave you this task! Are you dumb or something?" Mr. Woods shouted and I could not help but to walk near them."Mr. Woods." I uttered as I tried to catch his attention."And you, Kellah. I've been calling the telephone in your office, you are not answering! What are you doing in Jessie's table? Are you helping her out? Are you a hero?" He ask with so much anger on his face. I heave a sigh."Sir, that's not it. Please calm down. I am just helping her because I know the files is needed-""Did I told you to do it? Huh? That's not your responsibility! I paid her to do what she supposed to do, and you, you are supposed to stay in your table and mind your own business." He exclaimed and I really can't
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